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9 Excellent Ways to Attract New Customers

Published on
August 5, 2022
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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One thing absolutely every business has in common is the desire for more customers. It might not be that you just want more customers, but you might also be looking to attract customers with a larger budget so you can boost revenue faster without needing to increase the size of your team.

Whatever your situation is, read this article for some methods that your business can use to  attract more customers. 

More content

At the top of our list is generating more content. Generating more content is a foolproof way of giving your prospective clients lots more ways to get in touch with your business. Think of it as giving your audience lots of signposts to your website all over the internet.

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This does come with two small caveats. Number one - you need to make sure that the content is great quality. Upping the amount of content you're outputting is less effective if the content itself is worthless to your audience. And in reality, it could negatively affect the reputation of your brand. Number two is that the content is best to be distributed across multiple platforms. Posting all the time on one social channel for example could actually become a nuisance and won’t have the same effect of generating lots of touch points for clients - so have a look where you might be able to create content that could reach new members of your audience. 

Distribute better

Following on from our last point you can only attract new customers by either finding them, or helping them find you. Look at the distribution methods you’re currently using, and see if you can diversify that to reach members of your audience in different places and in different formats.

Some of your audience may love to use LinkedIn to network, but much prefer browsing content through Facebook for example. Others might prefer to listen to content in a webinar or podcast, rather than reading through a blog.

Diversifying your distribution channels gives you a wider audience and more chance of creating something that really resonates with the client. 

Ask for reviews 

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool for any size business, so asking for reviews is a great way to attract new clients. Whilst you can definitely wait on reviews as a result of the hard-work your team are already putting in, there is no harm in nudging clients to leave a testimonial by working on a review request sequence. 

Before asking for a review, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve given your client enough time to really form an opinion of your service or product. Once you have determined that the client has had time to get a well-rounded view of your business, the service they’ve received and had a chance to see the results of working with your brand - go ahead and ask them to leave you a review.

Once you’ve collected reviews, look for ways to display them on your landing pages, social channels or even email footers. Building trust is crucial for attracting new client, and this method is an effective way to do that. 

Guest blog

Guest blogging is a way of increasing the number of new prospects coming into contact with your business. To make guest blogging as effective as possible, you need to be approaching businesses that your audience finds trustworthy and that they're already searching for information on. If you can land backlinks from those sites, they'll be really valuable in attracting new customers.

Alternatively, why not open up your websites blog for guest blogging? Reach out to those people that are already doing a great job at engaging with your target demographic and invite them to guest blog on your site. Even something as simple as asking for the opinion of that brand or person to use in an article can help to encourage them to share your content to their audience, and in turn your brand becomes more visible.

Generate unique data

To make your brand the first choice for your target demographic, generate unique data. When your content contains unique statistics, examples and data that you’ve collected in-house, it becomes much more shareable and carries more authority.

Carrying out surveys and studies that your prospective customer will be interested in and that relates to your field builds a better overall reputation of your brand. When that customer needs expert help to solve the problem you’ve already demonstrated your understanding of the subject. 

You’ll also find that your content generates more backlinks to your website as people use that data in their own content, which in turn can help more of your audience find your website and improve your domain authority. 

Paid Advertising

Last but not least is paid advertising. Of course, paid advertising is a go-to for a lot of businesses as a sure-fire way to attract new customers. But, it can be a costly method if you’re not getting it right.

Each business will need to have a really thorough look at a paid advertising strategy that works for them, and the likelihood is that you’ll need to test a few things out before you find a strategy that works best for you. However, there are a couple of things you can start off with to help boost results from the get go.

The creative

We’ve seen a lot of examples of ads that have incredible copy, but that are just being let down by the creative. When the creative is poor - even if you have an incredibly targeted audience, professional copywriting and an amazingly attractive offer - that design can really limit your results. On a busy feed, your ad not only needs to stand out, it needs to be easily understood as well as showcase the level of professionalism your brand works to.

The audience

Spend time getting to know who your ideal demographic is first, before injecting huge amounts of budget into ad campaigns that turn out to have bad targeting. You can do this by examining your existing client base and working out the data on who it is that uses your service, how long it takes that person to convert, and the characteristics that make that person the best one to talk to. When you understand the data on who it is that has already clicked with your offering and turned into customers, you’ll know who to target better and your ads will be more successful.