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Design Cloud subscription plans - how do they work?

Design Cloud subscription plans - how do they work?

Want your flyer design to work harder for you? Let one of our talented graphic designers help. With our unlimited graphic design plans, you’ll get a dedicated graphic designer to work on your requests every working day. Our UK-based designers will make informed design decisions so that you can see better results through your marketing campaign.

Our graphic design plans don’t stop with flyer designs – we can help you with a massive range of design tasks including presentation design, product packaging or even sticker designs. All of the graphic design plans we offer include unlimited requests, users, brands and revisions so that you can get all the graphic design support you need much more affordably than hiring in-house or using marketplaces.

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How it works

Request a design by app or email

Let us know what it is you want your designer to work on via our app or email. Every plan includes unlimited requests so you can submit as many design tasks as you like!

How it works

A dedicated designer will work through your queue

Your dedicated UK-based designer will work through your design queue every working day, with an average turnaround time of just one business day depending on the complexity of the request!

How it works

Need revisions? Not a problem.

We always guarantee an unlimited number of revisions so if you need any changes on the final design to achieve your exact vision, it won’t ever be a problem.

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What Our Customers Say

Customer experience is our number one priority. Here's what some of our clients have to say about us

What is the flyer design service?

What is the flyer design service?

Using flyers, or leaflets, as a method of advertisement can be extremely effective, providing that they are designed effectively and include informative and engaging content. Whether you need to promote an event, your business’s services or products or you want to raise awareness about an issue, getting flyers made and distributed – either with physical copies or by using eFlyers – is certainly an option to consider. They offer an affordable way to spread your message and having them printed can then complement your digital marketing, reinforcing the key messages you’d like your audience to see.

Creating a flyer isn’t as simple as putting together some fancy fonts and nice images to distribute your message or information. To truly capture your audience’s attention, keep them engaged and make them want to read on, you need to have an effective design with carefully considered elements – first impressions count. To learn more about the topic of your flyer, readers first need to be drawn to it and pick it up before they even begin to read. To make this happen, you need to tap into the psychology of design. That’s a complex skill, but it’s one our designers have.

Why opt for professional flyer design?

Why opt for professional flyer design?

There are several online templates you can use to create your own flyers, but these resources don’t offer the same level of skill and personalisation as Design Cloud. Using online templates can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you lack any design experience. Our designers, on the other hand, are well experienced and are equipped with all the best practices and tools when it comes to creating effective graphics. Our team know how to create flyers that will keep your audience engaged and will get your message heard or your event, service or product promoted.

What Our Customers Say

Customer experience is our number one priority. Here's what some of our clients have to say about us

How do I design a flyer with Design Cloud?

How do I design a flyer with Design Cloud?

Flyer designs are available as a part of our subscription packages. These start from £549 a month for our standard plan and the cost is a fixed fee, so you’ll never pay any more than you originally signed up to – we don’t like hidden fees just as much as the next person! For that monthly cost, you’ll have access to unlimited graphic designs. You can request any type of design as often as you want, at any time and have them worked on each business day. This unique approach to graphic design means we’re a popular resource amongst many companies and marketing agencies. Using our services is cheaper than hiring an in-house team, but we still offer the same exceptional level of service you’d expect from someone employed directly by your business.

Once you’ve signed up, submitting a brief is super easy! All requests can be submitted by email or through our online portal – this is where you’ll find all the information about your design projects. When you submit a brief to us, we ask that you have a rough idea of your visual brand identity so that we can incorporate the relevant features into your flyer so that it’s consistent with your brand. Feel free to gather some inspiration by checking out examples of our designs and previous projects we’ve worked on for clients.

When your assigned designer receives the brief you’ve sent in, they might get in touch with you to ask some further questions, if they require any more information. 

Then, we’ll get to work on creating a custom flyer that meets your needs. When your designer has completed the work, they’ll get back to you with the completed design. If you’d like us to make any amendments, simply submit another request and we’ll revise the design. You have full control over the designs we produce, so we’re always happy to make any edits.

FAQs about our flyer design service


When will I receive my flyer design?

Our turnaround time is usually 24 hours after receiving your brief. If this isn’t possible due to the nature of your requirements, this will be clearly communicated – we pride ourselves on our communication and transparency. You can also use the online portal to check on the progress of your design too, at any time throughout the process.


Can I talk to my designer about how I want my flyer design to look?

Sure! Communicating with your designer is super easy thanks to our online portal. You can log in at any time and this will be the place to go when you’d like to chat with your designer and see where they’re up to with your design. Please remember that we don’t offer a copywriting service, so you will have to provide the copy for your flyer.


Can I ask for bespoke graphics to be made by you instead of just using stock images?

All of our graphic designs will be created so that they are consistent with your brand image and will be tailored exactly to your visual identity and the purpose of the flyer. We do also have access to stock images if these are required. However, please note that we do not offer illustrations as a part of our services, but we will always create bespoke graphic designs that are tailored to your brand.


Can my design be printed in any size?

We only offer design services here at Design Cloud and unfortunately, this does not include a flyer & leaflet printing service.  Whilst prints of your flyer aren’t available and printing will need to be arranged separately, we can tailor image dimensions, the size and the document format so then you have a complete, ready-to-go flyer design that meets your printing requirements. 


How do I find out where my assigned designer is based?

Your assigned designer will always be based in the UK. All of our designers work from the UK and our HQ is situated in Manchester. This means that communication is always smooth and effective – there’s no need to worry about timezones or language barriers when communicating with your designer. We never outsource our work and all of our team are hired directly by us, ensuring they have at least three years of commercial experience and a strong background in design to bring you the very best graphic design skills and tonnes of creativity.

How could flyers help various businesses to get ahead?

How could flyers help various businesses to get ahead?

Historically, flyers have been especially popular with club promoters and as DIY fanzines of music. To this day, flyers remain a viable means of promotion for the music industry. However, businesses, nonprofits, individual entrepreneurs and politicians can all benefit from marketing with flyers.

By handing out flyers in bustling areas, coffee shops could tempt people to visit to sample any beverages and discounts advertised on the flyers. Tattoo artists could use flyers in a similar way, not to mention as a kind of printed canvas for their art.

What about personal trainers? A flyer would be a good place to list new programmes and boot camps you’re running, whilst a few before-and-after photos of people who have previously taken advantage of your fitness expertise probably wouldn’t go amiss, either.

What benefits could flyers bring to your marketing?

Although we don’t offer a printing service, once we have supplied you with your new flyer design, you can cost-effectively print it out at short notice. This makes our flyer design service especially ideal for situations where you want to quickly share exciting news far and wide!

However, flyers often work best for highly targeted marketing campaigns, such as when you are preparing to open a new office or store and want to tell locals all about it. Alternatively, your flyer could include the date, time and other details of an upcoming event that you’re set to hold.

Flyers can also effectively expand digital marketing campaigns. When creating a flyer design for you, we would be happy to include a QR code, URL or leaflet number ready to use in tracking the effectiveness of these flyers once they are out in the wild!

At its heart, a flyer is essentially just a poster or single sheet that is distributed typically to promote something specific, such as a product, service or event. The simplicity of a flyer makes it ideal for conveying messages in a punchy and immediately eye-catching way.

However, as an alternative to a typical graphic design agency, we know that many people can struggle to get simplicity right. The appeal of a flyer is that it can say a lot with very little – and this balance is hard to strike in just one compact design. Fortunately, we can give you access to graphic design professionals who are considerably experienced with handling flyer design for a wide range of clients.

With this experience at hand, these graphic designers can carefully consider, with every flyer design assignment they are given, exactly what message the client wants to say – and how that message can be communicated to inspire the right response from the recipient.

How to make flyers

How to make flyers

There are various ways of making flyers, but we would not wholeheartedly recommend all of these methods. You might have seen ‘free flyer makers’ online that claim to enable you to create your own flyer design in a few minutes even if you lack design expertise. 

However, these tools are not always as easy to use as they claim to be. They usually try to speed up the flyer-designing process by offering a series of templates from which you are able to select just one to serve as the ‘skeleton’, so to say, of your flyer design.  

Unfortunately, though, the design of these flyers may struggle to spark excitement – as many businesses and individuals with which you are competing for attention with your flyers could already have used such online tools to create their own flyers’ visual content.

As a result, your flyers could end up looking overly similar to theirs in layout, with perhaps too many tried-and-trusted design principles broken. For example, you might have been a little too eager to eliminate negative space, simply due to not knowing how to harness negative space effectively.  

Alternatively, your flyers could be emblazoned with text that is too hard to read – perhaps because of a bad choice of font or font size – or riddled with spelling errors. Mistakes like these can too easily slip in when you use an online flyer design tool as a ‘crutch’ for a lack of design experience. 

Even if the templates these tools use have been produced by ‘expert’ designers, these designers simply can’t account for everything you might choose to do with the template. This helps to explain why flyer designs that have been entirely created by graphic designers are the safest bet for making sure all of the design’s contents are sensibly arranged.

You might already have a lot of ideas for how you would like your flyer to look and what you would like it to say. However, by yourself, you could struggle to translate all of these into a promotional flyer design that just ‘works’. To create a truly professional flyer design, you would need to utilise professional flyer design services – like those our own design agency can provide. 

A professional flyer designer will know how to strategically weave images, colours and text into a cohesive whole capable of catching your target audience’s attention and keeping it long enough to effectively communicate the message you would like the flyer to get across. 

For example, as you dip into our unlimited graphic design services and let a graphic designer from our Manchester-based team know what criteria you would like the finished design to meet, the professional could introduce you to a few alluring design ideas you hadn’t previously considered.  

So, rather than simply settling for a business flyer template that is already overused, the designer could send you some alternative layouts to consider. Perhaps an asymmetrical layout could work surprisingly well for your particular flyer design – especially if your brand is rather unorthodox in its philosophy and so could benefit from communicating that in a similarly off-kilter way. 

Maybe you could choose a bold headline and bright colours for your flyer if you work in the creative field, or opt for a much more subdued design – like one predominantly black in the background and with various shades of grey as complementary colours – if you run advertising campaigns for a business that is much more formal in its approach, such as a law firm.

What makes a good flyer design?

What makes a good flyer design?

For a flyer to achieve its intended effect as a form of marketing, its various visual components need to sumptuously gel – resulting in a flyer capable of spurring a recipient into buying from your brand. However, you can’t expect a flyer to inspire this kind of reaction just because the design looks nice.

For an insight into why, you should consider some particularly wise words from the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who once commented: “In most people’s vocabularies, design means veneer. It’s interior decorating. It’s the fabric of the curtains and the sofa. But to me, nothing could be further from the meaning of design.”

He insisted that design instead constitutes “the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.” Design can therefore act as a form of visual storytelling – and another historical figure from which you could take surprising inspiration for your flyer design is the poet Rudyard Kipling…

Kipling was, of course, a man who knew the fundamentals of storytelling – as reflected in one of the most quoted sentences from Kipling’s poetry: “I had six honest serving men – they taught me all I knew: Their names were Where and What and When and Why and How and Who.”

You can address these five Ws – and the one H – in your business flyers. For example, if those flyers are advertising an upcoming event, you should display details of where that event will be, what it will be about, when it will happen, why flyer recipients shouldn’t miss the event, who will present or perform at the event and how people can get a ticket for the event.

All of this is undoubtedly a lot of information to include on one flyer. You do have to be wary of inadvertently ‘overcrowding’ the flyer; that is, adding so many words, images and other design elements to it that the audience is left confused about the flyer’s core message.

As many people who will see your flyer won’t have much time to discern what it is primarily trying to say, an overcrowded flyer is likely to be ineffective. Therefore, you should leverage ‘visual hierarchy’ to help the reader to quickly discern which details on the flyer are most important.

The media creation software suite Adobe Spark, with which the flyer designers at our graphic design agency are proficient, includes multi-style text editing, which enables visual emphasis to be easily placed on specific words or parts of a message – such as through edits to the text colour, font or shape. 

Adobe Spark’s multi-style text editing tool could help you to give your flyer an especially attention-grabbing headline, while accent colours could be used for details you would expect the flyer recipient to read later anyway – like the scheduled date and time for an upcoming event.    

Don’t forget to break up the text with blank space to help make the text more legible. Also, include background images to help draw attention to your flyer design in the first place and perhaps even communicate much of your message without the need for words. 

Of course, you wouldn’t strictly need to do all of that design work yourself if you sign up for one of our flat-rate graphic design packages. Once you have subscribed, we can assign one of our UK-based designers specifically to the task of producing your flyer design – and you can request as many revisions to that design as you like for as long as your subscription lasts.

Physical copies vs eFlyers

Physical copies vs eFlyers

As people become increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability, it’s easy to see printed flyers – and, for that matter, printed marketing materials in general – as outdated means of marketing. However, while you should be wary of ringing the death knell for printed flyers just yet, the online alternative – ‘eFlyers’ – could indeed come to serve a crucial role in your marketing. 

Yes, eFlyers are essentially just flyers distributed online rather than in print form. Unsurprisingly, given the ‘e’ in the word ‘eFlyer’, you can distribute eFlyers by emailing them, which would be especially ideal if you already have a lengthy emailing list. However, you can also simply publish eFlyers on your website, where visitors would be able to open them for potentially printing out.

As already alluded to, eFlyers are a more eco-friendly alternative to physical flyers, as they do not comprise paper produced from cutting down trees. Digital flyers can also prove more financially efficient to use, as they don’t require you to incur printing costs or shell out for whatever would be necessary for the flyers to be transported to a particular town or city and handed out there.

On the flip side, though, this extra spending on physical flyers could actually be worth it in the longer run – as these flyers, ironically, largely due to their increasingly ‘old-fashioned’ image, are often easier for the target audience to notice.  

Whereas an emailed eFlyer could simply be sent to the addressee’s ‘spam’ folder and consequently never read, an individual has no choice but to look at a printed flyer if they take one you offer them in person. For this reason, you can feel more confident that the flyer will actually be read – leaving you more or less just with the question of whether its content will lead to a sale. 

Nonetheless, you could find that eFlyers have the edge when you are creating targeted advertising campaigns. This is because, when you hand out print flyers, you will know little about the specific people who receive them. You might also lack the time and money to distribute your print flyers in more than one specific geographical location. 

Are flyers still useful for marketing?

Are flyers still useful for marketing?

In an age when social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are at every business owner’s fingertips, you could understandably wonder whether flyers are still a relevant part of the marketing mix. However, no matter how easy many digital communication tools are to use, you could struggle to make a lasting impression with them.

One simple reason why is that, while it would be very easy for members of your target audience to absentmindedly scroll past a Facebook status update, Instagram image or Tweet, flyers would be harder for these people to ignore. A flyer is very much a self-contained piece of marketing material and hence less likely to simply vanish under the avalanche of marketing content that exists online.

As it is self-contained, a flyer is also imminently shareable. Once someone has been sent a print flyer or eFlyer, they could make a mental note to take a closer look at it later. This is an especially compelling reason to include an easy-to-read list of contact details – perhaps including a phone number, email address and postal address – on the custom flyers you do distribute.  

Also, a well-designed flyer stands a good chance of reaching many more people than the person to whom it was originally handed. If the content of this flyer piques its recipient’s interest, this person could choose to share it with relatives, friends and co-workers. 

You also shouldn’t underestimate how effectively print flyers could augment your digital marketing campaigns. Just consider Quick Response (QR) codes – those instantly recognisable barcodes you might have already seen on the likes of advertising posters and restaurant menus. These days, many smartphones can scan QR codes, which we could incorporate into your flyer designs for you.  

When placed on flyers, QR codes can catch the eye while still aesthetically complementing the rest of the design – especially if it uses a lot of white space. The unlimited graphic design work we could undertake for you includes incorporating QR codes that, once scanned, would direct the smartphone user to your website – or a specific landing page of it.  

So, perhaps the flyer could invite the recipient to join your email subscriber list in exchange for a discount or exclusive content. Alternatively, if the flyer is advertising a particular product, the QR code could send interested parties to your website’s listing for that product. 

Given that more than six billion people globally now have access to a smartphone, you shouldn’t neglect the opportunity to future-proof your flyer marketing strategy.

In contrast, if you already have a long list of email addresses collected from customers or clients of your company, you will know that many of these people could easily be inclined to buy from you again. These people are, compared to strangers to whom you could provide physical flyers, likely to be more receptive to your marketing messages – including those you communicate through flyers. 

Hence, you could find using eFlyers rather than print flyers much more efficient in terms of both the money and time you would expend in the process. Whereas you could need to spend hours to distribute a high number of print flyers in just one geographic area, sending out the same number of eFlyers could take you just seconds as you attach the flyer to a mass email and then send it. 

Ultimately, whether you should use flyers in digital or print form could largely depend on the nature of your products or services and what audience you are targeting. For example, it makes sense to hand out physical flyers in a town centre or shopping centre if your business has physical premises based nearby, as the flyer recipients could realise how easily they would be able to visit. 

However, if your business specialises in online-only products and services, you should seriously consider using eFlyers – as they could immeasurably help you in reaching out to a national or international, rather than strictly local, audience that you are likely eager to target.    

It’s worth emphasising that the principles of good flyer design remain just as applicable in a digital context as they do with paper-based flyers. We can design flyers of either type for you through the provision of our flat-rate graphic design services.

Try out Design Cloud risk-free for 14 days

Try out Design Cloud risk-free for 14 days

We’d love to help you create an effective flyer design that your readers are going to love. Whatever idea you have, we can help you bring it to life with our monthly packages. If you’d like to give it a go before committing, click ‘book a demo’ to get started.

Book a demo

How long does it take to get set up?

Once you’ve completed sign-up, you’ll receive your account log-in details and you’ll be able to start submitting design requests instantly through the app or via email. It typically it takes around 24hrs for us to get you set up with your designer and to get them working on your requests.

What does unlimited graphic design actually mean?

As a Design Cloud subscriber, there is no limitation to the number of design requests you can submit and there is no limitation on the number of revisions you can ask for either. You will not be charged a penny extra for submitting a large number of requests or making a large number of revisions.

One thing to keep in mind – Each round of revisions is treated as a new design request and this can affect the turnaround time of other design requests you have in your queue.

We’re Only Human….

Design Cloud designers are real humans. Your designer will work through the design requests in your queue, one task at a time. Once the request at the top of your queue is complete, they will move onto the next one.

Need more design work faster?

No problem at all. It’s easy to scale your output by adding another designer to your team which will allow you to double your daily graphic design output. This can be easily done from your account dashboard or by contacting our sales team.

I have more than one business, can I use one account?

Yes you can. All of our subscription plans come with unlimited brands. This means that you can use one subscription to submit design work for multiple businesses that you may own.

Just keep in mind that your designer will only work on one active request at a time from your queue.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes we do. We offer a 14 day risk-free trial on all of our services. If you don’t like the design work we create for you in the first 14 days, we’ll keep it and you can get a full refund, no questions asked. You can read more about how the trial works on our pricing page.

What are the turnaround times?

As a rough average, Design Cloud standard users will get most design requests delivered back to them the following business day.

Turnaround times on design requests will vary and generally depend on three factors:

1. How long you and your designer have been working together.

If you’ve been working with your designer for some time, you’ll have a great workflow in place, your designer will fully understand your brand, visual identity and your preferred style. This will speed up turnaround time significantly.

If you are new to Design Cloud and you’re submitting your first task with your new designer, you’ll more than likely receive your first design back in around 1-2 business days.

2. How complex the design request is.

For example, a simple social media graphic with simple text overlayed can be very quick to turnaround, whereas something like a multi-page powerpoint presentation or detailed corporate brochure will have a lot of layers that make up the design and will take significantly longer to produce.

Our customer experience team review all requests the moment they come through to assess complexity. If there’s a complex request we think will take longer than one business day to get back to you, we’ll reach out and let you know.

3. How many requests you have in your design queue.

Your designer will work on one request at a time. If you approve the request at the top of your queue when your designer sends it back to you, we’ll jump straight onto the next one. If you delay getting back to us about revisions and sign off, this will delay the rest of your design requests being worked on.

DesignCloud PRO

One of the perks of being a Design Cloud PRO user is that you’ll get real-time communication with your designer via Slack and faster turnaround times, including same-day design delivery.

Even though the PRO plan turnaround time is quicker (especially for revisions), the number of design requests you’ll get delivered each day will still differ depending on the complexity of each request sent, how long you’ve been working with your designer and what else you have at the top of your design queue.

Are you outsourcing work to freelance sites or overseas?

Absolutely not. We don’t outsource work overseas and we don’t use freelance sites or market places. All of our designers are in-house at our office in central Manchester. The digital capital of the north.

Who owns the creative work?

You own all of the design work that we create for you. Everything we do is made specifically for you and your brand. The moment we deliver the final design files to you, you have 100% ownership. We also provide you with the Adobe layered files we used to create your work in too ie: Photoshop PSD, Illustrator AI, InDesign INDD as well as in .jpg, .pdf, or .png.

Important information around stock images.

If we need to use stock images in your work, there are some important ownership/license restrictions that you need to be aware of. You can read about these here in our terms of service.

What can you design for me?

We can design almost anything for you so long as you can explain or show us what it is you want to create. Our design scope is broad, but firmly set in graphic design (at the moment)  if you’re looking for animated 3D video, CAD design, SEO, copywriting or a sandwich. We’re not going to be able to help you…

However, we work with multiple award-winning agencies across all areas of digital and we would be to introduce you.

We can also recommend some amazing sandwich shops in Manchester too. (We love sandwiches)

Here’s our official design scope. If there’s something we’ve not mentioned on the list, get in touch and we’ll let you know if it can be done.

Can you design my logo?

If you have a clear brief or idea for your logo design including specific fonts, colours or look, sure – We can bring your idea to life and design your logo as you described it.

We are not a branding agency.

If you don’t know what you want your logo to look like and you need help to develop a brand/logo/name from scratch, then we will happily put you in touch with one of award-winning branding agency partners.

Can you design my website?

Yes we can! You’ll need to be subscribed to a Design Cloud PRO or Enterprise plan to work on web design. We’ll need your website copy already written and ready to go and you’ll need to provide us with a clear page by page brief and send us any licensed photos you want to use too.

Each website page will be designed in three standard screen sizes. Desktop, Mobile, Tablet. Each page you want us to design for your site will need to be submitted as a new request.

Web Development

Web development is not included in any of our subscription plans. We can provide you with a separate price for the development, refer you to one of our web development agency partners or you can use the designs we produce for you and work with your existing developer to build it.

We're an Agency, can we use Design Cloud?

Absolutely. We love working with agencies and would love to talk to you about how we can help you.

We work particularly well with marketing agencies who are currently outsourcing their design work to freelancers, branding agencies who want to free up their lead designers from small design tasks that create a bottleneck and any agency using non-designers to create their graphics for their own social media channels. (There’s a lot of them about)

We’re not here to replace your existing designers, we’re here to offer an affordable, low risk solution to help you design at scale.

I'm a freelancer, can I use Design Cloud?

Yes! We love helping freelancers scale up their design output.

If you have a large project that requires a heavy amount of small graphic design tasks, you can focus on the larger areas of the project and we can help you work through the small stuff and reduce the time you spend designing until the twilight hours trying to meet deadlines.