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Looking for a graphic design job in Manchester? Great! We're looking for experienced designers to join our fully remote team.

Design Cloud is changing the way that businesses access creative content.

Design Cloud is changing the way that businesses access creative content.

100% remote based role
Faster than hiring designers through traditional methods
£20k-£25k starting salary
Annual savings versus hiring designers in house
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Here's what you'll be

As a Design Cloud designer, you will be responsible for delivering high-quality graphic design work across a diverse set of daily requests from our varied client base.

In a typical day, you could be working on everything from graphics for online and offline advertising campaigns, website and app prototypes, designing presentations for sales pitches, social media content, photo editing, amending or creating brochures, designing merchandise and even just updating text in an existing document.

Here's what we look for

Friendly, positive attitude

We only want people on our team who have a can-do mentality and hunger to develop new skills in graphic design.

Highly organised

You'll need to have an exceptional eye for detail and passion for current and future design trends.

3yrs full time industry experience

Agency experience is preferred, but working as a busy in-house graphic designer is also

Razor-sharp, diverse portfolio

We want to see varied graphic design work in your portfolio and we're looking for neat and tidy layout work above all. Please don't just send a portfolio of logos.

Manchester is a city steeped in cultural history that has undeniably made several significant contributions to world culture. A now global cosmopolitan city with flourishing local culture and all the conveniences that come with any major city, Manchester is brimming with diversity and boasts a booming tech culture that is growing thanks to design and marketing agencies situated all around the city.

As well as its huge music scene, Manchester has a world-famous art background, with numerous art galleries and exhibitions within the city. You get a great sense of community art, pride and enthusiasm as you walk past stunning red brick buildings, historic cotton mills, and canals.

What to expect?

At Design Cloud, we have a vast design scope, and when it comes to graphic design there isn't much that our team can’t do. As a graphic designer, you will have the responsibility of using design tools to produce captivating graphics that inspire and capture the attention of audiences to convey ideas and communications.

You will handle many exciting and varied creative opportunities and duties, which include combining several design features to create brochure designs, social media content and ads, fascinating logos, landing pages, marketing materials and so much more, all while adding a sense of enthusiasm and creativity to each project. The graphics you design and the assignments you carry out will ultimately be what shapes the visual elements of websites, packaging, magazines, products, advertisements and just about anything else a business provides visually.

Your graphic designs should be eye-catching and convey the appropriate message to the people who see them. You'll need a creative flair as well as a solid ability to interpret requirements and convert them into visuals. Some of these requirements may be complex and ambitious but they’ll allow you to let your creative skills flow.

You will fit right in with our team if you can communicate well and work systematically and strategically as part of the team. Bringing a sense of charisma to our design team, you will collaborate with other members of the team to merge all aspects of flat rate graphic design and create the best possible graphics and content for our customers, helping them achieve the outcomes they desire. Once you have formulated stunning and compelling graphics, you may adopt the role of testing these visuals across various media and channels.

Who is Design Cloud?

Design Cloud is a thriving flat rate graphic design agency based in Manchester with our mission being to provide a high quality, professional graphic design service that is reliable and free of any inconveniences for all businesses. With our help, they can succeed and reach their highest potential with their online and offline marketing efforts and branding.

With the marketing industry constantly changing and evolving, all businesses must have access to the best possible graphics and visuals to allow their brand to strive and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Through conceptualising and creating cutting edge graphics, our creative services assist businesses and agencies in successfully displaying their vision and conveying their message to their audience, as well as promoting the sale of their products and services.

Thanks to the unique services we offer here at Design Cloud, we are changing the way businesses gain access to expert creative design services across Europe. By providing a unique flat-rate subscription service driven by cloud-based tools, outstanding customer service, and our constantly growing team of reputable, optimistic, and determined creative design specialists, we are taking a different approach from all other agencies and breaking the trend of traditional creative services.

At Design Cloud, we are constantly on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic freelance designers to join our hardworking team in the centre of Manchester, to play a huge part in helping us achieve our goal of becoming Europe's No. 1 flat-rate graphic design services agency.

What does Design Cloud do?

For those businesses and organisations that lack the knowledge, relevant experience and skills required for in-house graphic design, Design Cloud is an excellent, viable solution. Our subscriptions all include unlimited graphic design, and in terms of the design services we provide, there's nothing much that we can't help businesses out with.

There is zero limit to the number of design proposals and requests you can make as a Design Cloud customer, and there is absolutely no limit to the number of changes you can request once your design has been created. Whatever visual you need designing, submit your request and our team will be on board to develop it for you right away. Furthermore, there will be no additional charges whatsoever if you have a high demand for design requests or require a vast amount of adjustments or improvements to your designs.

Talented graphic designers are available on-demand with Design Cloud, so whenever you need a designer, we will have one ready for you. Our exceptional creative designers and outstanding support team are available to assist you with design briefs, submissions and so much more. We rely on our amazing customers and individuals to keep us going; it is a primary objective of ours to provide an extraordinary client experience, which we strive to do through providing expert guidance and education on all aspects of creative design.Every request you submit to make changes or adjustments will be handled by our design team as a new design request, so Design Cloud subscribers should keep in mind that this may sometimes affect the completion of existing design requests in their queue.

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