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What does the guide include?


An overview of SaaS Marketing

How is SaaS taking over the world? B2B SaaS marketing strategies are getting even stronger, and tools are getting more user-friendly. Read on to understand more about the SaaS industry as it stands.


Why you need a professional marketing strategy

Is a few free template social graphics enough to market your SaaS business or do you really need a graphic designer to support your marketing team?


How Design Cloud works for SaaS Businesses

How is Design Cloud proven to work for businesses just like yours? Read on to find out how others in your industry are using our unlimited graphic design subscription plans.

In the world of software, SaaS is king. Standing for Software-as-a-Service, it has democratised complex applications. It’s allowed customers to simply sign up, access a cloud portal, and use the latest software for personal or commercial use. The SaaS model allows individuals to create and grow their own businesses and has given commercial entities the ability to scale their business for a fraction of the cost because everything is available at the touch of a button. 

The popularity of SaaS has led to more and more companies looking for a slice of this £5.8 billion UK industry (which is set to increase to £10.7 billion by 2025). As a result, SaaS marketing has become more and more important. The need to stand out and invest real money into a marketing budget to create interesting content is essential. 

Arguably, it’s as important as the product itself.

An integrated approach that uses different types of marketing to increase the number of prospective customers, be found on organic search to increase these types of leads, and be known by bigger sections of your target market is the goal. While in theory, this is all well and good, the business reality is very different. Budgets, time, and lack of staff (especially for start-ups) are all obstacles to achieving these marketing goals.

This is why businesses offering software as a service should seriously consider outsourcing their graphic design, and leveraging the experience and talents of the experts here at Design Cloud. In this e-book, we’re going to be running through various SaaS marketing questions, and issues, as well as looking at the benefits of outsourcing the creation of your collateral to a team such as ours. 

While we are biased, we genuinely believe that outsourced graphic design is one of the smartest, savviest business decisions you’ll make. We’ll detail why further on in this e-book. But first, we’re going to be examining some of the common problems and issues that SaaS companies have been suffering from before they decided to use Design Cloud. 

Our PRO account is ideal for medium to large businesses in the software sector that want access to unlimited graphic design from a group with years of collective experience.

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Does This Sound Like You?

Does This Sound Like You?

Given their use of cutting-edge software, coding, and the need to be on the pulse, the SaaS industry is acutely aware of the need for sustained marketing efforts. Unlike a legacy industry such as the construction sector, which may take a bit more persuading as to the importance of marketing as a way to increase the number of leads. 

While SaaS companies don’t need convincing, the realities of day-to-day business life often stand in the way of scaling up the generation of content.

A common problem we’ve heard is that constrained budgets have hampered SaaS businesses’ ability to hire an in-house graphic designer or any other kind of creative. This sees them invest in agencies and freelancers which are cheaper. The problem is these freelancers are just that, they have no knowledge of the business and the work created is only as good as the brief and communication between the business and the designer. Simply put, they just don’t cut it.

As expensive as it is frustrating, relying on freelancers isn’t a long term solution to scaling up content creation. This is true for those with and without marketing teams. Content generation strategies that rely on one or two people is just not a practical solution that will provide success for a long period of time. It will affect your business model, see you paying twice or three times as much for the same piece of content, and cause serious morale issues for those at the coal face of your content efforts. 

A third common problem that we hear from our current customers is that their marketing team is limited by their skills and experience, and are unable to work on forms of marketing that they don’t have experience in. It’s not that they are necessarily bad at what they do, it’s more that they have limited capacity or have not been allowed to work on other types of collateral, which is not their fault. 

So, lack of budget, an overreliance on unreliable freelancers, and a skill set that inhibits your ability to scale up your SaaS digital marketing strategy – does this sound like you? If it does, then our unlimited graphic design is the perfect solution. Not only can we make those issues a thing of the past, but we can also do a whole lot more, as we’ll detail later.

Why Do People Buy SaaS Tools?

Why Do People Buy SaaS Tools?

What is it that makes customers want to buy and use SaaS tools? And why is it important to incorporate great, consistent design into your product and wider marketing? Here, we’ll be looking to answer these two questions in an attempt to emphasise the link between purchase power and strong marketing collateral.

There is a good chance that if you’re reading this e-book, you know why people buy SaaS products, but it certainly bears repeating. People buy SaaS products because they offer a simple, convenient solution to a problem that annoys them. 

Sure the potential customer might be impressed by aspects of the technology, but what sells the product is the problem that it solves. The iPhone doesn’t sell because of its A14 chip, 6-core CPU, and 4-core GPU. It sells because it’s fast, can play music and make calls, and allows you to pay for goods and services – it solves problems and saves time.

Your SaaS tool is no different in that respect. So, when it comes to targeting the ideal customer, your SaaS marketing should illustrate in as plain terms as possible the solutions that they solve. By illustrating how your app, programme, or website makes their life easier, you remove the jargon that turns people off and you ensure that your marketing strategy is based around solutions. 

By scaling up your B2B SaaS marketing, you free up your sales team to do what they do best – sell. Investing in high-quality graphic design as part of your marketing plan speeds up your sales cycle, and turns prospective customers into qualified leads more quickly because they’ve already read and interpreted the collateral. 

This sales process is streamlined further if the content – be it an infographic, user interface, or an advert on relevant social channels – is impactful and gets the message across the first time around. 

Other benefits of high-quality content:

  • Google likes it:

    Search engine optimisation is essential if you want to reach your market. Being found for search terms is one of the main ways that you’ll increase sales, it’s also one of the best long-term marketing solutions.

  • You can speak to decision-makers:

    By leveraging high-quality, relevant content and using the power of social media ads, you can increase customer acquisition and attract decision-makers, i.e. the people who decide where the money’s spent. 

  • Grow your email list:

    Email campaigns are still one of the most effective ways of attracting potential customers and are a powerful tool in your arsenal. Our team can create stunning, bespoke email marketing campaigns that get across your solutions in a snappy, easy-to-understand way.

The SaaS Landscape Looks Good: Here's Why You Need A Professional Marketing Strategy

The SaaS Landscape Looks Good: Here's Why You Need A Professional Marketing Strategy

As the title suggests, the state of SaaS is very good. It is in great health and the standard of products is extremely high. As well as that, the design and look of websites, applications and interfaces are clean, well thought through, and are created by people who have studied the customer journey down to every last click.

You can’t wing it, and go on your own, is what we’re trying to say. A professional B2B SaaS marketing team is an absolute necessity and, if you don’t have the budget, outsourcing it to graphic design experts at Design Cloud is the best thing you can do. Check out our three-step guide to success in the SaaS B2B world. 

Three steps to success: 

  1. Evaluation:

    Creating designs that users will understand, and evaluating what your competitors are offering, will give you a clear direction and help you frame the content pieces you’ll be creating based on a target audience.

  2. Work with professionals:

    Let our team at Design Cloud work with your marketing team. Our experience allows us to hit the ground running and we’ll be creating bespoke content for you from minute one. 

  3. Scale-up:

    There is no such thing as too much content. By using our services, you can scale up the amount of content in ways that would be impossible to do in-house. As well as volume, we can create mountains of different content that varies in subject and type.

How Design Cloud Works With SaaS Businesses

How Design Cloud Works With SaaS Businesses

We offer three different plans and services here at Design Cloud that are ideal for a wide range of people. From individual freelancers who don’t have the time to generate their own marketing activity to small, medium, and large SaaS companies

Our Design Cloud PRO account is perfect for a SaaS type of marketing. You’ll have access to unlimited graphic design and a host of people whose sole purpose is to ensure marketing success across all sectors of your market. 

Be it advanced infographics that detail your SaaS solutions, or a sharp, bespoke logo that sets you apart – we can do it all. Simply submit your design, let our team get to work, and then review the finished product. With a PRO account, you can communicate with your dedicated graphic designer via Slack, and enjoy as many revisions and amends as possible.

In essence, it’s like having your own in-house team, for a fraction of the price, without the hassle of searching, recruiting, and hiring. There are no drawn-out consultations, months of back and forth, or dozens of lengthy email chains. Just simple, crisp graphic design that is unlike anything else in the SaaS market. 

We offer cutting-edge designs and processes in a cutting-edge way because we know that the SaaS market is always advancing and pushing the boundaries. 

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