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What is the poster design service?

What is the poster design service?

At Design Cloud, we appreciate the power of a poster. Posters are a powerful tool for conveying a message, advertising an event and so much more – they are extremely versatile but, when designed correctly, are always effective. Whether it’s a digital poster or a physical poster, the broad aim is pretty much always the same. You want to draw your audience in and make sure they remember exactly what it is you want them to know.

Whilst there are a variety of online resources out there, generic online poster makers and poster templates just don’t cut it sometimes. Whilst they’re useful, they can take up time and don’t offer the same personalisation as our dedicated team do. Creating a poster might seem simple and straightforward, but there’s actually a lot to consider. Not only does it need to look good and convey your content effectively, but it needs to address the psychology behind advertising and capture the attention of your audience. Whilst important considerations include colour palettes, fonts, layouts and titles, the things you need to think about go so far beyond that too.

How our graphic design subscription plans work

How do our graphic design subscription plans work?

How it works

Unlimited graphic design requests

Access your design request queue via your account or email and submit as many graphic design requests as you like.

How it works

Unlimited users working with a UK-based graphic designer

We’re based in Manchester and all of our designers are based around the UK. Unlimited users can submit requests and communicate easily with a dedicated designer every business day.

How it works

Ask for as many revisions on tasks as you need

All of our Standard, Agency and Pro graphic design subscription plans include unlimited revisions, meaning you can ask for all the tweaks you want to achieve exactly what you need.

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What makes our poster design unique?

What makes our poster design unique?

A custom poster design is a great way to spread brand awareness by making an immediate visual impact on your target audience. In order to get this right, it is important to think about exposure. Consider where your poster will be placed, including how regular the footfall is and who will see the poster. As well as this, you must make sure your design is effective!

To make sure that your poster design is created effectively, a graphic design agency can achieve optimal results. Here at Design Cloud, we can work with you to create high-quality unlimited graphic designs for your company.

Here at Design Cloud – an alternative to the typical graphic design agency – we work with each client to create a bespoke poster design and offer unlimited graphic design services to suit all of your needs. With our flat-rate graphic design, you pay a fixed monthly cost associated with either our Standard, Agency, or Pro graphic design subscription plans.

With Design Cloud, we work as a partnership, allowing you to ask as many questions as you require, and request unlimited tweaks to your poster design until it’s perfect! This means you’ll always end up with a final poster design that does exactly what’s needed.

How can our designers improve your poster designs?

How can our designers improve your poster designs?

Our team are graphic design experts and know exactly how to impress your audience. Whether it’s an event, a new product or even a movie you’re looking to promote, your audience are sure to take an instant interest when they see our striking poster designs.

All we need from you is a clear brief of what your poster should contain and your overall design vision and we’ll create a stunning poster. Our poster professionals will create a style and theme that’s unique to your brand and guaranteed to capture the attention of your audience. As you can see from the varied graphics we’ve created for previous clients, we’ve created a range of posters for many different audiences and purposes.

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How does the poster design service work?

How does the poster design service work?

Posters are available in our range of packages that start from just £549 a month. Prices vary depending on your needs, but the monthly cost is a fixed flat fee. There are no surprise costs to catch you out – just high-quality, unlimited graphic design for your company or project. We aren’t a marketplace or a design agency, yet we remain more affordable than hiring an in-house team. Our approach to graphics makes us a go-to service for thousands of customers from marketing agencies and a range of small businesses.

Requesting a poster design couldn’t be easier at Design Cloud, thanks to our super simple online portal. Once you have submitted your request and provided your details, your assigned designer will take a look and contact you if they need to ask any further questions. After that, you leave the hard work, and the magic, to us. Once we’ve completed your poster, we’ll send it back to you and if you’d like us to make any changes, then all you have to do is submit another request and we’ll make the necessary edits.


What format will I receive my poster in?

You can receive your poster in whichever format is most convenient for you to download.


Can you provide images for my poster?

Our team have access to images they can use for your poster so you don’t have to worry about sourcing images yourself or obtaining the relevant licenses. However, if you’d like us to include any images that are specific to your business, then you can send these over to your assigned graphic designer. Please note that we don’t offer illustrations here at Design Cloud, so only images will be included in poster designs.


Will you print my poster?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a printing service, so prints are not available and you will need to arrange printing once you have received your digital poster from us. We can send over your poster in any chosen size and format though, to help meet your print requirements.


When will I receive my design?

Our team will aim to have your posters completed within 24 hours of receiving your request. However, if your request is complex or you require numerous designs, please allow more time. You can keep up-to-date with the progress that’s been made with your custom poster design by logging onto our online portal and contacting your designer.


Can I chat with my assigned designer during the process?

Communication is key to the perfect poster design, so you can contact your assigned designer throughout the process by logging onto our online portal and contacting them directly. Using your portal to make contact allows you to discuss briefs, their progress, and any feedback you’d like to give once the poster has been completed.


How do you hire your team?

Each team member is employed directly by us and they all have at least three years of commercial experience. We never outsource our work, our HQ is in Manchester, and all of our designers are UK-based, so timezones and language barriers are never an issue. We only hire the best in the business to bring you professional posters that make a lasting impact.

The importance of a professional poster design

The importance of a professional poster design

Promotional posters have many benefits for both small and large businesses. While a more traditional poster might be overlooked for a newer marketing channel, a professionally designed poster is still an effective creative marketing strategy.

Poster design might seem like a simple task, but there are many things that must be considered. This includes factors such as: what you want to say, how content is conveyed, making sure it is eye-catching, and even the psychology of your target audience.

This means that using a generic template found online and personalising it yourself might not cut it. Instead, our dedicated team can create a dynamic poster design that conveys exactly what you need it to, and to every specification, in no time at all.

What are the benefits of a poster design from a professional graphic design agency or service provider?

What are the benefits of a poster design from a professional graphic design agency or service provider?

One benefit of a poster design across all industries is that posters are cost-effective and versatile advertising tools, as they can be produced and purchased in bulk, and can be used for many advertising purposes.

Although we don’t offer a printing service, we can deliver your poster design in any chosen size and format normally within just 24 hours of receiving your request, to help you meet your print requirements. That means you can have posters ready to be displayed in no time!

What makes a poster design from Design Cloud even more cost-effective is that we offer unlimited graphic design for a monthly fee, including a wide range of flat-rate graphic design services from social media design to UI design and everything in between! This makes us more affordable than hiring an in-house team, without any compromise to the quality of your design.

What Our Customers Say

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Why you should generally avoid online templates and poster-making tools

Why you should generally avoid online templates and poster-making tools

Your poster needs a theme which all of the poster’s visual components – including its background colour, fonts, and any other potential inclusions, like graphs – must follow. Therefore, you could be tempted to use an online poster maker or template.

However, while these digital resources can give you convenient sources of inspiration for your poster layout design, you should avoid using them to design your entire poster. Otherwise, that poster could end up looking rather generic.   

What’s wrong with using poster templates?

One problem is that any templates you use could be overly rigid and leave you with little scope to customise them for your target market. It’s too easy for many marketers to assume that a template would do a lot of the design work for them – but what if you are targeting quite a specialist market?  

Online, many design templates are each sorted into multiple categories which significantly differ in terms of their relevance to the template. For example, while a football-themed template might be tagged as both “football” and “sports”, it might not suffice for advertising a cricket game. 

Could I still use an online graphic design tool?

It’s easy to see the immediate appeal of tools like this, as they are built to help non-designers easily throw together a range of visual features – like shapes, icons, text, and photos – to create a poster design with little fuss and even less expense, given that the tool might even be free.

However, the more you use it, the more you’ll start to see cracks forming. The app could be available in both a “free” and a “premium” version, with the latter requiring you to pay a monthly fee to unlock functionality you had originally assumed would be baked into the free version. 

Also, while the app might let you include images taken from its image library, there could be complex copyright rules pertaining to exactly how and where you can use each image. These rules can differ between images, potentially making your search for the “right” one an arduous nightmare.  

How does the situation differ from our poster design service?

How does the situation differ from our poster design service?

When you task one of our graphic design professionals with designing your poster, they will do so from scratch. They won’t just use a readymade template for your poster. Instead, they’ll create your poster’s template afresh or edit an existing one to make it effective as a poster shape design.

You might want to achieve something very specific with your poster. If you work for a charity, for example, you probably want the poster to elicit a powerful emotional response that arouses empathy. This is where an entirely custom poster design can prove especially important.

This is also why we have built our business model around offering unlimited graphic design to clients subscribed to any of our graphic design packages. These include our PRO package, which enables medium-to-large businesses and agencies to cost-effectively expand their graphic design team.  

However, even if you opt for our Standard plan or Agency plan, unlimited graphics are available as standard. So, if you have any concerns about the first poster design we produce for you, just let the designer know – and you can generally expect an amended design to reach you within 24 hours.

In creating and editing poster designs, our graphic designers can use professional creative software like Adobe Spark and Adobe Acrobat to produce stylish wall art. We also have access to beautiful, high-quality stock photos we can insert into any type of poster without violating copyright. 

Let's start working together today

Let's start working together today

Graphic design isn’t easy – it’s a skill that needs creativity, patience and a whole lot of experience. Luckily for you, our team have that winning formula. Whatever your industry or whatever the occasion, our experts can create a range of posters to suit every need. We can help achieve a range of goals when it comes to poster design, as well as other graphics, and it couldn’t be easier to get started. If you aren’t ready to commit just yet, book a free demo and witness the difference we can make to your business through the power of graphics.

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How can you make your poster eye-catching (in the right way)?

How can you make your poster eye-catching (in the right way)?

An aesthetically appealing poster can do many things for your business. Things such as an increase in sales, growth in profile, and help to solidify creative branding. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for an effective advertising poster, which is why our poster design company is here to help its clients create posters tailored towards meeting specific goals. However, here are some tried-and-tested tricks we recommend you consider for your poster.

Go big with your graphic design posters

Go big with your graphic design posters

“Go big or go home,” as they say – and it’s a philosophy that can work surprisingly well with graphic design posters. That’s because, with these, you are aiming to draw attention from a distance; hence, your poster could benefit from having one particularly large visual.  

Imagine how quickly you could take notice if you saw, say, a poster dominated by the image of a Big Mac. Or, perhaps a close-up of the Apple logo on the back of an iPhone. However, the aesthetic centrepiece of your poster doesn’t have to be a photo; it could be a logo or piece of text instead.

You could also take inspiration from history, such as when West End theatre posters in the 1970s would often each revolve around a single iconic image – think cats’ eyes for advertising the musical Cats, or a mask representing The Phantom of the Opera.  

Fortunately, our flat-rate graphic design services cover not only the essentials of poster design but also creating graphics or logos you might want to see included on your poster.

Make your poster easy to read

Make your poster easy to read

Good poster design is also informative – but you can’t expect any of your posters to work this kind of magic if the text adorning them is barely legible. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your poster’s textual content easy to digest.

For a start, you could plaster a large headline across the poster. Doing this in a 48-point font, for example, would allow you to grab the attention you need from people for them to start reading the poster’s main message, which you could display in something like a 36-point font. 

Then, any fine print should be left smaller still – but, in any case, you should remember to always use readable fonts. When you trust our design agency with assembling all of your poster’s visual elements, we can make sure the text is never rendered illegible by anything else on the poster.

Integrate it with online marketing

Integrate it with online marketing

While the merits of traditional versus online advertising have long been debated, you don’t have to choose just one or the other. Instead, you could use posters to advertise what you are doing online – and vice versa. Here are a few ways you could do it…

If you are running a campaign that uses a particular hashtag online, you could slap that hashtag on your posters – and take the opportunity to publicise your social media handles, too. You could also easily put QR codes on these posters – especially if they have a white background.

When someone who sees your poster uses their smartphone to scan the code on it, they could quickly be sent to your website – where you could even encourage them to both photograph your poster and publish the resulting snap online to help that poster “go viral”.

Align your poster’s colours with those of your brand

Align your poster’s colours with those of your brand

Because posters are – quite simply – so big, they are very good at helping to further imprint branded colours into people’s memories. Just think about how red is strongly associated with Coca-Cola and blue with Facebook, with both brands also using lots of white space. 

While on the subject of Facebook, you should make sure that colours already splashed across your brand’s avatar and cover image on its profile also go onto your posters. Those same colours are probably already featured heavily on your company’s website and social media pages, too. 

Naturally, then, if you are utilising our flat-rate graphic design in the first place to reboot your brand, we can place the new colours on your new posters to help you with establishing a complete branding overhaul in very little time. We offer this unlimited graphic design for a simple, monthly fee.

This means that, once you have signed up for one of our graphic design plans, you can just let us know if we haven’t quite portrayed sufficiently consistent branding on a poster we have created for you. We’ll take the feedback on board and make any requested changes without you having to pay anything extra.

Wrap up with a call to action

Wrap up with a call to action

Too many poster design ideas these days omit the call to action, perhaps out of a belief that the images do enough of the talking. However, only very well-known brands can get away with leaving out the call to action – and you might not have quite garnered the same brand recognition yet.

A good example of a call to action (CTA) would be “call today”, “book now” or “use this discount code”. As many people who see your poster could already be actively looking for something exciting to do, a CTA can be especially good at spurring just the right response when included on a poster.

Why you should still include posters in your marketing strategy

Why you should still include posters in your marketing strategy

The humble poster has a long history – one that, in a sense, can be traced back to antiquity. In 1477, William Caxton – who introduced the printing press to Britain – printed one of the island’s earliest known examples of print advertising – a small dark block of text advertising a handbook for priests.

Text-heavy posters printed from woodblocks were widespread by the 19th century when the art form continued to evolve with the emergence of colourful pictorial posters. Since then, generations of graphic designers have experimented with a wide range of visual effects for their posters. 

In that time, though, many other means of advertising have also been added to the marketer’s toolbox. Television, radio, and the internet have all chipped away at the print poster’s long-held prevalence as a marketing medium. 

So, that begs the question: “Has all of this left the poster… outdated?”

The straightforward answer is no – as many of the fundamentals of good poster design, as outlined above, still work effectively. Here are just some reasons why advertising posters remain influential…



When someone notices an online advert at all, it’s probably a small banner or square that easily slips the mind – and, of course, larger online ads can be annoyingly intrusive. However, posters are much larger still but without the same irritating feeling of butting in on anyone’s space.  

Therefore, posters have the space to accommodate significant amounts of information and pictures that politely invite attention rather than forcefully seize it – making a poster well-suited for publicising a new product or upcoming event. Posters can also be displayed in many different places. 

Posters are also good if you want to play “the long game” – as the same posters can easily be moved between locations as and when they are needed. Even if you feel the need to use multiple posters, these can be produced less expensively than TV, radio and, indeed, online adverts.


Posters are especially memorable

In a research study undertaken in the United States, participants were found to spend more time looking at physical ads than digital ones. Physical ads were also found to be more easily remembered than digital ads a week after initially being seen.

The physical ads generated a stronger emotional response, helping participants to more quickly and confidently recall them over the digital ads. The participants’ brain activity also showed that they subconsciously attached greater value to products or services promoted in a physical format.


Long-term exposure

Of course, you could always choose to place an advert in a print newspaper or magazine. However, whereas printed periodicals are often discarded – or at least ignored – after being read, posters can continue to garner exposure as a result of staying fixed in the same spot for a long time.

For this reason, you should think especially strategically when deciding where exactly your posters should be displayed. Consider a high-traffic area such as a shopping centre or railway station, or just somewhere the poster would be exposed to a large potential audience, like at a bus stop


Creativity and flexibility

Many of the world’s most iconic images originated on – or at least owe much of their fame to – print posters. Who can forget the pointing Lord Kitchener on that wartime recruitment poster, or the “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” poster – along with many other memorable posters from history

This gets to the heart of good poster design: it stays in people’s minds for the right reasons. However, if you remain uncertain of the recipe behind informative, memorable, and creative poster design, take heart that our graphic design agency knows it – and can apply it for your benefit.

We can provide unlimited graphics for your posters

We can provide unlimited graphics for your posters

As our graphic design flat-rate pricing covers unlimited requests and revisions, we offer you an especially cost-effective means of ensuring that your poster looks “just right”. We are also Manchester-based, enabling us to easily create a poster design for a UK-based client’s timescale.

For example, if we have just produced the first design for your UK-based company’s poster but you need us to make a quick tweak to it, a professional designer can promptly respond to your request – not least because they will be working in the same time zone as you. 

If you are unsure whether our service would be quite right for you, there’s always the option of a 14-day trial, where we will refund you if you don’t love the work we produce for you during that period. We create our unlimited graphic design work through a collaborative process, with the client’s feedback always closely heeded. 

How long does it take to get set up?

Once you’ve completed sign-up, you’ll receive your account log-in details and you’ll be able to start submitting design requests instantly through the app or via email. It typically it takes around 24hrs for us to get you set up with your designer and to get them working on your requests.

What does unlimited graphic design actually mean?

As a Design Cloud subscriber, there is no limitation to the number of design requests you can submit and there is no limitation on the number of revisions you can ask for either. You will not be charged a penny extra for submitting a large number of requests or making a large number of revisions.

One thing to keep in mind – Each round of revisions is treated as a new design request and this can affect the turnaround time of other design requests you have in your queue.

We’re Only Human….

Design Cloud designers are real humans. Your designer will work through the design requests in your queue, one task at a time. Once the request at the top of your queue is complete, they will move onto the next one.

Need more design work faster?

No problem at all. It’s easy to scale your output by adding another designer to your team which will allow you to double your daily graphic design output. This can be easily done from your account dashboard or by contacting our sales team.

I have more than one business, can I use one account?

Yes you can. All of our subscription plans come with unlimited brands. This means that you can use one subscription to submit design work for multiple businesses that you may own.

Just keep in mind that your designer will only work on one active request at a time from your queue.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes we do. We offer a 14 day risk-free trial on all of our services. If you don’t like the design work we create for you in the first 14 days, we’ll keep it and you can get a full refund, no questions asked. You can read more about how the trial works on our pricing page.

What are the turnaround times?

As a rough average, Design Cloud standard users will get most design requests delivered back to them the following business day.

Turnaround times on design requests will vary and generally depend on three factors:

1. How long you and your designer have been working together.

If you’ve been working with your designer for some time, you’ll have a great workflow in place, your designer will fully understand your brand, visual identity and your preferred style. This will speed up turnaround time significantly.

If you are new to Design Cloud and you’re submitting your first task with your new designer, you’ll more than likely receive your first design back in around 1-2 business days.

2. How complex the design request is.

For example, a simple social media graphic with simple text overlayed can be very quick to turnaround, whereas something like a multi-page powerpoint presentation or detailed corporate brochure will have a lot of layers that make up the design and will take significantly longer to produce.

Our customer experience team review all requests the moment they come through to assess complexity. If there’s a complex request we think will take longer than one business day to get back to you, we’ll reach out and let you know.

3. How many requests you have in your design queue.

Your designer will work on one request at a time. If you approve the request at the top of your queue when your designer sends it back to you, we’ll jump straight onto the next one. If you delay getting back to us about revisions and sign off, this will delay the rest of your design requests being worked on.

DesignCloud PRO

One of the perks of being a Design Cloud PRO user is that you’ll get real-time communication with your designer via Slack and faster turnaround times, including same-day design delivery.

Even though the PRO plan turnaround time is quicker (especially for revisions), the number of design requests you’ll get delivered each day will still differ depending on the complexity of each request sent, how long you’ve been working with your designer and what else you have at the top of your design queue.

Are you outsourcing work to freelance sites or overseas?

Absolutely not. We don’t outsource work overseas and we don’t use freelance sites or market places. All of our designers are in-house at our office in central Manchester. The digital capital of the north.

Who owns the creative work?

You own all of the design work that we create for you. Everything we do is made specifically for you and your brand. The moment we deliver the final design files to you, you have 100% ownership. We also provide you with the Adobe layered files we used to create your work in too ie: Photoshop PSD, Illustrator AI, InDesign INDD as well as in .jpg, .pdf, or .png.

Important information around stock images.

If we need to use stock images in your work, there are some important ownership/license restrictions that you need to be aware of. You can read about these here in our terms of service.

What can you design for me?

We can design almost anything for you so long as you can explain or show us what it is you want to create. Our design scope is broad, but firmly set in graphic design (at the moment)  if you’re looking for animated 3D video, CAD design, SEO, copywriting or a sandwich. We’re not going to be able to help you…

However, we work with multiple award-winning agencies across all areas of digital and we would be to introduce you.

We can also recommend some amazing sandwich shops in Manchester too. (We love sandwiches)

Here’s our official design scope. If there’s something we’ve not mentioned on the list, get in touch and we’ll let you know if it can be done.

Can you design my logo?

If you have a clear brief or idea for your logo design including specific fonts, colours or look, sure – We can bring your idea to life and design your logo as you described it.

We are not a branding agency.

If you don’t know what you want your logo to look like and you need help to develop a brand/logo/name from scratch, then we will happily put you in touch with one of award-winning branding agency partners.

Can you design my website?

Yes we can! You’ll need to be subscribed to a Design Cloud PRO or Enterprise plan to work on web design. We’ll need your website copy already written and ready to go and you’ll need to provide us with a clear page by page brief and send us any licensed photos you want to use too.

Each website page will be designed in three standard screen sizes. Desktop, Mobile, Tablet. Each page you want us to design for your site will need to be submitted as a new request.

Web Development

Web development is not included in any of our subscription plans. We can provide you with a separate price for the development, refer you to one of our web development agency partners or you can use the designs we produce for you and work with your existing developer to build it.

We're an Agency, can we use Design Cloud?

Absolutely. We love working with agencies and would love to talk to you about how we can help you.

We work particularly well with marketing agencies who are currently outsourcing their design work to freelancers, branding agencies who want to free up their lead designers from small design tasks that create a bottleneck and any agency using non-designers to create their graphics for their own social media channels. (There’s a lot of them about)

We’re not here to replace your existing designers, we’re here to offer an affordable, low risk solution to help you design at scale.

I'm a freelancer, can I use Design Cloud?

Yes! We love helping freelancers scale up their design output.

If you have a large project that requires a heavy amount of small graphic design tasks, you can focus on the larger areas of the project and we can help you work through the small stuff and reduce the time you spend designing until the twilight hours trying to meet deadlines.