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Design Cloud is a graphic design agency that offers a wide range of top-quality unlimited graphics on a subscription service. We provide customised flat rate graphics that are ideal for those looking for an affordable service. 

We offer unlimited graphic design for a monthly fee. This way, you can use as many designs and benefit from as many revisions as you like. All you need to do is send a design request to one of our professional designers and they’ll have it ready by the next working day.

There are three subscription plans to choose from: 

Depending on your requirements and budget, you can sign up for however long you want – and the longer you sign up for, the more you’ll save. There’s an immediate 15% saving if you commit to a 12-month plan!

If you’re interested in learning more and finding out how Design Cloud can help you, get in touch with the design team today and we’ll answer any questions you have. 

As a design agency, we really stand out from the competition. We have unmatched technical skills and are creative whizzes across a range of disciplines, from editorial designs used in the creation of landing pages to the practical skills necessary for product packaging and brochure creation. 

Our unlimited graphic design services have helped many businesses across a range of industries, including advertising agencies, recruitment, finance, events, real estate, film, and TV. We implement a variety of techniques to update their brand’s visual identities and marketing efforts. 

Although we specialise in a broad range of services, we pride ourselves in taking care of your smaller level tasks like social media graphics and posters, too. 

Outsourced Graphic Design

Outsourced Graphic Design

Whichever one of our graphic design subscription plans you choose, you’ll be certain to receive the following features:

  • Access to the Design Cloud platform. You’ll be able to use our portal to create design briefs and add and remove designers as you wish. This is where you’ll be able to view and manage any revisions to your work, too. 
  • A professional in-house UK-based graphic designer. We ensure all of our team are easily accessible to ensure a smoother experience for all of your graphic design jobs. 
  • Unlimited graphic designs and revisions. If you decide you’re unhappy with any of the designs we send to you, you’re more than welcome to submit another design request and we’ll get it back to you within one working day. 
  • Excellent customer service. Our UK customer support team will be available to you throughout your time with us. Expect a friendly and helpful service from our professional practice alongside the top-quality work we produce for you.


Freelance Designers Serving London: A Case Study

Freelance Designers Serving London: A Case Study

A case study example shows how we’ve helped a well-known company improve their communication and expand their website to fit in with contemporary culture. 

Buddy Loans, a financial services business, came to us with the goal of increasing the output of its creative content and updating its visual identity. They came to us because hiring in-house wouldn’t be a cost-effective method for their business to use, and freelancers would take longer and be less flexible. 

Buddy Loans decided to subscribe to our PRO plan and, working alongside a professional designer, they were able to build a new logo design and web visuals. The marketing director benefitted from communicating via Slack in real time with any feedback she needed, meaning the brand’s design vision was finished in great time. 

They continue to work with us to create more marketing materials, and they benefit from knowing that they can increase or decrease the amount of support they receive on a month-by-month basis. 

If you have a similar bottleneck to Buddy Loans and are interested in how unlimited graphic design work could help you, get in touch with us today.  

Why consider Design Cloud as an alternative to freelancers?

Why consider Design Cloud as an alternative to freelancers?

Design Cloud’s unlimited graphic design services offer businesses a brilliant alternative to expensive and sometimes unreliable freelancers. Working with a local freelancer can be a good option for smaller project work, but it can get very expensive if you need to hire them regularly. 

Another benefit that our clients love is our quick turnaround times. We know how quickly things move in the creative industry, so we’ve ensured our flat rate graphic design packages can keep up. For simple designs, you’ll usually receive a completed design the next working day, and if you have a Design Cloud PRO or Design Cloud Teams account, you’ll get access to other great benefits like an increased design scope or working via Slack for real-time feedback on the PRO account. 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to your graphic design needs, choose Design Cloud. Unlike other agencies or freelancers, we offer unlimited design requests and revisions. This option not only makes us good value for money but is also brilliant for clients with tricky design requests that might benefit from a few takes. No matter how many requests you submit, you won’t be charged extra. 

One of the benefits of Design Cloud is that every single thing that our designers create in the graphic design studios is entirely 100% owned by you. Everything from social media to print design belongs to you, and we’ll provide you personally with the files. You can read more about important ownership/license restrictions to do with stock images used in work via our terms of service.  

As well as this, when we say unlimited graphic design, we really mean it. There is absolutely no limit to the number of design results you can submit or the number of revisions you can request. Anything you want us to change, no matter how big or small, we will get it done. As a subscriber, you won’t be charged a penny extra for submitting a large number of requests. 

Note that we work through the design requests in your queue one at a time, allowing you to arrange your priorities yourself. If you need more design work at a quicker rate, you can scale your output easily by adding designers to your team, essentially allowing you to double your daily design output. Either contact our sales team or visit your account dashboard to add or take away designers from your team. The beauty of this is that the quality of your designs will never be compromised, even when your demand grows. 

None of the work we do is outsourced and none of it is performed by freelancers. You can relax knowing that every piece of work we complete is done entirely by our own team of professional and experienced graphic designers. 

How can we bring your brand identity to life?

How can we bring your brand identity to life?

We are experts in bringing brand assets, such as colour palettes, logos and more, to life across a range of outputs. Note that we do not produce branding from scratch as a service for clients – you will need a specialist designer for that. Here are some case studies of how we have brought branding identities to life using a variety of techniques and creative skills.

Prestige Telecom Group

Prestige Telecom Group, a provider of telecoms with experience linking businesses with the bespoke business communication packages they need, chose Design Cloud as the perfect graphic design outsourcing solution. 

Like many businesses, Prestige Telecom were becoming frustrated with their graphic design workflow. They felt that they needed to produce more high-quality graphic designs for marketing campaigns, but with only one internal marketer, they weren’t able to do this. 

Before they found out about us, they thought they’d have to either hire in-house or use a freelance agency. Whilst this could have worked, they wouldn’t have resolved their issue as effectively as they needed – these options weren’t budget-friendly and couldn’t guarantee the rapid production of good-quality graphics that they required.

So, what strategy did we create to address their concerns? 

Here are some examples of graphic design tasks that they asked us to create:

  • Optimised PDF documents to explain their service and present a positive brand image.
  • Email signatures to make their communications more cohesive.
  • Brochures to show simple text and graphics, enabling them to provide more creative content to work towards their ultimate goal of becoming a jargon-free telecoms provider.
  • Updated social media graphics
  • A landing page to convert more of their audience.
  • Vehicle graphics to promote their business professionally when their staff were out.

DMD Recruitment

DMD Recruitment

Another example of how we’ve helped to bring brand identities to life is with DMD Recruitment, who expanded their team with us. 

In order for DMD to be able to link experienced candidates, they need to ensure they’re communicating to the right audience and getting noticed by both people hiring and those looking for jobs. DMD knew that in order to do this they’d have to create marketing resources that stood out amongst their competitors and showcased them as the best in the business. Having worked with in-house staff previously, they knew just how much time and cost was involved with this option and wanted something that could work with their budget and also understand the goals of the design work they were doing so it would fit well with the approach of the brand. 

They booked a demo with a service expert and then found that our Standard Plan delivered exactly the level of graphic design they needed – unlimited graphic design in the UK. Within 24 hours, they had set up an account and were working with a personal graphic design assistant. 

They mostly use our unlimited graphics to create job adverts that are attractive to the talent that they are hunting for. This makes sure that potential clients see the quality of their work and it also makes it more likely that their job adverts will be engaged with. Our designer also uses core skills to produce a range of stationery, PowerPoint templates and social media posts for DMD recruitment to use to raise awareness of their brand.

So, their initial design dilemma was solved by our offering of good-quality design at a good price. The Standard plan they chose gave each consultant on their team the additional support they needed to feel more confident in meetings with clients and to have the sources at hand to build the reputation of their business. 

If you’re interested in finding out about how we could help you, get in touch with us. We’ll talk you through each of our plans from the Standard plan to the PRO plan, giving you different options depending on the volume and complexity of work needed. Rest assured, there’s no problem that our experienced graphic designers won’t have a creative solution to fix – you can put your faith in our designs to match you and the visual culture of your brand. 

Book a demo today and see for yourself just how smoothly our graphic design service works.

Graphic design packages with Design Cloud

Graphic design packages with Design Cloud

At Design Cloud, we know that every business is different – with a range of graphic design needs and style preferences. That’s why we have designed a suite of plans to ensure each of our customers gets exactly what they need without having to pay more.

Once you’re set up on your chosen plan, getting your designs is easy. You simply submit your design request via email or on the Design Cloud dashboard. Our team will review your request and get to work. You’ll then receive your design back for approval as soon as possible, for simple requests this is usually within one business day. From then on, you’ll have the opportunity to make as many revisions as you wish.

Standard Plan

With our Design Cloud Standard package, you have access to 1 dedicated UK-based designer, unlimited requests, revisions, free stock photos, inclusive Adobe source files, as well as an average next-day turnaround for simple requests.

Agency Plan

The next package we offer is the Design Cloud Agency package. This package has a wide design scope, for example, menu design, simple landing page design, documents, presentations, original branding and logo design, as well as everything mentioned within the Standard package. 

PRO Plan

Our Design Cloud PRO package features everything in our Standard and Agency plans – just with a broader design scope with faster turnaround time and real-time designer collaboration via Slack. 

Note: Design Cloud cannot write copy for the websites or merchandise, so the client must provide this.

How fast can you turn a design around for me?

How fast can you turn a design around for me?

In general, Design Cloud users get most requests delivered back by the next business day, but factors can influence this. The longer you and your designer have been together in terms of working knowledge and culture will speed the process up, as will how complex the request is and the quantity. 

If you have been working with your designer for some time, your designer will understand your preferred style, which will speed turnaround up quite significantly. In comparison, if you’re new to Design Cloud, you may find that the first couple of designs take slightly longer to be returned to you. 

Additionally, simple infographics, for example, can be creatively designed with a quick turnaround, whereas a more complex corporate brochure will take longer to produce. Our customer experience team assesses all requests as soon as they arrive and will get in touch with you if we think a request will take longer than one business day to return. 

Finally, the number of requests you have in your design queue will have an impact on how fast a design can be turned around for you. As soon as you approve the request at the top of your screen, we’ll begin the next one. However, if you delay getting back to us about revisions, the rest of your design requests may experience a delay. 

If you’re a subscriber of Design Cloud PRO, you’ll be able to communicate with your designer in real time via Slack, meaning turnaround time can often be sped up. Remember though, that even though the PRO plan turnaround time is quicker, especially for revisions, the number of design requests you’ll get delivered each day will still differ depending on those aforementioned factors such as the complexity of each request sent, how long you’ve been working with your designer and what else you have at the top of your design queue.

Can Design Cloud assist in-house marketing teams?

Can Design Cloud assist in-house marketing teams?

The full-service digital marketing agency Embryo began to experience a bottleneck in their design process when they rapidly grew by over 400% within three years. Although they had staff that knew design, they couldn’t keep up with the demand. Instead of hiring a junior graphic designer to support them as they had initially planned, Embryo signed up for our PRO plan. 

Within the last 12 months, we have supported every part of their business from creating multiple ad variations, social content and page banners for their social media team to supporting with pitch decks, client proposals and process documents in their project management, client services and sales team. 

Following on from this, Embryo received a new visual identity but soon experienced a problem. They didn’t know how to maintain their new visual communication without becoming overwhelmed again. Embryo decided to add another designer to their Design Cloud account and, by upgrading their plan, they had all the resources they needed to start showing off their new branding or having to pull their internal design team away from their other tasks. 

Looking for graphic design in London? Look no further than Design Cloud

Looking for graphic design in London? Look no further than Design Cloud

Our unlimited graphic design services have helped to revamp many London-based businesses and beyond, so why not yours?

If you’re finding that you’re struggling with keeping up with graphic design tasks, do get in touch. Try before you buy by booking a demo of our graphic design services today, and one of our experts will discuss which plan might work best for you and your agency.