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Achieving Better Brand Consistency With a Design Cloud Plan

Published on
March 3, 2023
The word 'Build' turning into the word 'brand' on turning wooden blocks
Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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If you’re looking to develop a strong brand identity, brand consistency is one of the most important practices you can prioritise in your business. 

In this article, we’re going to be discussing why brand consistency is so important and how an unlimited graphic design subscription plan can help you to achieve it whilst still outsourcing for an affordable cost. 

What does brand consistency include?

Brand consistency goes beyond simply keeping the visual elements of your brand, it extends to everything from your brand messaging to the experience that the customer has of your service or product. Brands with great consistency need strong brand guidelines, which include everything from your tone of voice to the elements of your visual identity like the way your logo is presented and the fonts your brand uses. 

Why is brand consistency important?

When you think of any major brand, it’s likely you can picture their logo and a few other unmistakable areas of their brand identity like colours, fonts and imagery style. The reason you can do that is because of the time that brands have put in, likely over years and years, to reinforce their brand identity through the consistent use of those components. That’s not to say a brand won’t develop and change over time to keep in line with modern design aesthetics, but the fundamentals of the branding should remain the same in order to help your audience instantly recognise your brand. 

Attention-to-detail in all your brand’s design work helps your audience not only to recognise your brand, but it also helps them to build trust in it too. Those two factors are absolutely crucial in any successful business, so it’s clear to see how important the role of brand consistency is. 

Achieving brand consistency can become a challenge when there are lots of multiple designers working on graphic design, and even more so if your team is working across different locations. It’s also a challenge to upkeep brand consistency when outsourcing design work. When your need for design demand scales up, it can become difficult to keep on sourcing designers that are ready to get started straight away and that can be relied upon to understand your brand from the get-go.

Work with dedicated designers

Whenever you sign up for a Design Cloud subscription plan, we team you up with a dedicated UK-based graphic designer who will be there to help you with your graphic design tasks every business day for as long as you need. That’s the same whether you choose to start a plan with one designer or a team of designers. How does this help brand consistency? Well, you can rely on getting work from a group of designers that work closely together every day, and so can collaborate easily on your brand work. Your dedicated designer will come to really understand your brand and be able to offer you truly reliable brand consistency on additional design tasks.

Get help with a variety of design tasks

Ok so, our designers can help to keep up the level of attention to detail that will help your brand identity to continue to grow stronger. - but is there a limit to what we can help you with? When it comes to graphic design, there really isn’t a lot that we can’t do. Whether you need help with social media designs, ad designs or even a new full front-end website design - we can help. Our designers all have years of commercial experience, so they’re very experienced turning a design brief into the design of your dreams.

You can learn more about the scope of each graphic design plan here.

How can Design Cloud help with rebrands?

A common scenario that brings businesses to Design Cloud is in the case of a rebrand. If you’ve recently invested in a rebrand, you might find that you have a beautiful brand design but don’t have the internal capacity to keep up that level of design going forward. You might also find that all the content you invested in in the past now needs updating, so there is a surge of design demand all at once. Design Cloud works really well in that situation as you can get the exact level of design support you need. Each plan works as standard on a 30-day rolling contract, and you have the flexibility to work with as many designers as you need in any month. So for months with larger design demands, you can simply add designers to your plan. 

Embryo Digital is a Manchester-based marketing agency that underwent a rebrand and decided to use Design Cloud to help further their transformation and give them the additional design support they needed. You can read the full Embryo Digital case study here.

Future-proof design solution

Brand consistency is all about looking ahead to see how you can maintain the same level of professionalism in your branding without fail. Design Cloud unlimited graphic design subscription plans give you the future-proof design solution that means you are guaranteed to achieve that. Each plan is built to offer different levels of support, from the more basic day-to-day design tasks all the way to complex, ongoing design projects. Scale up the amount of design work you receive from your plan easily by adding designers on the months you need them, and upgrade your plan to access support on more complex projects when they come up. And the best part, you can do all of this whilst working with the same professional UK-based graphic design team.

In this article, we’ve talked about why brand consistency is so important and how it’s one of the most powerful ways to help your audience come to know and trust your brand. If a Design Cloud unlimited graphic design subscription plan sounds like something that your team could benefit from, you can book a free 20 minute demo here. In the demo, you can get any other questions answered and get a walkthrough of the platform. Learn more about how Design Cloud can help with your businesses design challenges on the full Design Cloud blog.