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How Regency Design pivoted in a crisis with the help of Design Cloud

Regency Design
Godstone, UK.

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Who are Regency Design?

Regency Design is a creative in-house design and manufacturing agency that works from their 45,000 square foot production facility, operating 24 hours. They work to solve client problems through innovative design and cutting edge production technology. Regency Design creates smart solutions for countless retail brands including Burger King, Nescafe and Yoo Moo. Their products include everything from coffee towers to carts, counters and surrounds.

A picture of a man sitting at a desk in the Regency design office

The Bottleneck

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the UK was forced into lockdown, the team at Regency adapted quickly. They designed, patented and manufactured a unique range of hand sanitiser units to support businesses who needed to follow new COVID-19 government guidelines to stay open.

Whilst Regency already had an in-house design team, the enormous spike in demand meant they urgently needed reliable graphic design support to enable them to show visual mockups to prospective clients looking to place immediate orders.

Hiring additional designers in-house would have been a long and expensive process, finding reliable and consistent support from freelancers was proving difficult and with orders and enquires racking up daily, Regency needed to act fast while keeping production costs to a minimum.

Hand sanitiser mock up designs

The Solution

Within 24hrs we had a dedicated graphic designer set up and ready to start creating branded mock-up versions of their hand sanitiser units. Initially creating around 10/15 designs per day, production soon ramped up and at it’s the peak we delivered as many as 25 mockups of the various branded hand sanitiser units per day. All for a low, predictable monthly cost.

Between May and July 2020 alone there were around 700+ designs created for Regency, with an average cost of just £4.28 per design delivered.

Branded hand sanitiser units

The brief was to create contemporary branded hand sanitiser unit mock ups for a wide variety of industry names, whilst keeping each design completely unique for that client. Our graphic designers worked hard to ensure that each hand sanitising unit was in keeping with the clients brand and used clear imagery that also worked as an advertisement of their product or service.

Hand sanitiser designs

Product Brochures

In addition to this, we also assisted Regency by designing product brochures to support their resellers and partners sales teams. For the product brochures, it was vital they contain clear and understandable graphic design to explain the features and benefits of their product in an engaging way that would be useful for the sales teams.

Presentation deck design mock up

What does Regency have to say about Design Cloud?

“Design Cloud played a crucial role in helping us meet extra demand exactly when we needed to. It was a much easier and quicker option than trying to find multiple designers to hire in-house, and more cost-effective for us than hiring freelancers. The quality of the work by Jack our designer has been outstanding, we never had to worry that the designs wouldn’t be fit for the client.”

–  Zak Manhire, Chief Commercial Officer for Regency Design

Could we help you?

Do you have a heavy amount of graphic design tasks to get through that is putting a strain on your internal design team? If you’re a manufacturing company looking to expand your product range whilst still getting the graphic design support needed on your existing line of products, we can help. Our team of designers are experts in creating product packaging designs and point of sale designs amongst so many more design tasks. Speak to a service expert today and we’ll chat about which plan will work best for your particular bottleneck.

The results

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