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A Brand New Look For the Design Cloud Dashboard

A Brand New Look For the Design Cloud Dashboard
Leah Camps
18th February 2022

You might have noticed that the Design Cloud dashboard got a brand new look recently! We’ve been listening to feedback from all of our fantastic customer base, and we’ve taken steps to make it even easier to communicate with your designer and gain access to key features of Design Cloud.


Every Design Cloud user now has access to submit video design briefs, since we know that writing out design briefs can be difficult especially on more complex projects. Read this article for more information on how to submit a video design brief using Loom.  The entire dashboard also features a sleek new design and, using the navigation on the left hand side when you login, you can now access key information for your plan more simply. From the new dashboard, you’ll be able to find out how to easily request a change of designer or add more users to your plan when you need to.


From the dashboard home, you can now view all the details of your plan including how many designers you are currently teamed up with and the plan type you are on. We’ve given you access to more information on how to save up to 20% on your plan by committing to longer term contracts from three months to 12 months from the dashboard home too.


If you haven’t had a look through yet, login today and take a tour! We can’t wait to see all the creative design briefs your team are waiting to submit.