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Scaling Design Output for a Fast-Growth SaaS Provider

Here’s how a small marketing team at Anthesis scaled their design output and freed up their time to work on high-value marketing projects.

30,000+ DESIGN REQUESTS COMPLETED for over 450 teams

Intro + Problem

Anthesis specialises in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and consulting solutions for a myriad of organisations across 25 countries. When Anthesis reached out to us they had recently undergone an impressive rebrand, which required bringing all their marketing materials in line with their new style.

With a small in-house marketing team who was already designing brochures for their sales team, producing all social graphics and managing the day-to-day marketing tasks, it soon became obvious that additional graphic design support was needed. They need a solution fast and preferably without the headache of getting approval for additional budget to hire. We were able to help them with that.

Scaling Design Output for a Fast-Growth SaaS Provider
"Design Cloud offers an innovative approach to satisfy all our creative design needs in a very responsive way which allows us to stay very agile. All our requests are handled quickly and professionally, to our brand guidelines by our own designated designer, so refreshing! Keep up the great work!"
Scaling Design Output for a Fast-Growth SaaS Provider

Mike Pawezowski

Head of Marketing

The Solution

With lots of questions at the ready, Anthesis’ internal marketing team sat and discussed the various subscription plans with a service expert via a demo. And after choosing the right plan, they were soon submitting design requests. This meant that Anthesis’ marketing team, could focus on important marketing projects rather than having to complete design work themselves which was not in their job description.

They work with their dedicated designer every business day on a variety of marketing materials including ebooks, social banners, infographics, brochures and much more. Anthesis has been rapidly growing year-on-year but has never had to worry about hiring their own design team, as they could simply add more designers to their plan whenever they needed. Design Cloud has worked out as a perfect design workflow solution for their scaling business, all at a budget-friendly cost - job done.

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Scaling Design Output for a Fast-Growth SaaS Provider