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Social Media Marketing Over the Festive Period

Published on
November 23, 2020
Social Media Marketing Over the Festive Period
James Rigby
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With Christmas fast approaching, many e-commerce companies are trying to boost their sales as much as possible at this crucial time. The festive period is absolutely crucial for lots of businesses, so it's no wonder that so many of us are looking at new ways of reaching customers and driving revenue. In fact, almost two-thirds of shoppers use social media to get inspiration when searching for gifts for their nearest and dearest.

However, there are plenty of ways you can go wrong on social media, and with the competition in December fiercer than ever, poor performance can be a disaster! Fortunately, at DesignCloud we have a few tips and things to be aware of, to set you on your way to success!

Social Media Advertising at Christmas

If you're not sure about having enough ad spend to hand, it's also super important to remember that at this time of year, your budget will probably be stretched much more thinly than the rest of the year, due to the sheer number of advertisers vying for the attention of users. On the flip side, if you want to get higher levels of visibility, engagement and traffic, you'll have to dig deep and spend a little bit more.

In this way, social media ads can be really frustrating, as they're so dependent on what the rest of the market looks like, and at Christmas, that market is busy. Done right through, social media ads can be worth every penny you spend, and then some. The average ROAS (return on ad spend) is estimated to be 6-10 times your spend, with some companies estimating ROAS of over 80 times!

Creating Ads That Actually Work

As much as we'd love it to be the case, success on social over the festive period is a bit more labour intensive than taking your normal ads and slapping a snowflake filter over the top! The world of Christmas-themed tiles can get pretty exhausting pretty quickly for users, so having a sharp, striking visual presence that can combine beautiful branding with festive fun is a must for success on social!

If you're having trouble, there are literally millions of Photoshop tutorials out there, as well as easy-to-use tools like Canva, or alternatively, you can check out a tool like DesignCloud (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), to add professional, intuitive and exceptional graphic design output to your roster on an affordable, unlimited monthly contract. You can increase demand on and before the festive period, and then scale back as you need to once the season has passed - the service grows with you as you need it! Sounds great, right?

Stay Well Ahead of the Season

By now, all but the most festive of us are sick of Christmas products and promotions appearing on our shelves, on our timelines and in our inboxes on November 1st, or God forbid, even earlier! However, if you're looking at running ads on social media over the Christmas period, you want to get your campaigns approved and ready to hit go as early as you can. That means now, if you haven't already! There are hundreds of restrictions on what and how you can advertise on Facebook, for example, so getting your ads approved now means you won't e scrambling to get something new mocked-up or spending hours on the phone to support without any revenue rolling in on those prime shopping days.

At Design Cloud, we can't manage the perfect Christmas campaign for you, but we can get you off on the right foot with beautiful, branded graphic design that suits your needs and gets you noticed on social. Get in touch to find out more or to book your free demo and get the ball rolling on those all-important festive ads!