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Helping Embryo Digital Exceed Client Demands

Here’s how Embryo Digital were able to maintain high volumes of design requests from their existing clients and focus on scaling new business with the help of Design Cloud.

30,000+ DESIGN REQUESTS COMPLETED for over 450 teams

Intro + Problem

Led by Ross Green and James Welch, Embryo Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Manchester. They specialise in developing innovative Digital PR, SEO and Paid Media strategies to stimulate rapid online growth for their clients.

Embryo found themselves facing a common issue that nearly all digital marketing agencies experience as they begin to scale… They had plenty of clients, but not enough hands to action every request. Embryo already had a design team, who were prioritising high-value (but time-consuming) client projects like web design. They couldn’t keep up with the demand from their social media, client services and SEO team, who were receiving regular client requests for simpler day-to-day graphic design work.

Initially, they had considered hiring a junior designer, but bringing on an inexperienced member of staff at a crucial time in their growth phase was likely to create additional challenges for Embryo. They needed a solution that didn’t involve high recruitment costs, time spent interviewing candidates and a drop in the quality of work their clients expected of them.

Please note that the work included in this case study is including internal design tasks for Embryo, since most design work is under an NDA. 

Helping Embryo Digital Exceed Client Demands
"Design Cloud allows us to improve our capacity for design tasks internally and for clients, and it’s become an important part of the structure of our workflow here at Embryo. The team is friendly and always ready to help, and I can’t fault the quality of the design work we receive. I would 100% recommend this service to any other agency or business who need additional excellent quality graphic design at a more economical cost."
Helping Embryo Digital Exceed Client Demands

Ross Green

Managing Director

The Solution

Initially, Embryo was sceptical about our service. Design quality, prompt turnaround times and communication with their designer in real-time was paramount. Our service experts helped them to find the right plan for their needs and within just one business day, they were set up with an experienced graphic designer from our team.

Work started with internal marketing material and social media tickets, but it was just a matter of weeks before their Design Cloud team were being used by performance marketing, project management, client services, sales and operations teams. Since signing-up Embryo have scaled up their plan by adding additional designers to support their rebrand, without worrying that the quality would ever be less than perfect.

Saved vs Hiring In-House
Assets Created
Embryo Teams Using Design Cloud
Helping Embryo Digital Exceed Client Demands