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What is the banner design service?

If you’re looking to improve your banner design, why should you use one of our unlimited graphic design subscription plans? Not only will you be able to request an unlimited number of design requests that range from banner design across a wide scope of additional tasks like social media design, infographic design or UI design, but you’ll also be working with a UK-based graphic designer every business day. That means you’ll get all the perks of expanding your design team in-house, but with none of the logistical issues and for incredibly affordable prices starting from just £549 per month.

Every time you put a new request in via the app or email, we’ll always aim to have it back to you in one business day depending on the complexity of the task. Unlimited revisions are part of every plan we offer, so that you have complete peace of mind you’ll get exactly what you need from your subscription plan.

Banners are now especially popular on social media channels and are a useful marketing tool to promote a succinct message and your business, products or services to potential customers. Our designers can create bespoke banners for Business Facebook covers, LinkedIn profiles and any other social media platform that you use to promote your business. We also create web banners that help to advertise your product or service in an instant to new users!

You may have seen the array of banner templates available online, where you can use pre-designed content and edit it to match your brand or your message. Whilst these templates may seem an attractive tool, they can be time-consuming – especially if you lack graphic design experience – and the quality of these designs doesn’t come close to the work of a professional designer. By letting a designer at Design Cloud take care of your design for you, you can get on with other tasks whilst they look after the creation of your banner. Better still, you know that your design is in safe hands, and what you’ll have at the end of the process is an impressive banner that online users will love just as much as you!

Our designers know the best practices in the business, knowing exactly how to get your banner message across to your target audience. With key elements such as advanced animations, striking images and some serious skill when it comes to creating visual content, you’ll soon have a banner that meets your needs and complements – or even enhances – your existing visual brand.

Before we start on a banner for you, you’ll need to have a clear idea about how you want your brand to appear visually. Once you have this visual identity and you’re happy with the direction your brand is going in, we can create designs that are tailored exactly to your brand. If you need a hand creating logos or any other materials before you get started on a banner, our team can also help with that. Once you have a clear brand, we’ll select all of the design elements for your banner that best suit and represent your business.

Designing a banner with Design Cloud

When you’d like one of our designers to get started on a banner design for you, just submit a request through our online portal to get started. Once you’ve submitted your brief, you will be assigned a designer who will take a look at what you need. If they need any more information from you, they’ll be in touch to ask you some further questions. When they have the information they need, they’ll make a start on creating a customer banner for your brand. Once the design is complete, they’ll send it back to you and you’ll have the opportunity to request any revisions you think are necessary to perfect your design.

By subscribing to our monthly package, you’ll have access to not only banner designs, but any type of graphic whenever you need it. Our services are completely scalable, so we can meet your design needs whenever you need us. Our solution for effective graphics is highly popular amongst many SMEs, different business teams and marketing agencies alike. Our packages start at just £549 a month, so we’re considerably cheaper than recruiting and paying for an in-house team, yet we offer the same exceptional skills and passion for your brand’s graphics.

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FAQs about our banner design service

When can I expect to receive my design?

We’ll usually send across your completed design within 24 hours of getting your brief. If we anticipate your design project taking any longer due to the nature of your request, then we will let you know as soon as possible. All of our clients can keep up-to-date with the progress of their project by accessing their portal at any time to chat with their assigned designer.

What type of banner can you design?

Our designers are seriously talented and there isn’t much they can’t do. If you ask them, the chances are they can do it. We design banners for all social media platforms and can send it over to you in your preferred file format to ensure you can use it on any platform, site, desktop or mobile. We can also adjust the size and the image dimensions of your banner to meet your requirements. Just let us know what you’d like and we’ll make it happen!

Can I chat with my designer during the process?

Communication is central to our design process. Without knowing needs, goals and preferences, we couldn’t create a design that you love. That’s why we have our online portal, making it easy for you to get in touch with your designer. Here, you can chat about your brief, their progress and any feedback you have. Our designers are all UK-based and we never outsource our work, so you don’t have to worry about timezones or language barriers. Our designers will always have a full understanding of your brief, and the talent to bring it to life!

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What is a display banner?

The display banner has been a popular marketing tool since first appearing on the web in 1994. Though technology has developed drastically in the decades since, the purpose of display advertising remains fundamentally the same.

A display banner design is a website banner that looks distinctly like an advert. It often includes a product image, the brand’s logo design, and a call to action. A display banner design might also include animated graphics or static images.

In general, when a banner display design is clicked on, the viewer will be directed to the company’s website or specific landing page design. In this sense, an effective display banner design can work similarly to a PPC ad design or social media ad design.

Another way in which a display banner design might be used is in conjunction with overall social media graphic design. Banners can be found on the top of Facebook pages, Linked In profiles, and Twitter pages, among many other social media platforms.

These display banner designs are largely the same, in that they promote a succinct message and your business, products or services to potential customers. They are particularly effective when their design is consistent with other social media graphics and social media ad design.

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Why is a banner design service important for your business?

Though there are many display banner design templates available online for you to personalise, this can be time-consuming and difficult to get just right. After all, your banner display design is probably the first thing that customers see when they visit your website or business social media profiles.

With a banner display design service from Design Cloud, you are in the hands of professionals. From unlimited graphic design for a monthly fee, Design Cloud’s dedicated design agency can produce a high-quality display banner design in just 24 hours.

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What are the benefits of a banner design service by a professional graphic design agency?

When you take advantage of Design Cloud’s flat-rate graphic design packages, you can request unlimited graphic design work. This means that our designers can provide the best unlimited graphic design service, ensuring that your banner design is consistent with all other website design and social media design features.

In doing so, this has the potential to boost brand awareness and reach your audience like never before. We design banners for all social media platforms and can send them over to you in your preferred file format to ensure that you can use them on any platform, site, desktop or mobile.

And if you need a few tweaks? With our unlimited graphic design service, you can submit as many revisions and requests as you like. We can also adjust the size and the image dimensions of your banner display design to meet your requirements. Just let us know what you’d like, and we’ll make it happen!

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Try our unlimited graphic design service with a free demo

Whether you need a banner for your corporate business Facebook or an engaging banner for your personal LinkedIn, we can design a variety of styles that truly meet your needs. If you’re looking for a banner that’s designed to meet your needs in a way that truly captures the attention of your audience and represents your brand, then our team of designers are the ideal solution. With monthly packages that give you access to unlimited graphics each month, you can have any designs you want, whenever you want. To try it out for yourself, get in touch with us to book a free demo and we’d be happy to give you a tour!

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What should my banner design include?

A banner ad can be a physical thing – like a decorated piece of cloth – or essentially a linked picture on a website. Online ads can appear in various places on a website – such as across the top, bottom or sides. You might have seen the horizontal type of banner ad being called a leaderboard, whereas a vertical banner – positioned on one of a given webpage’s sidebars – is known as a skyscraper.  

However, no matter which format you choose for your banner advert, the principles of creating an effective design for that banner will remain essentially the same. What exactly your banner design must be effective at will depend on why you have opted to create that design in the first place – but fostering brand awareness, generating leads and re-targeting audiences are all common goals.

Let’s assume you want to build brand awareness. In this scenario, your banner content will need to be attractive and catchy so that it long stays in people’s memories for the right reasons. So, your company’s name, product or both should take centre stage – accompanied by a slogan that, while simple and short, should instantly differentiate your ad even amidst a mass of other content.  

Consider the example of this skyscraper ad from the For Dummies brand, where the slogan ‘The smart way to increase back-to-school sales’ is used to introduce website visitors to three particular For Dummies books: Spanish for Dummies, Algebra for Dummies and Calculus for Dummies. The slogan makes clear that the ad is aimed at retailers looking to stock educational resources school pupils might need in preparation for the new academic year.

In an attempt to catch attention with your online advertising, you could be tempted to opt for ‘rich-media’ banners; in other words, banners incorporating such dynamic features as audio, video and animation, rather than simply comprising static images and text.

Indeed, rich-media banners do stand out more easily than conventional banners – but, if you go down the rich-media route with your banner ads, you should be careful not to overload them with this kind of clever tech. That’s because you would be risking these ads taking too long to load, losing valuable time that otherwise could be spent keeping your brand in front of viewers’ eyes.

Rest assured that our design agency can help you to create animated banners that strike just the right balance between impressing viewers and appearing sufficiently promptly on the screen. Our graphic designers are well-versed with using Adobe Illustrator to create website banners and Adobe Spark to animate them – enabling us to add awe-inspiring animation with ease.

Another benefit of including custom animation thoughtfully, but sparingly, in your banner ads is that doing so could help you to establish a visual hierarchy with the unlimited graphics our Manchester-based team can produce for you. Here, it would be useful to heed what has been referred to as ‘the three Bs’: ‘brand’, ‘buzz’ and ‘badger’.

The word ‘brand’ here refers to your company’s logo, which should be one of the first things people see on your banners. As you create your banner design, you could even see this as an opportunity to refresh your logo – another task with which our graphic design agency could help you, provided you have a good idea of how the new logo should look in terms of, say, its fonts and colours.

The second ‘B’ – that’s ‘buzz’ – concerns what would interest or excite your target audience. So, an electronics store advertising a seasonal promotional deal on one of the latest smartphone models might, to generate buzz on their banner ads, emblazon them with terms like ‘next generation’ and ‘limited-time offer’ alongside, of course, hi-definition imagery of the smartphone itself.

Then there’s the third ‘B’ – yes, ‘badger’. No, not the animal – it’s not as (ahem) black and white as that. It refers instead to a banner message or call to action encouraging an urgent response from the viewer. You want to tap into the viewer’s fear of missing out (FOMO) – and there are various ways of harnessing this particular marketing technique.  

You could visually convey these three Bs through various means – including with the banner’s colour scheme. This could align with the colour palette you have long used for your brand across various marketing channels – including websites, print advertising and social media platforms. Alternatively, you could use an array of colour combinations for different campaigns.

In any case, though, you should endeavour to choose colours that would fit in with your brand’s established tone. You could take account of how different colours tend to invoke different psychological responses. Red – for example – is often used by fast-food chains due to how the colour encourages appetite, while green has a relaxing effect, making it well-suited to use by health firms.

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What makes a good web banner design?

This is far from a simple question to answer, as how ‘good’ any particular web banner design looks is ultimately a subjective judgement. Hence, even experts on the subject of banner design can only give you guidelines, rather than hard and fast rules, about how to get that design just right.

Many of the most successful banner ads were not strategically crafted in one go but instead meticulously tweaked over a lengthy process of trial and error. If an advertiser posts a particular banner ad that ‘should’ work but turns out not to produce the required response in people who see it, the advertiser could simply try again – such as with a more refined version of the same ad.

If the advertiser continues in this vein, repeatedly editing their ad in a bid to get closer to achieving the desired result, the advertiser could eventually strike gold with an ad that evidently does work – such as in spurring a high number of clicks and converting many of those into sales.

However, even if all of this does occur, the ‘winning formula’ the advertiser has apparently concocted could turn out to have a somewhat limited shelf life. Lightning doesn’t strike twice, and a particular web banner ad that thrived on one occasion could falter on another – perhaps due to déjà vu as well as a range of other, more obscure reasons.

So, while there’s no straightforward ‘recipe book’ you could simply consult to create the ideal web banner ad for your needs, you could still learn a few lessons from other advertisers who have been there and done that when it comes to creating – and trying to succeed with – web banner ads.

There are two basic components of success with web banner ads: making them visually appealing and interesting, as well as placing them in parts of the web where there are likely to be people who would be especially inclined to look more than fleetingly at those ads and click on them.

You need a strong message at the heart of each banner design you create. However, as you figure out how you ought to communicate this message in the banner ad, you should keep in mind where it will be placed – or at least seems likely to be placed.  

If the banner will be on a webpage you don’t own, make sure – as far as practically possible – that the banner and webpage are related in content. If the banner will instead be on your website, use the banner – rather than the site more generally – to highlight a specific product or service.

You also need to strike a careful balance with the banner’s graphic content. We can provide flat rate graphics that could act as a focal point of your banner. It’s all possible once you have signed up for our Standard, Agency or PRO plan – as any of these plans would enable you to request unlimited graphic design for a monthly fee.

In practice, this means you could ask us to make as many revisions to your banner design as you reckon it requires – all without you having to pay anything on top of the monthly fee. You could come to hugely appreciate this cost-effective approach – as, while the graphics on that banner should pique viewer curiosity, you don’t want this imagery to look obscure to the point of being unrecognisable.  

By way of example, if your banner is advertising coffee, and for this reason features an image of a coffee cup, you want people to quickly recognise the purpose of that coffee cup as such. Similarly, if you want to alert people who see your banner ad, putting a red octagon – an image often seen as representing the word ‘stop’ – on this banner is likely to achieve that sought-after result.

Symbols can serve a crucial role in graphic design due to how they visually express meaning – making them especially useful for inclusion on banners, where it is beneficial to say as much as possible with as little as possible. After all, the larger and more elaborate your banner ads are, the longer they could take to load.

In an attempt to spread the word far and wide, you might seek to post banner ads on a wide range of advertising platforms. However, you could find that each platform you come across has its own list of specific banner sizes and dimensions permitted. How are you supposed to easily keep track of how these requirements differ between platforms?

Fortunately, you don’t strictly have to – as, once we have designed a banner ad for you, we can simply use Adobe Spark’s “handy, auto-magical re-size feature” to reproduce this banner in various sizes suitable for each of the online platforms where you intend the banner design to be used.

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Physical banners vs online banners

Once upon a time, you might have associated the word ‘banner’ with something more physical and tangible than a web banner. The word might have sprung to mind a lengthy piece of cloth or a flag adorned with a slogan, logo or symbol – or another form of text or graphics.

This remains pretty much one of the standard definitions of the word – and, even today, you don’t have to omit physical banners like this from your marketing strategy. With our unlimited graphic design services, we can expertly design both physical and digital banners for your brand.  

Nonetheless, which of these two types of banners you ought to use could depend strongly on your particular corporate objectives. As a general rule, if your operations are based online, you should probably invest more in online ads, while print banners can work better for advertising businesses based in physical premises your target customers or clients would easily be able to visit in person.

All the same, making the ‘right’ choice between physical and online banners is not always as straightforward as this ‘general rule’ might make it seem. Ultimately, whether you interact primarily with in-person or online-based customers, either type of banner advertisement can be of use.  

One major plus point of physical banners is that you would have more control over how and where they are displayed. If you use an advertising platform like the Google Ads online platform, you could find yourself unable to restrict exactly what sites your ads appear on – and where exactly on these sites’ interfaces the web banners feature.

So, your online banners could too often end up in places relatively few members of your target audience visit. With a physical banner, however, you might have the practical option of seeing, in person, places where the banner could potentially be attached.

This would ease your efforts to find potential advertising places where you know many people – and enough of the right people – would see your banner. You could also be comforted to know how easily print banners can be transported to such places and assembled for hanging up there.

Unfortunately, though, you could also find that such advertising spaces are in short supply – or already booked by other advertisers for when you wanted your own banners to occupy those spaces. This is a situation where online banners have an edge; as available spaces for online ads are much more widespread, your brand doesn’t have to wait too long for its time in the spotlight.

Even if you use just a single platform for your online ads, they can help you to advertise your brand worldwide rather than just locally or nationally, as could be the only realistic options available to you if you instead focus on advertising only with print banners.  

Making a commitment to online banners could particularly pay off if an eco-friendly philosophy is at the heart of your company’s branding. Environmental groups have taken issue with print advertising due to perceptions of its wastefulness as well as contribution to pollution.

While you could minimise the potential ecological harm of print banners by using sustainable materials and vegetable-based inks, it would be even easier to back up your claims of eco-friendliness if you specialise in online banners. You should also communicate this point to your target audience, highlighting your green rationale for forgoing print advertising.

Keep in mind that what ‘works’ on a web banner might not be as well-suited to a physical banner – and vice versa. For example, many people could struggle to appreciate elaborate graphics when they are squeezed into the relatively small space of a web banner while publicising a brick-and-mortar retailer to online consumers who don’t live nearby can be somewhat pointless.

However, with our flat-rate graphic design services, we can help you to craft effective banner ads of both physical and digital varieties.

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