Reactive Marketing Inspiration From 2022 So Far

Published on
April 5, 2022
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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When it comes to reactive marketing, it's all about a brand getting involved in a conversation happening by their audience at the right time. That means it's necessary to keep your eye on trends and events happening that could interest your customers, and making sure that you are quick to join the conversation before the topic has moved on. So, what are some example reactive marketing we've seen already this year?

Starting off the new year

Getting the year off to a great start was Twitter themselves, releasing this tweet in reaction to what can be described as a very unusual past year. It echoed the thoughts of most of the world as we moved on from a year spent at home during a pandemic, and so it was a great way for Twitter to get involved with their audience at just the right time.

And it seems as though a lot of our other favourite brands shared the same less-than-hopeful sentiment and joined in on the conversation.

Even Lidl didn't have very high hopes for the year!


How Brands Reacted to The SuperBowl

On the 13th February 2022, one of the biggest events of the year rolled round again. Not only is it a huge event in the sporting calendar, it's also a really important date in the marketing calendar too. Around the Superbowl, lots of companies take to their social media accounts to comment on the event being talked about internationally, and this year was no different! Here's a few of our favourite reactive tweets from the Superbowl this year...

What we see mostly is that brands who do get involved in big media moments use the opportunity to reinforce their brand identity without advertising. By tweeting using your brand voice, you make your brand even more easily identifiable and relatable to it's audience. So getting a little bit more relaxed with your marketing and introducing more humour to your social channels is a great idea.

Specsavers responding to The Apprentice

Specsavers are known for their witty and innovative approach to marketing, and their twitter account is no different. The very human tone of their marketing is carried throughout, and we see here an example of how they cleverly reacted to a heavily discussed final episode of The Apprentice.We thought this was a really great example of using a conversation happening nationally to reinforce their brand identity and voice.

How can your brand get involved with reactive marketing?

If you've been inspired by the examples above, how can your brand get involved with reactive marketing? Step number one is to keep updated with the media moments that are happening around the world. To do this, you'll need some reliable resources! Here's a few examples of resources to help keep you updated...

Social Media Today

Social Media Today is great for keeping up to date with new features on all your favourite social media platforms as well as interesting research and articles that can help you get the most from your social strategy.


Feedly lets you set up RSS feeds based on topics that you're most interested in. You can set up feeds relating to social media news for example, or even use feeds to curate articles that include certain keywords that are most relevant to you. Using a tool like this helps make it easy for you to keep up-to-date on what the world is speaking about, and you'll be even faster at generating reactive marketing content next time.

Marketing Dive

Marketing Dive gives you insights into the broader subject of the digital marketing world, including lots of inspiration on the most groundbreaking new marketing techniques and campaigns. For marketing agencies in particular, this is a great spot for keeping in the loop with the wider digital marketing industry.In this blog we've looked at examples of reactive marketing we've seen this year so far as well as the ways in which brand's can be ready to join the conversation as soon as it begins. We hope you feel inspired and for more articles surrounding graphic design and marketing, check out the rest of the Design Cloud blog.