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Looking to create crisp and engaging content for your social channels? Design Cloud can help social media professionals quickly generate on-brand and slick creatives, all for a one flat rate monthly fee. Work with UK-based designers every business day and get unlimited requests for your day-to-day social media tasks.


Eye-catching LinkedIn social posts as well as informative carousels to bring life to your feed.


Create captivating Instagram posts that stop the scroll and drive engagement.


Help your content stand out with creative Meta social posts that 'click' with your audience.


Inspire your audience and transform your ideas into pinnable moments.


Add more context to your X posts with impactful visuals designed by experts.


Improve your brand’s social profile with professional banner designs.


FAQ's about our Social Media Design Service

We know that our service sounds too good to be true. Here are some frequently asked questions that we get. If you have more, book a demo and we'll walk you through how everything works.

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Breaking Through YouGov’s Rebrand Backlog
“We've been working with Design Cloud for almost three years and they have proved themselves invaluable as an extension of our own in-house design team. They played an integral part in our major brand refresh in 2021/22 and continue to support us on day-to-day tasks. The proactive communication through their platform has made our workflow incredibly efficient. Also, the flexibility to scale resource on short notice without the hassle of hiring in-house or searching for freelancers has been essential. The team are endlessly helpful and a pleasure to work with.”

Sebastian Evans

Global Head of Visual Brand

Creating a Rhythm for Success for a World Leading Dance Music Record Label
"Design Cloud has revolutionised the workflow of our business. Not only is the standard of work excellent, they are also extremely well organised and the platform is very simple to use. The whole system works perfectly and in turn, this helps our brand run efficiently."

Paul Thomas

Label Manager

Scaling Design Output for a Fast-Growth SaaS Provider
"Design Cloud offers an innovative approach to satisfy all our creative design needs in a very responsive way which allows us to stay very agile. All our requests are handled quickly and professionally, to our brand guidelines by our own designated designer, so refreshing! Keep up the great work!"

Mike Pawezowski

Head of Marketing

Helping Embryo Digital Exceed Client Demands
"Design Cloud allows us to improve our capacity for design tasks internally and for clients, and it’s become an important part of the structure of our workflow here at Embryo. The team is friendly and always ready to help, and I can’t fault the quality of the design work we receive. I would 100% recommend this service to any other agency or business who need additional excellent quality graphic design at a more economical cost."

Ross Green

Managing Director

The Wells Academy Uses Design Cloud to Meet a High Demand for Graphic Design
"Working with Design Cloud has been fantastic. For us it was important to find a service that was low cost but high quality. The turnaround is fantastic, and we love how our designers understand our ‘brand’ and what we’re trying to achieve. Their assets have instantly elevated all of our projects."

George Coles



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Save money versus hiring in-house designers or outsourcing design the old school way.

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We've delivered over 25,000 design requests across multiple industries and markets. Check out a sample of our work.

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We've helped over 450 businesses and household brands. View some of our recent case studies.

We understand that graphic design that actually gets you noticed takes a lot of time to produce and that, in order to get all the content you need for a strong marketing strategy, lots of graphic design support is needed. Design Cloud graphic design subscription plans are an affordable solution to get unlimited support with any of your graphic design projects by experienced, UK-based graphic designers.

All of our subscription plans offer three fundamental benefits; unlimited design requests, unlimited brands and unlimited users. This means that anyone in your business can submit a design request directly to your design queue and have it worked on by an expert designer. We also pride ourselves on an average turnaround of just one business day depending on the complexity of your design request. With our flat rate graphic design subscriptions, you can get that vital extra graphic design support without the risks and additional costs that come with hiring freelancers or a new in-house graphic designer.

What is the social media design service?

Social media visuals are now key for any business in creating a clear, strong online presence. The team here at Design Cloud offer various design options and can create an unlimited amount of social media graphics for your social profiles, as part of your monthly fee. This is ideal for showcasing your brand identity and improving your brand visibility on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

As long as you come to us with an idea of what your brand should look like visually, then we can get started on creating some high-quality social media designs for your online space. There isn’t much we can’t do, so requests for all styles – such as profile picture designs, images for stories, carousels, cover image designs and infographics – are welcomed (and yes, that does include memes).

If you’re looking to show off your brand personality and strengthen your online identity with engaging design and visuals, our social media content design service is ideal for you. Capturing the attention of social media channel users isn’t easy when there’s so much content out there already, but our graphic designers are experts in creating visual content that truly captures the awareness of your audience. Feel free to take a look at examples of the work we have done for previous clients if you need any further convincing!

Why is social media design so important?

Graphic design isn’t simply nice layouts, cool fonts and interesting images. It’s not as simple as uploading a photo, adding a filter and hoping for the best. It’s so much more than that. Creating high-quality graphics for your business’s social media platforms is an essential part of your social media strategy. A carefully considered design strategy is a useful tool for advertising your products or services and to tell your company story. It also sends a clear message to people online and allows you to grab the user’s attention through your social accounts.

Why improve your social design now?

Now, more than ever in today’s virtual landscape, first impressions count and time isn’t on your side – people make instant judgements. You need a strong social media presence with consistency in your visual identity. Social media users will be quick to form an opinion of your business simply based on how it appears on their newsfeeds. So, it goes without saying – you want to look your best and make your first impression count. Visual identities make a difference – that’s where we come in.

Impressive graphics and a strong first impression are crucial for standing out. Businesses are faced with numerous competitor brands across popular platforms, so it’s important to strongly convey who you are and differentiate yourself from competitors. As well as your competitors, there are other social media posts to contend with. People are inundated with posts on their news feeds every single day. You need to cut through the noise and reach your target audience. It takes a carefully crafted graphic to be memorable, but we can create just that!

The Design Cloud process

Whenever you’re ready to get started with the design process, the first step is to log in and submit a request through our portal or by email, if you’d prefer. Submitting a request requires minimal effort – it couldn’t be easier! Our team will then look at your request, and they may ask some further questions about your requirements if necessary. You then leave it with us and we get to work – this is where the magic happens! Once we’re done, we’ll send it back to you for approval. If you’d like us to make any changes, just submit another request and we’ll make the amendments. You have full control, so we’re always happy to make edits where necessary.

Our approach to offering services in a simple but scalable way makes us a go-to resource for SMEs, marketing agencies and sales teams alike. We’re not a traditional agency or a marketplace, but a straightforward and high-quality graphic design service. We are more affordable than hiring an in-house team, but are still highly reliable and extremely passionate about delivering the best social media graphics that prices from £549 a month can buy. Our package prices do vary, but they are all a fixed flat fee, meaning that there are no sneaky additional charges to catch you out. As for our designers, they’re the best in the business and know the best practices when it comes to graphics. We never outsource our work – our team is employed directly by us and have a strong background in design and commercial experience.

What social media design can we help you with?

Social media design encompasses visual content used for digital marketing. This includes social media graphics for posts to your Facebook timeline or blogs, consistent branding for your Twitter background and Facebook profile, social media graphic design for use on Instagram, and even design ads for social media.

In the modern age of technology, social media is becoming increasingly important as a tool for customer service and marketing. Because of this, people are constantly looking at new social media posts, from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep! For this reason, it is important to make sure your brand will benefit from effective social media graphic design. As first impressions really count, your social media design should pack a punch and make a difference – and that’s where we excel.

What are the benefits of social media design by a professional graphic design agency?

Social media graphics, designed by the team at our unique graphic design agency in Manchester, can help you to create a strong, recognisable online presence for your brand. Not only that, but we can make sure your branding is consistent across all of your social media platforms, from LinkedIn and TikTok to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Consistent and eye-catching social media graphics and branding are key to building up brand recognition, brand awareness, and customer engagement. This is because posts with effective social media graphics are more likely to be shared, reposted, and liked.

The same goes for social media ad design. A recognisable brand image promoted on social media through advertisements can make your brand seem more professional and memorable. The right design for your ads on social media will therefore connect potential customers with your company and its products or services.

All social media users who encounter your social media graphic design will make initial judgements and perceptions about your brand, within seconds of seeing your graphics. This means that professional social media design can make users associate your brand with being a top-quality product, which will make them more inclined to visit your business to learn more about what you can offer.

Design Cloud: the best unlimited graphic design service for your social media design

Social media graphic design isn’t as simple as posting cool fonts, quirky images, and funky layouts, or using an old photo edited with a basic filter. Your social media design strategy should be carefully considered, grabbing the user’s attention, sending a clear message about your brand, and telling your story.

With so much riding on the success of your social media design, it’s time to call in the professionals! Our team of designers at Design Cloud can create impressive social media graphics that cut through the noise, giving you that edge over your competitors.

The power of social media marketing for your business

We are set to spend a whopping 22 years, one month, and four days of our lives online, meaning your customers are constantly scrolling and consuming information, content and – most importantly – marketing. Businesses who consider their social media presence and marketing strategy to be important are more likely to create a buzz in saturated online spaces, where it’s a real fight to maintain users’ attention and stay relevant against competitive digital marketing.

Customers might only spend a few moments scrolling through popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but well-designed social media graphics, when combined with valuable digital content and strong messaging, are key in building brand awareness, recognition, and customer trust.

Utilising engaging visual content on social media profiles, especially aspects such as backgrounds, cover photos, design advertisements, Instagram Stories, or a stand-out graphic for timelines or blogs, will draw the eye to your content and encourage further reading. Your audiences’ brains process visuals about 60,000 times faster than text, so the sooner you incorporate graphic design into your social media strategy, the faster your online profiles can get to work in attracting the right kind of people!

Aside from getting your business out there in the ether of the internet, the more nuanced benefits of having strong social media design can’t be understated. The ability for your brand to consistently tell a story to millions of people and strike meaningful connections in a digital age is important, especially as customers still look for something they can relate to on a more personal level. Content that not only informs clients about services or products but lets your demographic understand what makes your business tick, as well as gives insight into the realities behind your messaging, stokes trust. And that can’t be bought. However, drawing your clients to a well-crafted post complete with brand-aligning graphic design? That can certainly help.

On a practical note, creating strong social media design that is linked to clickable content is a useful tool in your brand’s social media ecosystem, allowing you to glean data on your customer’s browsing and buying habits. Many social media platforms have built-in analytics that show you how many visitors are interested in your graphics and content, if they clicked any calls to action, and how long they stayed on certain pages. These statistics help you cultivate a content strategy and understand your audience, giving you clues on what sort of content boosts social media engagement. If you want deeper insights, there are plenty of analytics companies that will be able to create an in-depth report for your business.

Being present and active across a number of social platforms will also help your business establish itself, giving you more options to advertise and tailor your design content accordingly, letting you showcase variety no matter what you are promoting. Advertising opportunities embedded in websites like Facebook or Instagram, which encourage users to interact with your content, are fantastic for showing off your savvy social media design. Thanks to features such as ‘carousels’ or ‘swipe-up’ prompts, which allow you to display a number of different products or services, it is now even easier for customers to get to the things you want to shout about.

The different types of social media graphics and their uses

You can really get those creative juices flowing with social media design. For every business, there’s a platform that’ll suit it down to the ground: meaning the only limits are your imagination (within the guidelines of your brand identity, of course!)

Thanks to websites and their ability to host a number of multimedia features, there are plenty of opportunities to experiment with social media graphics. In order to keep your client base interested and draw in new ones, you need to keep things fresh and varied. The best way to do this is by posting different types of social media graphics, and with the help of our Unlimited Graphic Design Services, one of our talented designers can create a host of eye-catching assets for any of your business’ social accounts.

From creative ads that evoke your brand messaging to high-quality product photos and even team pictures, photos are one of the most effective ways to draw your customer’s attention. Ensuring they are genuinely interesting and relevant to your business will go a long way too, so building up a stock of high-quality photos for your graphic designer to use in their marketing concept isn’t a bad idea. Failing that, think about what sort of product images will have the Marie Kondo effect and, as she says, ‘spark joy’ in your target market!

A picture really can speak a thousand words, so it pays to spend some time defining the imagery and photography that will form the backbone of your brand.


Once confined to business meetings and flipcharts, infographics work on a similar principle to the old-fashioned photograph and are now commonly used across social media platforms. Injecting a truly eye-opening statistic about your business or a fun fact (everyone loves one of those) on a brand-aligned graphic is a great way to break up a timeline, all while keeping your messaging at the forefront of the user’s mind.


Personality is what makes beautiful graphic design really sing, so making sure your brand’s ‘voice’ is heard with quotes from people you admire – or even yourself – is a great way to establish your business’ tone. A quote can set the mood of your social media feed on a day-to-day basis and opens up plenty of opportunities to create shareable graphics and content.

Blog images

It takes a lot of energy to create regular, up-to-date blog posts and resources that your customers want to read, so make sure it looks professional with graphics and photos that are in line with your branding. To encourage more clicks and boost your posts’ ‘shareability’, creating different thumbnails and images to improve their potential reach. Peppering your blog with relevant imagery will also encourage your followers to stay on your page for longer and prompt link exploration – something that their algorithm will note for next time. After all, a good-looking post will always find its people!


Opening up the conversation to your customers and demographic has never been easier, thanks to embedded features on social media apps like Instagram, Twitter polls and Facebook. Asking your audience timely questions – even ones for a bit of fun! – can break up an otherwise monotonous feed and get those grey cells thinking. Tied in with some dynamic graphic design, questions are a fantastic way to get that all-important personality across.

Tips, tricks and life hacks

Show that your brand is an expert voice in your sector with some ultra-shareable tips and life hacks. These popular advice segments can bolster your customer’s confidence in a product or service, almost by giving them an ‘inside scoop’ on great things to try or new methods of use to think about – perfect for an audience keen on getting involved. Plus, this is another great way to engage with your user base and find out what sort of content resonates with them, while giving you the opportunity to ‘reward’ their time with exclusive hacks and tips.

What do you need to do before the design process?

If you’re thinking of giving your social media channels a new look, you’re probably wondering what you need to do before you get in touch with us for an Unlimited Graphic Design Package. Well, like any design process, it will likely help to jot down your social media strategy in advance, determining what will work best for your business. While we can’t help with the strategy itself, our many talents lie in making the visual good-stuff that will bring it to life – our experienced team of graphic designers are here to offer an affordable solution no matter how big or small your project is.

Before sending us a design brief detailing what graphic design components you’d like for your social media presence, making sure you’ve done some research into what will work best for your type of business and target audience will streamline the design process. If you mainly operate on an Instagram account, image-focused graphic design and content will work best with their user base and algorithm, while Twitter is great for brand-cohesive illustration and short, impactful copy that includes relevant keywords.

Understanding which assets will resonate with your demographic will also help us create good-looking and effective graphic design, while eliminating chances of miscommunication or time-consuming redos. Consulting a marketing agency to help with content creation, your brand voice or further research into successful case studies will help you narrow down what you need to make your social channels stand out and work alongside a range of algorithms.

Outlining your online identity alongside your mission statements will give us a better idea as to what kind of graphic design best suits your needs. A professional, authoritative brand will probably suit reliable, sleek – but not boring! – design for its target audience, rather than overly playful illustration and fonts.

Also noting any imagery or existing assets like brand colours, related fonts and logos (in a variety of sizes, should we need them) is also helpful for us to have on-hand prior to the design process. This will inform our designers as to what components to include and refer to when creating the visuals for your social media pages, making sure everything flows. That way, your graphic designer can give you a proper run-down as to the proposed timeline of your project, what to expect and how our striking graphics will incorporate the tone and feel of your business.

Tips and tricks for effective social media design

It might seem like a given, but strategising the goal of each of your channels will give your social media graphic design sharper purpose. If you have a number of different accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, a separate goal for each one can actually achieve better results when it informs their design. If you decide your Instagram will be used to show graphics of your newest, most exciting products, then your audience knows exactly where to go if they want to see the latest release or product drop. Perhaps your Facebook page will then be used for updates and to cultivate conversations with customers who wish to interact with your brand and its community. Each post should have a defined purpose within your larger social media strategy, which should garner attention, clicks, sales and useful analytic data for you to use.

If you haven’t already done so, choosing a bold and decisive colour palette to splash across your social media pages is an excellent way to grab your audience’s attention and get them engaged with your content. A lot can be said for how our brains translate and interpret colour, so getting creative with how you use it on your branding, logos and within your imagery is a sure-fire way to make a statement. While negative space can help your content breathe and make sure your website isn’t cluttered, ensuring your graphic design is as attention-grabbing as possible with pleasing colours and effective aesthetics gives your social channels the best of both worlds. Finding out what sort of colour palettes will work best for your audience couldn’t be easier, especially if you do a bit of reading into colour theory and psychology. Turns out you can say it best by saying nothing at all.

Even if you are updating the look of multiple social media accounts, it is important to keep the style and tone across the board as consistent as possible. Regularly scheduling social posts that align with recognisable aspects of your brand, such as colour, logos, theme and tone, taps into a positive brand image – one of the most important things to cultivate as a business. From the tone of your tweets to the imagery on your Instagram, making sure your audience knows your business on the very first click is invaluable.

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