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Why choose Design Cloud for Brochure Design?

Ever been stuck between spending time creating quality graphic design and all the other higher priority tasks you have on your list? If you or your team ever find yourself in this position, you’ll benefit from our unlimited graphic design subscription plans.

We’re here to help every size business access affordable and professional graphic design. Our plans operate on one fixed monthly fee that starts from £549 per month, for which you’ll be able to work with an experienced member of our in-house graphic design team every business day.

You simply submit your design brief through our easy-to-use software platform and your dedicated designer will work through the top request in your queue every business day. You’ll also be able to access unlimited revisions and users on every plan. 

Design Cloud is the ultimate solution for businesses looking for brochure design as well as most other graphic design tasks, for example social media posts, pitch decks and website design. If hiring in-house is proving an expensive route in both time and money, and you need more reliable results than traditional outsourcing methods offer - try Design Cloud today. 

We've made working with an experienced graphic designer a simple, slick process.

If you need help with ongoing graphic design work, we can set you up with a designer from our in-house team in just 1 business day.

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What is the brochure design service?

Hey there – welcome to Design Cloud! Are you looking for a brochure for your business? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you with all your brochure design needs – plus we’ll help you with all your other graphic design support needs to. For a flat rate monthly fee (which starts at £549pm) you can work with a UK-based graphic designer every business day to get through as many design requests as you need.

Design Cloud was built to offer premium graphic design services to companies of any size in any industry. We offer all the same quality and dedication as hiring your own in-house graphic designer, but there won’t be any hassle with logistical nightmares or the interview process. Our team of designers all have at least three years of commercial experience in graphic design and are ready and waiting to improve your content offering right now. Get all the graphic design support you need in the most affordable way with Design Cloud.

An effective brochure can be a key marketing tool. Whether it forms part of your digital marketing with an online, downloadable brochure for users or you choose to print off brochures for your readers to have to hand, they are a great way to promote your business, products or services to a target audience.

Sometimes those online brochure makers and generic brochure templates just don’t cut it. They can be especially hard to use and time-consuming if you don’t have a background in design. For effective, well-crafted marketing material, you need an experienced designer to take care of the design elements of your brochure. From online brochures to traditional paper brochures, your assigned Design Cloud designer can create visuals that you and your readers are going to love.

For each client, we select the brochure type that best suits your brand and the purpose of your content. When you submit a request for us to work on your brochure project, you need to have an existing idea of how you want your brand to look visually. With this information, our expert brochure designers can then carefully use the design elements – such as colours, fonts and the layout – that keep your brand’s visual identity consistent. Please remember though that we do not offer copywriting services, so our designers will only focus on the appearance of your brochure. If you’d like to gather some inspiration, take a look at our portfolio full of previous design projects we have worked on for a range of clients, from marketing agencies to small businesses and sales teams.

How do I design a brochure with Design Cloud?

Whenever you’d like to submit a request, either for one of our professional brochures or for any other type of graphics as a part of your package, all you need to do is log in to the online portal or contact us by email if you’d prefer. We’ll then review your request and ask any necessary questions to make sure we have all of the information needed. When that’s sorted, we’ll get started on your brochure. After we’ve completed the work, we’ll send it back to you and you can request any amendments if needed, simply by submitting another request through the portal.

At Design Cloud, we offer a simple but scalable solution to businesses that need graphic design. Our approach makes us the ideal service for different businesses, marketing agencies and a range of other teams. We don’t operate as a traditional design agency or a marketplace, but what we do offer is all the advantages of hiring an in-house team, without the cost of doing so. We are a much cheaper solution – our packages, starting from £549 a month, give you access to unlimited graphics, whenever you need them, at a fixed, flat fee. Whilst we might be considerably cheaper than an in-house team, we still produce exceptional brochure designs and share the same passion for your projects.

Here at Design Cloud, our designers carefully consider format, colour, design, and graphics to create a professional brochure design. A brochure should highlight your business’s function and structure, convincing readers that you are the best company for the job.

Besides the visual, brochures typically include things such as products and services, location, resources, capabilities, successes, performance, and skills, evidencing that your company is able to provide a stable, reliable, and professional service for even the most complex of projects.

In this sense, a corporate brochure design serves as reassurance to customers and prospects, evoking confidence in your brand. As a graphic design agency, our designers will come up with a professional and creative design that will generate a strong impression of your business, and the quality of its products and services.

If you’re interested in improving your banner design, why not check out our range of unlimited graphic design subscription plans? You’ll get unlimited graphic designs for a monthly fee, starting from just £549 per month. With every plan, you can benefit from the ability to request unlimited graphic design work and unlimited revisions.

FAQs about our brochure design service

Can I have as many pages in my brochure as I like?

Yes, you can have as many pages as you like. However, please keep in mind that requests for big brochures may take us a little longer to complete, so allow plenty of time for your designer to receive your brief, complete the work and then send it back to you.

Will you provide images for my brochure?

We have several licenses that give us access to high-quality stock imagery that can be used in all our projects, including our brochures. If you have any photos that are specific to your business and need including, these can be sent to your designer to be included. We can provide graphics and stock images but please note that we do not create illustrations as a part of our services.

When will my brochure be sent to me?

Our turnaround time is usually 24 hours after receiving your request, but please allow extra time for larger brochures or more complex design requests. If we anticipate your design taking longer than 24 hours, we will always let you know at the earliest opportunity when you will receive your finished brochure. You can also check in on your designer to see how much progress they have made, by simply logging into your portal to chat with them.

Will you print the brochures for me?

We are a design service and therefore do not offer brochure printing services. However, we can send your brochure over in any size or format you’d like, so then you’ve got a brochure ready to print straight away.

How do I talk to my designer about how I want my brochure to look?

We know that communication is an integral part of the design process – it’s important that you tell us what your ideas are, so then we can help bring them to life in a design you’re going to love. To help you communicate with your designer at any time, we have an easy-to-use online portal that allows you to chat to them about the look you want.

Where is my designer based?

Unlike some graphics services, we never outsource our work. That means all of our team are based in the UK and our HQ is based in Manchester. Timezones and language barriers are never an issue when you’re working with our team, meaning that communication is always simple and straightforward. We hire all of our designers directly, ensuring they have commercial experience and a background in design.

Why is a brochure design service important for various businesses?

Brochure design is important for many different businesses and can work seamlessly in conjunction with your other marketing initiatives. As well as expanding your company’s visibility, an effective brochure design can conjure a powerful emotional response, grabbing the reader’s attention and keeping it.

A brochure is also a very cost-effective marketing tool, as it can be printed in bulk or easily distributed digitally. They are also able to hold lots of information in a compact form, establishing authority and building trust.  As a brochure is tangible, a good brochure design will ensure that it will be kept, read, and retained, and offer an old-school referral system as it is passed from person to person.

What are the benefits of a brochure design service by a professional graphic design agency?

Though there are many templates out there that can be personalised by your brand, to optimise the impact of your brochure it’s time to make the most of our services! Our dedicated design agency can save you time and effort, leaving you with more time to do what you do best.

With a professional brochure design from Design Cloud, we will consider every aspect of the brochure design carefully, making it as accessible and understandable as possible. This will show your audience that you care enough about them to invest in ways to efficiently communicate with them.

Gone are the days of simple brochures, with chunky text and clip art graphics. Brochure design is getting more complex, with digital brochures opening up the opportunity for targeted links to your website, and much more. Your brochure design is safe in our hands, resulting in an impressive brochure design that everyone will love.

Book a demo to try our graphic design services

If you’re looking for a stunning brochure that’s designed in line with your brand and is going to help you meet your marketing objectives, look no further than our team at Design Cloud. With our monthly subscription packages, you can have access to graphics whenever you like in just a few simple steps – it couldn’t be easier! To try out our service for yourself and to get help on your brochure design project, click the button below to get started.

Know your objective

Before putting pen to paper and submitting a request for Design Cloud to create a stunning, custom brochure, it’s important to take some time and consider your objectives. As well as highlighting your business’ function, brand feel and professional services, a brochure is an informative design at its core – using a wide variety of graphics and creative copy to bring everything to life.  Discerning the Who, What, Where, When, and Why within your brochure will help make a clear and compelling piece of marketing material, drawing the right people to the right messaging. Understanding who your audience will be, what kind of brochure would suit your business, where it will be seen, and why your service offering is being highlighted are all good places to start.

It might also help to consider what makes your business unique. What values drive your company? Who is your target audience? Which specific services or products are you looking to highlight? Great examples of brochures will answer these questions, spotlight the feel of your brand and get those all-important conversations started.

Knowing your customers

As a communicative bit of design, an eye-catching and professional brochure will speak directly to the consumer, so it helps to understand your customers and target market. Whatever your business background, getting insight as to what interests and draws your audience should boost your copy and inform our team on the design concepts that will really fly.

Customer feedback is a great way to identify what consumers want or would love to see from your business. There are a number of ways to collect this information – from quick email surveys, web forms, personalised responses, and direct interviews, you’ll know which method will work best for your clients and yield the most information. Understanding the needs of your target audience opens up more opportunities for dynamic copy throughout the brochure’s entire design, with their responses making a helpful guideline.

What’s your call to action?

In marketing, a call to action (or CTA) is an instruction or invitation that encourages the audience to take a desired action or response. This is the real purpose of your brochure, so take some time to consider what exactly you want to shout about and how best to motivate your target market. Brief, persuasive calls-to-action that use strong verbs have the most success, but getting creative also stands out from the crowd and ensures that your brochure has a voice of its own. Deciding what the driving force behind your brochure will be early on will give your copy a point and, most importantly, a purpose that will keep your reader hooked till the very last line.

How to craft a design brief

Once you’ve got a good collection of ideas, it’s time to put our unlimited graphic design subscription plan to use and pen a design brief. This brief will be key to helping our creative team conceptualise and create the look of your brochure.

Being clear and concise is the best way to get your business needs across while avoiding redos and miscommunication between you and your graphic designer. Take some time to consider your brand assets and guidelines to ensure your new brochure will fit seamlessly into any marketing materials you may already have. Another important detail includes any formatting requirements, such as the dimensions and intention, alongside the vision you have for the design itself. If you have any preference for fonts, colours, or specific imagery – such as team photos or logos – make sure these are included within the brief. Using the objectives you considered earlier, it might be useful to write down all those aspects and think about the words and any imagery that will help your customers get a feel for your brand and services, which can be referred to during the design process.

Finally, it’s important to give the design team a realistic deadline for any work to be completed. Depending on how complex your type of brochure is, a dedicated expert graphic designer will get in touch to discuss the process and final date – then the exciting part begins!

What do you write in a brochure?

At Design Cloud, we take your content and create brochures that capture the look, style, and feel of your brand voice. Crafting a strong visual identity using a suite of design tools and creative skills is very much in our wheelhouse, but as we do not provide copywriting services, here are some tips and tricks that can help you write engaging content for brochures. As for background colours, striking design, formatting options and graphics, we’ve got that covered.

Headlines and tone

A compelling headline can work wonders for consumer-facing copy, and it will often make the difference between your brochure getting the attention it deserves or – and we hate to say it! it being put in the bin. Keep your headline concise but interesting with the help of ‘power’ words, which aim to spark a reaction from the reader. Confident terms such as ‘more’ and ‘number one’ are also proven methods, as are words that appeal to people’s ego: ‘discover’, ‘new’, and writing that speaks directly to your audience keeps people hooked.

To keep hold of your reader’s interest, whether they study or skim, it’s usually best to use a straightforward writing style. A clear but conversational voice gives brochures the best of both worlds: a professional style that still holds the attention of your audience without being too boring! The goal is to communicate your points to a wide audience, and a conversational tone does just that.

It’s also important to remember how your copy will look once it’s been handed over and incorporated into the overall graphic design. Try to avoid too many words by keeping the body of text trimmed and concise, as smaller paragraphs work best when coupled with engaging graphics and imagery. This will help customers retain information and actually digest the messaging your brochure is trying to get across.


Brochures are typically skim-read by people, so make sure yours is easy to navigate with simple, concise headings and subheadings. Teamed up with a solid font alongside engaging visuals, these will serve as the GPS of your marketing materials, so it’s important to make them as accurate as possible. Avoiding industry jargon and acronyms is a good idea, so you don’t run the risk of alienating potential customers and switching them off entirely.

A simple table of contents at the beginning of your brochure will also solve this problem, helping guide readers to the information they want to consume. It also shows your content off in a very short space, giving customers a feel for the services and products available with little effort.

Invite action

Once you’ve decided what your audience should do once they have read your brochure, it’s time to put it into words – persuasively. After hooking the reader with all that information, your brochure should end with a call to action that invites the consumer to perform a desirable action that may convert to more business, such as call, visit your website or fill out a form – the list goes on. Whether you want to entice the reader with exclusives, such as a discount, or appeal to their emotions by promising fewer headaches, the CTA is the final flourish of an impressive brochure.

Writing copy for brochures needs to go further than just presenting information about yourself or your company. When combined with cohesive, strong branding and graphic design, it needs to persuade and keep your target audience engaged. Doing your research and finding out what motivates your desired customer base to think about buying into your product or service will give an extra edge to your copywriting and tap into consumer focus, making readers more willing to get in touch.

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