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48 Social Media Post Ideas to Try Today

Published on
September 30, 2022
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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Looking for some social media post ideas to refresh your content strategy? We’re an unlimited graphic design subscription service, so we’ve worked on thousands of social media posts for countries across the UK (and the world!) Here’s a list of 110 social media post ideas to pick from:

1. Customer Testimonials

Post the testimonials your customers leave you across the internet. You could take reviews left on your official review-collecting platform, or even ask your customers if they're happy for you to share the positive responses they send on email.

A phone showing review platform surrounded by reviews

2. Product reviews

Showcase the difference your product could make to prospective clients by sharing product reviews. In particular, why not try to share a video review of your client actually using your product? 

3. Product tutorials

Share a video or slide deck outlining how best to use your product or service.

4. Frequently asked questions

What are the most frequently asked questions leads ask your sales team? Take those questions and create a series of social media posts to answer them!

5. Days of the year

Keep an eye out for national days or events and create a social post to join the conversation.

The corner of a calendar against a yellow background

6. Meet the team

Let your audience get to know your business even better by sharing some more details about the team. You could share anything from a quick introduction to a more detailed interview with a colleague.

7. Facts

Collect and share interesting facts that are relevant to your audience.


Uplift and inspire your social media connections by sharing a quote.

9. Memes

Make your audience laugh by reposting or creating your own memes.

10. Offers

Use your social media to share offers that could help entice new leads to give your service a go. It could be a free trial, a welcome discount or even an exclusive piece of content.

11. News

What's been happening in your business? Share anything from a new office to a team outing on your social media platform! 

12. Behind-the-scenes 

Make your brand feel more familiar to it's audience by sharing behind-the-scenes like pictures of the desk or your team working on a project.

13. Free guides

Showcase your expertise whilst making your social platform more appealing to new connections with handy free guides. You could share a guide in the form of a carousel post, or create an image and share a link to a downloadable ebook.

14. Carousel post guides

Following on from the last point, make use of the carousel post format to share guides that are easily accessed from the news feed. These carousel posts can include most elements a powerpoint presentation could - including images, data visualisation and well-formatted text. They're great for driving up engagement and presenting a lot of information in an easily understood way.

15. Polls

Ask your connections to take part in a poll. Polls are a way of driving engagement as well as getting valuable data about what your audience thinks. On LinkedIn, a common way to run a poll is to ask connections to respond with a certain engagement for each option i.e press 'love' for option A.

16. Share the process

Showing the process your team take can help to build trust in your brand. Take pictures of your team brainstorming, or of your experts working on a project and share it on social media.

17. Team pictures

Some brands like to get professional headshots of their staff, or to just snap more casual pictures on a work's do - either way, letting your audience see the faces behind your brand can help make your team more memorable and to help new leads to trust your business.

18. Snippets from a webinar

Webinars are a great way to generate new website visitors, and you can take that invaluable content and make it evergreen by sharing snippets from your latest event on social media. Cut your webinar down into different subjects, and share those videos with your audience to help encourage attendees at your next webinar too.

19. Contests / Giveaways

Everybody loves a chance to win something! Either put together a prize your audience would be interested in, or offer a free version or trial of your service. Most brands will ensure that to enter the contest, you'll need to be following the account or tag a friend. Doing that will help you boost your audience and brand awareness.

20. Post articles with your backlink in 

After putting in the hardwork to generate a backlink from a reputable source, share it on your social media platforms.

21. Infographic

An infographic lets you present lots of information visually and is a really shareable form of content. Find out more about infographic design here.

22. Share relevant news to your industry 

Don't just share your news - you can also share news that is relevant to your industry or your audiences industry. Remember that if you're reposting and sharing industry-news, be diligent in fact-checking and only link from trustworthy sources.

23. Share content from trustworthy sources to your audience

Alongside sharing news from other trustworthy sources - you can also help your audience out by pointing out any free or useful pieces of content available at any given time.

24. User-generated content

Any content that is created by your customers about your brand makes a great social media post. User-generated content can include anything from pictures using your product to video reviews.

25. Throwbacks

People love to reminisce - post a throwback photo! This could be an older picture of your company, or a fun throwback your audience will remember like an old advert or product.

26. Your brand in the community

Record the positive impact your brand is having in the community or further afield and let your audience see it by posting it on your social media platform.

27. Recreate trends 

Seen a trend that made you laugh? Have a go yourself! Or take the blueprint and add your own spin to make a more unique take.

28. Host a Q&A

Your team are experts at what they do, so ask your audience to let you know any questions they might have to ask your team. Hosting a Q&A can be done live, or by gathering questions beforehand and then posting a series of answers.

29. Host a social media takeover

A social take-over by a team member can really help your audience get to know your brand better. It's also an opportunity for your team to show off their skills and personality! 

To host a takeover - one individual can decide to post what they like for that day. The host could hold a live, host a Q&A and post a series of stories or reels. It's also common for brands to invite influencers in their industry to host a takeover of their social media account.

30. Before and afters

Take a before and after picture to clearly highlight the impact working with your brand has. If you provide a service, like a digital marketing agency, you can still do this by taking key statistics before and after working with you.

31. Demos

Show your product in action either via a video or a series of images, reels or stories.

32. Share your brand mission

What's your brand's ultimate goal? Create a social media post to let your audience know what their support is helping your brand ultimately achieve.

33. Post helpful information

Provide help to your audience that they can bookmark and use regularly like sizes, dimensions for common image types, upcoming important dates or jargon definitions etc.

34. Debunk myths in your industry 

Share the answer or explanation to a common myth in your industry.

35. Definitions of jargon in your industry 

Explain the jargon that's common in your industry to simplify the service for your audience.

36. Share your brand's story

Let your audience know how your business was founded, and about it's growth so far.

37. Share examples of the work your doing

Have you got any portfolio pieces that you can share? Make sure to upload them to your social media channels.

38. Do’s and Don’ts

Explain the best practices and guidelines of a task in a 'do's and don'ts' post.

39. Moodboards

Share your ideas or style by putting together a moodboard that your audience could use or share.

40. Quick tips

Share some helpful tips that you use that could be helpful to your audience too.

41. Listicles 

Just like this article, list some ideas that your followers could gain inspiration from! It could be something like your top 10 favourite tools to use.

42. This or That

Ask your audience for their opinion in a fun, interactive way by challenging them to a 'this or that.' Upload two pictures side by side, and ask your followers to vote on their favourite.

43. Common mistakes

What are the most common mistakes you see in your industry that could be avoided? Compile a list and share the solution.

Someone holding up a sign that says 'oops'


44. Funny videos 

Found that video funny? Maybe your audience will too! Share the laughs with your followers.

45. Original research 

Build up your brand authority by conducting research and sharing your results.

46. Answer common objections

Are there common objections that seem to come up with lots of potential leads? Help convince them before you even say a word by creating content around your most common objections for your social media platform.

47. Start a challenge

Ask your audience to participate in a challenge. This social media post idea also has the potential to generate lots of user-generated content that looks great reposted on your account!

48. Open-ended questions for your audience 

Instead of conducting a poll with preselected options, simply ask your audience a question and get them to leave their answer in the comments.

Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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