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For those that have had any kind of involvement in the recruitment business – whether it’s as a potential candidate, a business looking to hire, or a recruiting organisation – you’ll know it’s a crowded market. Google anything with the keyword ‘jobs’, and pretty soon you’ll be bombarded with hundreds of agencies promising to help candidates and businesses find each other. 

This wall of information can feel daunting, especially if you operate in this industry and are looking to achieve meaningful business growth. It can feel stifling, unattainable, and confusing. After all, how are you going to create a successful marketing plan for your recruitment agency when the likes of Reed and Indeed are out there dominating the market? 

Well, thankfully, there are solutions. In fact, there are plenty of them that can aid your recruiting strategy and see you succeed in ways that are meaningful and fruitful to you and your organisation. 

Here at Design Cloud, we think you can boil these solutions down to one term – a recruitment marketing strategy. Working hard, and investing time and money into your marketing plan can, over time, provide dividends. This is true for niche agencies that work in specific sectors (such as medical recruitment agencies) or those that operate in more broad terms.

In this guide, we’re going to be walking you through the three stages of recruitment marketing. We’ll be looking at the current state of play, and examine why it’s so hard for a typical recruiting business to succeed in its marketing efforts. We’ll also show you how you can stand out in this bloated market.

Finally, our team will persuade you as to the merits of investing in unlimited, outsourced graphic design services from a business such as Design Cloud. Our Design Cloud PRO account is perfect for those companies that have big recruitment marketing plans in place. They can leverage the expertise and talents of a group of graphic designers with years of collective experience helping similar businesses. 

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The Recruitment Agency Marketing Conundrum

The Recruitment Agency Marketing Conundrum

Like any business, in any sector, marketing aspirations tend to wane as more and more immediate problems and objectives crop up. For agencies, these problems could include expanding the database of candidates, increasing the number of business clients, or creating a company culture. All of these, and many more, can see marketing efforts being pushed to one side. This is absolutely fair enough too, at Design Cloud we understand that the bottom line is the most important factor for any company and that has to be the main priority. 

Essentially, everything boils down to time and money. Time, in that there is a lack of it. There are only so many hours in the day and most of that is taken up by meetings and dealing with internal issues. There simply isn’t the capacity, bar a massive investment in in-house marketing, to work on internal branding. In terms of money, agencies often move money into areas that provide quicker returns on investment (again, completely understandable). 

The money that is spent on marketing is often spent in ways that do more harm than good. One designer or one marketing manager is hired to create content for social media networks and attract more customers. However, that person is just that, one person. It’s unreasonable to expect them and them alone to meet your recruitment marketing goals. They’ll end up stressed, demotivated, and rushed – all of which creates poor work which could actually negatively affect your agency’s reputation.

This then is the recruitment marketing conundrum – the awareness of the need for effective recruitment marketing, but the lack of time and money to seriously invest in it.

Luckily, this seemingly binary conundrum has been debunked thanks to Design Cloud. We can provide you with all the benefits of a motivated, well-staffed marketing team for a fraction of the cost. We’ll provide fast, unlimited graphic design for every aspect of your marketing. 

For example, need social media graphics for your Instagram? We can do that. Want to create a stunning website that has an incredible user interface? Yep, we’ve got that covered. Want a beautiful brochure that explains your business to potential job candidates and business owners? We can do that as well. 

Essentially, there is nothing we can’t do here at Design Cloud. It would probably be quicker to ask what we don’t do! (Spoiler: very little). To showcase our expertise, and to help you frame your own efforts as a recruiting business, we’ve detailed the three steps of marketing in this industry.

The Three Steps Of Recruitment Marketing

In the various recruitment industries, all marketing decisions should follow these three points. 

This is a part of every effective strategy and should be referred back to regularly to ensure all types of content and marketing are filtered through these three steps.



Making people aware of you, no matter what side of the recruiting line they fall on is vital. Simply put, if potential applicants or employers don’t know your recruiting business, they aren’t going to use your recruiting services. Awareness comes in a variety of different forms from a creative and technical standpoint. 

It could involve, for instance, search engine optimisation which is all about getting your website on page one of search engines such as Google. Awareness could also be about creating content for social networks such as LinkedIn so that people can see what your business is all about. The awareness phase is a great way of growing engagement and building business relationships. Awareness all depends on your goals, specific industry, and your setup. Once that has been established, you can define what kind of awareness you’re going to carry out.



Once they are aware, now you need to get them to consider using your services. For business owners, this could mean a million different things but it’s all about planting the idea into the reader’s head that your organisation is the ideal one to use. This is true whether they’re looking to hire, or are looking to be hired. 

The consideration stage could involve you offering free things such as a chat with a consultant, a whitepaper about the industry in which you operate, or an online course offering tips and useful insight. These freebies are the equivalent of the free samples in the supermarket, they give users a taste of what it might be like to work with you. Nail that, and you may very well have a customer for life.



Once you have their attention and consideration, now is the time to go in for the close. The interest phase is the final part of the process and is about getting the business owner or recruitment manager on board as a client, or getting those potential candidates to apply for the job posting. This final stage may take a while but you can relax knowing you have their interest, it’s merely a case of waiting for their needs to align with your services.

Standing Out In A BIG Crowd: How To Use Graphic Design To Set Yourself Up For Success

Standing Out In A BIG Crowd: How To Use Graphic Design To Set Yourself Up For Success

Those three steps are important and what you do within them will be vital to your recruitment marketing plans. But, how do you stand out in the process? After all, everyone is following a version of those steps. What’s to say that you’re going to be any more successful than them? The key to recruitment agency marketing ideas is graphic design.

Good design can be the difference between success and failure. That might seem controversial, after all, good business practices, an innovative product, and a team of talented employees are all important too. Yes, this is true but, without good, consistent design running through your recruitment agency, you lack a frame for everything. 

Leveraging experienced graphic designers from Design Cloud will give you a competitive advantage and peace of mind that there is a team creating marketing collateral to strict brand guidelines. By letting us help you create a fresh ‘look’, you can stand out amongst the legacy agencies that have stuck with their bland aesthetic for too long. We’ll make you look and sound like disruptors. 

We have the time and the drive to help you, and we don’t have to concern ourselves with other business objectives or be pulled from pillar to post by departments. We work for you and will spend our time on your recruitment marketing goals. 

Why Do I Need A Recruitment Marketing Strategy?

Why Do I Need A Recruitment Marketing Strategy?

To be blunt, because everyone has one. In a world where people become aware of job openings across multiple channels (not just the Yellow Pages), you simply have to invest time and money in recruitment marketing efforts if you want to stand any chance of being successful.

Why You Need To Outsource Graphic Design

Why You Need To Outsource Graphic Design

Outsourcing all your design needs to a team of experts might be one of the savviest decisions you make. 

The right graphic design solution can free up your team to focus on the business operations that provide those more immediate ROIs. Secondly, by leveraging the knowledge of experts who’ve been there and done it, you’re naturally going to enjoy a greater return on investment and ad spend because the people in charge of your graphic design, i.e. us, know what works and what doesn’t. This ensures success from the outset because those growing pains that come with in-house marketing are eradicated. 

Our services will help you build your reputation faster, and avoid any pitfalls that happen in those early stages of an effective marketing strategy. While your competitors are spending their time floundering and not investing the right amount of time and money into their strategy, you can feel happy that you’ve effectively got an in-house team who are growing your business and its brand awareness.

Just on a cost level, outsourcing makes sense. With the average cost of hiring an employee for one year being around £50,000 (with absolutely no guarantee that it will work out), outsourcing for a relatively small monthly fee is just better business. There are no more fees, insurance and onboarding costs, or the need to invest in more office space and equipment (iMacs aren’t cheap!). Plus, you know that working with experts that are ready and waiting to work on marketing collateral, is the closest thing you can get to guaranteed success.

Design Cloud For Recruitment Agencies

Design Cloud For Recruitment Agencies

At Design Cloud, we’ve been lucky enough to work with plenty of recruitment agencies. We’ve helped them at all stages of their growth journey and have been able to apply bespoke solutions and years of collective experience to ensure they meet their objectives. 

We will discover everything there is to know about your business before capturing its tone, essence, and feel in a stunning array of relevant content. From infographics and social network adverts to business cards and stationery, we will capture your company’s look in all forms.

Our Design Cloud PRO account is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that find themselves unable to meaningfully invest in in-house graphic design. Once you’re on board, you simply submit your request via email, or your very own client dashboard. Then our team, with all the knowledge about your business at hand, will get to work creating sharp, relevant collateral based on your brief. Then, we’ll send it over for feedback and approval – yes, it’s that simple! No meetings, no unnecessary email chains, no long-winded jargon fuelled consultations, just great graphic design for your recruitment agency.

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