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A Quick Guide to Marketing Campaigns for Product Launches

Published on
October 6, 2022
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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So you’re starting to plan a marketing campaign for a product launch happening soon in your business… where do you start? How can you get everyone else just as excited as you about your new product? In this article, we’re looking at some marketing tips for product launches as well as some key marketing assets you should consider getting prepped.

Teaser campaigns

Teaser campaigns give you longer to generate anticipation around a product launch. All you need to do is start dropping hints and sneak previews of the product into your content strategy a little before the product is fully launched and available. You could do this by hosting a full on countdown on your social media platform or posting each day on the run-up to a launch. Teaser campaigns are designed to build a buzz around your product before your audience gets to know exactly what it does. In order to build a buzz around the product, you’ll need to use your teaser campaign to advertise to the audience what challenge the product solves and then educate them on all the other benefits they can look forward to in addition to that. 

Here’s 5 content ideas for your teaser campaign: 

  1. Product photography - Get some professional images of your product and give your audience a small glimpse of what the new product might look like. 
  2. Influencer marketing - Influencers can use your product before the launch and create content around the benefits before letting on exactly what the product is. 
  3. Countdowns - Create a countdown to the official launch date via stories, reels or feed posts.
  4. Reviews - Ask a small group of people to test your product and collect their feedback. Share their positive feedback without giving too much away about what the product actually is. 
  5. Create a waiting list - Ask your audience to sign up for an email newsletter list so they can be notified as soon as the product is available. 

Product demos 

When you’re launching a new product, make sure to thoroughly demonstrate to your audience how it works. Product demonstrations are an important part of educating your audience, so they feel more ready to convert. Educating your audience well before launching a product can mean that a larger number of those people are ready to convert as soon as the product becomes available. 

Record yourself using the product and chatting through its USP’s, or collect user generated content from influencers or anybody that has been testing the product pre-launch.

Post-launch content

Once you've released your product, the hard work doesn't stop there! You'll need to prepare lots of content to help move potential customers the entire way through the funnel. That means consistent high quality awareness pieces that aim to wow your audience about the product, and then more detailed content that answers that person's questions and objections. Once you've successfully done all that, it will be much easier to ask that customer to convert.

Top-of-the-funnel content for your product launch might include content like product demos, blog articles, infographics that display data about the benefits of the product, or carousel posts for social media that run through the USP's in a briefer way.

Middle of the funnel is where you'll create longer-form content that goes into more detail about exactly what the product does and how it can help the user. Things like case studies and free ebooks or guides can work well here.

At the bottom of the funnel - the goal is to get that visitor to convert. This is where your content will feature a lot of CTA's like 'buy now'. Bottom of the funnel content might include reviews, user generated content or simple image ads.

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