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How to Submit a Video Design Brief with Loom

Published on
February 9, 2022
woman taking video on phone
Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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We know that writing design briefs isn't for everyone. Sometimes it can be really hard to explain an idea for an amazing piece of graphic design within the confines of a text box. So, we added the option for all of our users to submit video design briefs straight into the Design Cloud platform.Include all the 'erms','kind of like this' and 'hmms' you need to in the form of a Loom video! And if you're getting a bit confused because you still think a Loom is just a traditional way of weaving cloth, don't worry. We're going to explain everything you need to know about how to submit a video design brief using a Loom within this article.

What is Loom?

Loom is a free video messaging platform that allows you to record a short video to make collaboration with your designers easier. You can share and record your screen and create videos to send over that are up to five minutes long. Once you create your video, you'll get an instantly shareable link that you can send over to your designer. Loom is free to use for up to 25 videos per month, which is a whole lot of time saved on writing out briefs!For more detailed information and tutorials on how to get started with Loom, have a read of our 'Using Loom to create a video brief for your designer'  help centre article. 

Why do design teams use Loom?

Loom can be used for better collaboration for a wide range of applications, but it's particularly great for design projects. Here's just a few examples of the benefits you can get by submitting video design briefs with Loom...

Talk through ideas and provide visual examples easier

You can now talk us through your design ideas, even whilst flicking through example design work on your own screen easily so that your designer can get a much more in-depth feel for the finished result you are looking for. By utilising the option to send Loom videos, you can work with your Design Cloud designer even more like a member of your in-house team with smoother communication than ever before.

Increase turnaround times with better feedback

One of the best ways you can speed up turnaround times on your design tickets is to provide feedback as fast as you can, and with as much detail as you can. When your designer has a better understanding of the pieces of the design you're looking for amendments on, they can execute them much more accurately and will be able to get through more of your tickets as they close finished requests faster. Using Loom videos to talk through the specific aspects of the draft that you want changing, even drawing on your screen to demonstrate the exact amendments you need, can all help improve your turnaround times.

Draw on your screen

When sharing your screen during a Loom video, you can draw on the screen to further illustrate your thoughts and ideas!

Provide greater context to your team

When multiple people are working on one design project, it can be a bit difficult to make sure the whole team are on the same page. By using Loom's shareable links, you can brief your entire team on the design project being worked on at the same time and make sure that everyone has a resource to refer back to as the project moves forward. That way, everyone who comes onto the project or uses your Design Cloud account further down the line can get greater context as soon as they need it.

Share links rather than files

To keep the design workflow as clean and simple as possible, using Loom's shareable links to walk through example designs and ideas is a great idea. By doing this, you can keep the number of files being sent back and forth between your team and their dedicated graphic designer to a minimum and achieve a much smoother and more productive process.We hope this article has helped you get started with your video design briefs and, as always, we can't wait to see the tickets you submit!