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Breaking Through YouGov’s Rebrand Backlog

Here’s how Design Cloud freed up YouGov’s in-house design team for their new business rebrand by updating all their marketing assets and tackling day-to-day design requests in their new style.

30,000+ DESIGN REQUESTS COMPLETED for over 450 teams

Intro + Problem

YouGov is an international market research company that supplies timely and accurate market data for businesses across the world. In 2021, it underwent a rebrand to create a more modern and vibrant identity. As with any rebrand, the 'new look' is just the tip of the iceberg and requires a complete overhaul of its asset library to bring it in line with its new style.

Their internal design team was busy heading up the strategy for the rebrand, which left a huge backlog of marketing collateral, new assets and smaller day-to-day tasks that needed updating with their new look.

Hiring a whole new team of in-house designers was inefficient and YouGov needed a solution where they could work with a team of graphic designers day-to-day who could understand their brand and nail each design brief without the need for excessive communication and guidance. Rather than working with freelancers, in which they’d had difficulty with availability, Design Cloud offered YouGov a solution that they could scale and deliver professional graphic design that met briefs every time.

Breaking Through YouGov’s Rebrand Backlog
“We've been working with Design Cloud for almost three years and they have proved themselves invaluable as an extension of our own in-house design team. They played an integral part in our major brand refresh in 2021/22 and continue to support us on day-to-day tasks. The proactive communication through their platform has made our workflow incredibly efficient. Also, the flexibility to scale resource on short notice without the hassle of hiring in-house or searching for freelancers has been essential. The team are endlessly helpful and a pleasure to work with.”
Breaking Through YouGov’s Rebrand Backlog

Sebastian Evans

Global Head of Visual Brand

The Solution

To meet their design needs, YouGov chose to team up with four Design Cloud designers. 

Our team swiftly aligned the unique skillsets of our designers with YouGov's specific needs. Within a single business day, we started work on various projects, including infographics, case studies, user guides, rate cards, factsheets, and social graphics.

Throughout the process, our designers maintained open communication by providing daily updates to the YouGov team. This proactive approach facilitated real-time feedback, ensuring a seamless workflow and efficient clearance of their marketing collateral backlog.

When more hands were required, YouGov was able to flexibly scale up its Design Cloud team and add more designers whenever they needed to without the hassle of hunting down freelancers or hiring in-house.

Assets created
Saved vs Hiring In-house
Breaking Through YouGov’s Rebrand Backlog