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5 Excellent Ways to Attract New Customers

Published on
November 11, 2022
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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As we draw nearer to the end of the year, you might have spent some time reflecting on the achievements your business has made through 2022. You might also be thinking ahead on how you can start 2023 just as strong, so we’ve put together these 5 strategies any business can use to attract new customers. 

1. Start a community in newsletter

One of the best ways to attract new customers is to build trust in your brand. Most likely, your team is made up of really talented professionals, and you should be showing off that knowledge. Instead of adopting a sales-focused approach in email, why not simply focus on building a community of people who trust your brand? When a person trusts your brand, as soon as the need for your service appears, they’ll already be well on their way to converting. 


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When people can see that your newsletter offers genuine, high-quality advice and content in a niche subject they're interested in, you’ll naturally attract more subscribers that have a need for your brand. So pick a subject you know your audience are interested in and that you can truly offer expert advice in, and start planning your email topics!

You can learn more about how to design a showstopping email newsletter in this article. 

2. Showcase your product in use

Next up, show your audience how to use your product. Whilst it might seem like an obvious technique, showing your audience exactly how they can get the solution to their challenge with your product or service is important. If you’re selling a service, you can showcase it by showing your team’s process and qualifications, as well as the results your service has generated for others. You can also collect case studies of how brands have used your service and benefited from it.

Take every opportunity to clearly explain and show your audience how they can get the most from your product or service. The bonus with this kind of content is that it can be used across multiple channels, from video content on a landing page to in your ad campaigns.

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3. Show the results

Remember that in most cases, people buy a solution to a problem rather than a product. No matter how many features you’ve added to a product, the main focus of your content should be to demonstrate how your brand helps solve the challenge your audience is facing. All those additional USP’s are great for convincing a lead to convert, but it’s that original solution that will help to attract new customers at the top-of-the-funnel.

So if you’re a marketing agency, let people know the growth you’ve helped a brand achieve in a certain area of their marketing since you’ve been working with them. If you’re selling a SaaS tool, show your audience the time that your tool has saved teams like theirs. You can demonstrate results in a huge variety of different content formats from infographics, pitch decks and carousel posts all the way to customer interviews in a podcast episode.

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4. Prioritise user-generated content

If a restaurant advertises that they’re great just through their ad messaging, does it have the same effect as a trusted friend recommending that restaurant because they’ve been and they loved it? No. Word-of-mouth is arguably the most powerful method of marketing, so make sure you’re looking for opportunities to collect user-generated content whenever you can. 

How can you help to encourage user-generated content from your customers? One way is to try creating a hashtag that customers can use to share their experience with your brand. You might recognise hashtags like #likeagirl by Always, or #shareacoke by Coca Cola. Both are great examples of giving your customers an opportunity to share user-generated content in a dedicated channel. Another way to encourage user-generated content might be to run a competition. Ask your customers to share a video of how they use your product or service in order to be entered into a competition. The simple approach of reaching out to champions of your brand and asking them to help you with some user-generated content can also be highly effective. 

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5. Create high-quality content

When it comes to a brand, attention to detail is really important. The content that you distribute across every channel is an opportunity for somebody new to discover your brand for the first time, so make sure it says everything about your brand that you want it to. Sloppy design work or rushed copy can slowly contribute to a less trustworthy reputation for your brand, so it’s important to pay careful attention to each piece of content.

As well as making sure that the design of each content reflects your brand well, it’s also a good idea to always try to prioritise the quality of the content. Help your brand build it’s authority by creating unique, high-quality content the audience will genuinely respond to. One way of creating entirely unique content is to conduct your own research and generate data that your customers would find interesting. This way of creating unique content is also great for generating more backlinks to your website, meaning the content is working even harder for you to attract new customers.