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Design Cloud exists to simplify the lives of marketers. We've created a slick, scalable, reliable online service to help you produce high-quality creative content at an affordable price.

We encourage everyone to book a demo before signing up so that we can learn about your challenges and set expectations clearly around what our service is - and what it's not.

If we feel our service will be a good fit for you, we'll suggest the right plan and you can sign up when you're ready. If we can't help - we'll be honest with you and suggest the right solution to solve your design bottleneck.


Following your initial demo, you'll be fully educated on how the service works, what to expect from working with us and different pricing plans available.

Our pricing is on a per designer basis and tiers up based on the type of work you need. We also have a discount system in place which means that the cost goes down the longer you sign up for.

When you're ready to sign up, just head to the pricing page, choose your plan and click get started.

Once completed, you’ll get instant access to the Design Cloud platform where you can start creating requests for your designers.


At the end of the checkout, you'll need to fill in a simple onboarding form. You'll also be able to book in an onboarding call with one of our design team leaders.

As part of the onboarding call, we'll train you and your team on how our platform works and answer any questions you may have before getting started with your new designers.

We match you with designers from our team based on your initial demo, the info from your onboarding call, the type of work and style you need and a few other factors.

Onboarding calls normally last around 20-30 mins and you can typically schedule them for the same day you sign up.

Submitting requests through THE DESIGN CLOUD platform

Once you've completed onboarding and you're first request is in the queue, we'll match you with your designer and you'll be ready to start work. This is typically all done within 1 business day of signing up.

Every request you submit goes into your own personal design queue for your designers to work through on a daily basis.

If you've sign up to work with 1 designer, you can have 1 request at a time being worked on from your queue.

Communicate via Slack if you're signed up to our PRO plan

One simple dashboard to manage requests and revisions

Let your designer know if you need to reprioritise requests

Working day-to-day with your new GRAPHIC designers

Working day-to-day with your designers is just like working with any other remote team member.

Your designer will be available every business day from 9am - 5.30pm and will work through your requests one at a time. Once the current active request is closed, your designer will be ready to start work the next one.

If your designer is on holiday, another member of our team will cover your work until they return.

We don't bill on a per user basis so your whole team can have access to work with your designers

If you're a marketing team or agency working across multiple brands you don't necessarily need a separate account for each one.

Turnaround times & revisions

Most simple requests like social media content, display ads or blog graphics take around a business day to complete. Complicated requests like presentations and landing pages will take a few days (depending on the complexity and the detail of your brief).

If you need to make any revision to your work, just reply to your designer with the details and they will work through your changes until it’s exactly how you want it.

Build a team of designers to work on more requests simultaneously

All plans come with unlimited revisions

Add additional designers to your team in under a business day

SCALING UP & working with multiple desigers

One of the key unique features of working with us is the ability to scale your design team as your demand for content increases over time.

Many of our customers work with multiple designers from our team



If you need help with ongoing graphic design work, we could be a perfect fit to help you. To learn more about our service, book a demo today and we'll show you how it works.