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Graphic Design Jobs Leeds

We're looking for experienced graphic designers in Leeds to join our fully remote design team.

Join us on our mission

Join us on our mission

100% remote based role
Faster than hiring designers through traditional methods
£20k-£25k starting salary
Annual savings versus hiring designers in house
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Here's what you'll be

As a Design Cloud designer, you will be responsible for delivering high-quality graphic design work across a diverse set of daily requests from our varied client base.

In a typical day, you could be working on everything from graphics for online and offline advertising campaigns, website and app prototypes, designing presentations for sales pitches, social media content, photo editing, amending or creating brochures, designing merchandise and even just updating text in an existing document.

Here's what we look for

Friendly, positive attitude

We only want people on our team who have a can-do mentality and hunger to develop new skills in graphic design.

Highly organised

You'll need to have an exceptional eye for detail and passion for current and future design trends.

3yrs full time industry experience

Agency experience is preferred, but working as a busy in-house graphic designer is also

Razor-sharp, diverse portfolio

We want to see varied graphic design work in your portfolio and we're looking for neat and tidy layout work above all. Please don't just send a portfolio of logos.

As one of the UK’s largest and fastest developing cities, Leeds is the metropolis of Yorkshire and is at the heart of creativity and innovation. Leeds boasts the title of being one of the greenest cities in the country and also hosts a jam-packed schedule of local creative events, culminating in a continuous buzz of excitement and activity in the city of hustle and bustle.

Leeds personifies the North’s willingness and mentality, which pervades all elements of the city, including its creative efforts. Its digital industry is rapidly expanding, with some of the country’s most creative minds and design agencies based in the city.

What to expect?

As a graphic designer, it will be your responsibility to design stunning and convincing graphics for websites, brochures, logos, exhibitions, magazines, social media ads, and a wide variety of other online and offline channels and materials, to visually express ideas and messages using design tools, software and technologies.

Your role entails creating a range of graphics and visuals for use in both digital and offline media channels, and everything a business or agency needs to be displayed visually. To succeed in this role, you must be able to come up with – and create – fascinating, innovative graphic design ideas and pay close attention to detail, all while letting your full creativity flow at all opportunities.

Clients will submit design briefs which you will have to first assess. Once you’ve done that, you will then have to utilise your skills and relevant experience to bring to life those ideas and convert them into appealing visuals and razor-sharp graphics. It’s important to remember that they can be used throughout the entire advertising strategy, as well as for their entire brand image and marketing channels

You’ll plan concepts by examining important information and materials, then expressing those ideas by creating visuals based on client requirements and presenting them for approval. You must be able to produce graphics that grab the attention of audiences and individuals who view them, while ensuring that they transmit the appropriate message that the customer demands, by employing a strong imagination and creative skills.

You’ll work with other team members to integrate all areas of graphic design and develop the finest possible visuals and content for our customers, assisting them in achieving their business goals and objectives – therefore excellent communication skills are important.

Who is Design Cloud?

We’re a thriving, ambitious graphic design agency situated in Leeds that offers an exceptional flat-rate subscription service and creative design tool that are powered by cloud-based technologies, excellent customer experience and support, and a constantly growing team of credible, enthusiastic, and dedicated creatives.

Our goal is to provide all businesses with a professional, affordable and unlimited graphic design service that is flexible and reputable, so that their business can flourish and they can reach their full marketing potential, both online and offline.

As the online and offline marketing landscapes are constantly growing and are susceptible to change and development as trends shift over time, it is highly essential that businesses of all sizes are given access to the very finest and most engaging visuals and graphic designs for their entire business branding, to be used in all of their marketing channels. Thanks to the services we offer at Design Cloud, we allow businesses to achieve more success, gain more leads, receive the best out of their marketing efforts, and obtain a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Our incredible graphic design service helps businesses of all kinds to effectively express their visions and ideas, as well as communicate their goals and messages to their target audience, which we do through envisioning and creating the highest quality graphics and engaging visuals.

We’re constantly looking for talented and passionate freelance designers to join our Leeds-based team and help us achieve our goal of becoming the best at what we do in Europe – it’s our exceptional team of hardworking graphic designers that allow us to do what we do best.

What does Design Cloud do?

Design Cloud is a one-of-a-kind, professional graphic design service that offers on-demand, consistent creative design work and services that are ready when you need them at an affordable flat charge.

Every Design Cloud plan includes unlimited graphic design requests and unlimited graphics revisions. There are no restrictions to the number of design requests you can make as a Design Cloud subscriber, and there are no limits to the number of revisions you can submit once your graphic design requests have been produced by our designers. This means you can request as much design work as you like, and you won’t be charged any more for making changes to it.

The intricacy of the design project you want to create determines our price strategy, but you’ll never pay more than the flat-rate cost you agreed to when you signed up.  You’ll have access to the Design Cloud platform as soon as you’ve become a member, and from here you can start submitting requests to one of our designers who’ll be assigned to you. The platform is user-friendly and compatible with all mobile and desktop platforms.

Each request you make is added to your design queue. You’ll be able to see all of the requests you’ve made as well as what’s currently being worked on by your creative artworker by accessing your dashboard.

If a Design Cloud member needs more design work done quickly, it’s not a problem! Employing another designer to your team makes it easy to extend and improve the efficiency of your work, enabling you to enhance your typical graphic design productivity drastically.

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