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The Growing Role of AI in Marketing

Published on
March 24, 2023
Two robots stood against a yellow background
Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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If you’ve been on social media lately, the chances are that you’ll have seen the ongoing discussion happening around AI, or artificial intelligence. 

There are a lot of businesses adopting different methods of utilising AI into their processes at the moment, and the aim of this blog is to identify and understand ways that ai can be used to improve marketing tasks and make it more efficient.

How are marketers using AI right now?

So, how are marketers currently making use of AI and how could you use similar techniques to help boost your own results? Here’s 4 ways that AI is currently having a role in marketing. 

To improve personalisation 

Marketers make use of AI to better understand their target audience and demographics. AI technology can look through collected data like browsing behaviour to predict and create ads that are more emotionally appealing to the viewer.

To increase content production

You’ll have likely seen the impact that ChatGPT has had on the way the average marketer creates content, and AI for content production is a really hot topic at the moment. AI is advanced enough now to produce an article on pretty much any subject, so some applications like blog content creation are clear. It’s worth noting that as with any marketing, creating original and unique content is the clear way to go. We don’t yet fully understand how AI-produced content could be monitored and penalised in the future, and it’s always worth writing unique to avoid any potential duplicate copy issues. Apart from blog-writing however, how can you use AI for content creation? Here’s some ideas…

  • Ask AI to consolidate a book or blog into bullet points and use that to help you improve your knowledge on subjects prior to writing about them
  • Ask AI to give you blog ideas that fall under a specific content pillar 
  • Ask AI to help you write engaging blog titles

Whichever way you choose to utilise AI for content production, it’s clear to see that it can really speed up the idea generation stage as well as help you to get to grips with a subject much quicker, therefore making the whole content production process much more efficient.

To improve ad performance

AI technology can help to identify more members of your target audience and drive up the numbers of your audience with good-quality contacts. AI can look for specific shared characteristics in existing audience members and identify other brand’s that share those same characteristics, playing a massive role in helping you to expand your ad’s reach.  

 One tool that harnesses the power of AI to do just that is will look for keywords being used across the a brand’s content and then suggest others who share the  same interests. This method can help you to dramatically increase audience size and engagement when executed properly.

To improve customer service

AI is now being utilised to provide better customer service through more advanced chatbots. AI technology can help chatbots to more intelligently offer personalised responses to customer queries or give recommendations. 


AI is growing in popularity more and more, and looking for ways to adapt current processes to make room for it in your marketing operations will be come more necessary. In this blog we've discussed a number of ways that marketers are already making use of AI, in everything from content creation to customer service, and we're sure that the use cases will continue to develop. For more on everything marketing and graphic design, head over to the Design Cloud blog today.