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10 Graphics You Can Have Designed on the Agency Plan

Published on
November 3, 2021
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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Need help with graphic design work?

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Our unlimited graphic design service is the perfect creative partner for agencies both big and small, since you can create a tailored graphic design team with us fit for any size graphic design demand. If you're considering the Agency Plan but aren't sure what you could do with it, or if you're already on a plan, here's some ideas of ticket types to add to your queue today...

1. Logo Designs

Whether you need a new logo to represent your brand or you want to offer this service to your clients,  our agency plan lets you submit tickets for an unlimited amount of original logo designs. We're always more than happy to sign an NDA, so your agency can simply offer more value to your clients overnight.We aren't a branding agency, so we'll need you to provide a rough idea of the logo you want designing but if you can write the brief, we can create a stunning logo ready to help your brand (or your clients' brand) grow!

Example logo design

2. Presentation Design & Slide Decks (PPT)

Presentation & Slide Decks are one of our most well-loved ticket request types. If you have an existing PPT that needs rebranding, or you want to start scratch on new set of slide decks - you can use your agency plan to get the job done.A slide deck just refers to a set of slides included in a presentation, so feel free to use your plan to update existing slides or to create brand new presentations.Whilst one of the most common use cases for these ticket request types is for sales presentations, there are literally endless options we can help you with. If you work in the office, why not help contribute to your agencies culture by creating branded presentations that highlight the achievements of your team so far? We could help you with presentations to unveil new product launches, designs that showcase case studies that your sales team can include in emails or even just a presentation to use to prep your team on the objectives for the month.

Powerpoint presentation example slides

Make your marketing agency even more invaluable to your clients by offering them branded presentation design & slide decks without needing to hire your own team of in-house graphic designers. Since the agency plan is fully flexible, if you need to get through any tasks faster for client deadlines, you can simply add additional designers to your Design Cloud team.

3. Your brand's details

Branding really is a huge chunk of what will convince your potential clients to work with your agency. If you have all the talent in the world wrapped up in poorly executed design and a brand that isn't cohesive across platforms, it's likely that a large portion of your audience will overlook you.The Agency Plan lets you access professional graphic design for all those small details that create a full experience for your client. Things like email signatures, social media banners, relevant blog images, leaflets and brochures all can help to shape the customer's journey and create a cohesive brand for your agency.If you haven't already why not add those important details to your queue? We can help rebrand existing assets or create a brand new look for your agency.

4. Landing page design

It's said that you have just seconds to capture your website visitors attention, so we can all agree that the design of your landing page has to be working as hard as it possibly can to convey what your agency is all about straight away.For marketing agencies, it's even more important that your website reflect all the professionalism you promise you can provide for your clients. You can do this through fresh and modern landing page design.Whilst we can't code your new landing page design, our team are used to working to create a design that is understandable and ready to be sent straight to your developer to get your new site's design underway!

5. Ebooks

Offering ebooks as a part of your paid ad campaign or just to boost traffic to your site is a great idea for any agency, and it's a content format that is really commonly used as it sees great results. However as ebooks become more common, it's even more important that yours stands out.We work with agencies to create graphics and layouts that elevate the content in a way that makes it easier to consume and more attractive to your audience. If you haven't yet, now is the time to submit a brief for your latest ebook design to your queue!

6. Business Cards

Whether you're an agency that does absolutely everything digital or if you still see the value in some traditional marketing materials, most agency owners can see the benefit of a business card. As we get back to networking in real life and attending events, a business card is an effective way to help the people you meet to remember your agency after the conversation has ended.Past needing all the relevant details your potential client needs, your business card is the perfect opportunity to show the creative flare your team has. Make your business card memorable with graphics that haven't come from a free template or design software and instead have been uniquely designed in a way that will stand out in the viewers mind.Again, whilst we don't do any printing in-house, we can create business card designs with all the necessary extras (like a bleed and particular file type) so that all you need to do is email it over to your printing supplier.

7. Branded workwear

If you provide branded t-shirts or hoodies for your staff, that is a great opportunity to showcase the creativity of your agency to your local area. It's even a great marketing method for social media as your staff get involved in webinars or events, and for your sales team whether they are providing online demos or real-life pitches.If you're wanting to create workwear that reflects the creativity and professionalism of your agency, why not submit a ticket to your queue?This is something our designers are well-equipped and experienced to help you in and will not only make your team happy (who doesn't love a free t-shirt?) but will also help to communicate your agencies tone to clients.Since we do a lot of graphic design for those in the music industry, we have a lot of experience designing merchandise that capture an experience or create a buzz around an event. Our designers can take this experience and help to create a branded workwear piece that your employees will love![gallery size="medium" columns="2" ids="|,|"]

8. Social Media graphics

This one is another very popular ticket type, since social media graphics are one of the most common day-to-day graphic design tasks needed in an agency. This can take a massive chunk of the day up for your in-house marketers, and if you are leaving this important work to non-designers there is a very real risk that the outcome will be less than impressive to clients.If you already have an in-house team of creatives, using your agency plan to take this repetitive task out of their day means that you free up their time so that they can focus on bigger projects that mean more to your agencies growth. Our team are well experienced in creating every type of social media graphic from carousels that flow to blog title graphics that grab attention.

9. Ad Creatives

We know you've probably spent hours targeting your ads so they reach your exact demographic, and you're sure that your copy explains your agencies services as succinctly as possible. You've probably even spent a good chunk of your paid ad budget on testing out different objectives so if you aren't seeing the results you want... look more closely at the creative you are using.On the Agency Plan, your dedicated designer will help you create ads that stand out on whichever feed you are using. Proper copy placement and branding of your ads will help you to see more success. It stands to reason that dull, uninteresting imagery and a poor layout will mean your ads get overlooked. As the world becomes more used to seeing ads, and more used to seeing similar design layouts from free templates, it gets even more important to make sure you differentiate your brand by creating a unique visual identity.

10. Product Mockups

So, how exactly is a product mockup all that relevant to agencies? If you've completed creative work for clients and want to show it off, creating product mockups for use in case studies and across socials is a great way to do it!We can help you with anything from mocking up logos on mugs to creating branded board game designs (yes, we've done that before) so that you can bring a vision to life.Mockups are also a great way to feedback completed projects to clients so that they get the full idea behind a creative piece.If you've seen something in the above list that you'd like one of our experienced designers to get started on for you, make sure to add it to your queue today! If you find it more difficult to write a brief that explains your vision, here's a free guide to writing the perfect brief that you can use today...

The perfect graphic design brief checklist

From the whole team, we really can't wait to see the creative briefs you come up with!