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What Can You Have Designed With Your Design Cloud Plan?

Published on
November 3, 2022
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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Thinking of starting a graphic design subscription plan with Design Cloud or already working with a dedicated designer and looking for some ticket inspiration? In this article, we’re looking at some examples of tickets you can have worked on by your dedicated designer. 

1. Social media graphics 

Give your content the boost it deserves with professionally designed social media graphics. Our designers are experts at bringing a social media post to life, using the best design techniques to make your post’s message more understandable and eye-catching. 

Plan: All plans 

Woman smiling wearing sunglasses inside social media post cutout

2. Presentation design (Powerpoint & Google) 

Avoid yawn-worthy pitches with a more attractive pitch deck presentation, designed by an expert. Simply let us know your copy, and the style you’re looking to achieve as well as any specific imagery or branding that needs including in your pitch deck, and your designer can get to work creating slides that make a lasting impression.

Plan: Agency, PRO 

3. Brochures

Brochures can be a really effective marketing tool, and they’re a great way to package up a lot of information for a client. To get the best results, ask your designer for help with your next brochure. Professional design will to help make your brochure easier to read and highlight key points better. 

Plan: All plans 

4. Infographics 

Make the most of an infographic with better design. As a marketing tool, infographics rely heavily on the visual elements that help to communicate your message and data better. Don’t leave the success of your infographic down to chance - submit it as a ticket in your Design Cloud queue! Your designer will pay attention to important details like visual hierarchy, appropriate and relevant iconography and data visualisation techniques to improve your infographic design. 

Plans: All plans

5. Podcast & Youtube thumbnails 

Whether you’ve got a well-developed channel with thousands of followers or you’re just starting out, your podcast or youtube content can benefit a lot from a click-worthy thumbnail. Add design elements like imagery, graphics, icons and copy to your thumbnail to help encourage clicks. 

Plan: All plans

Microphone and podcast mic against yellow backgound

6. Flyers & Posters

Perfect for advertising an event, a local service or even as part of a digital campaign - try submitting a brief for a flyer or poster design to your queue today.

Plan: All plans

7. Resize images

Got a bulk load of images that need resizing, or you simply have an ongoing need for image resizing to populate your website? Our designers can take the task off your hands. A boring but necessary task, this plan feature can save your time hours of time. 

Plan: All plans

8. Original Logo design

All we require for this ticket request is that you have an existing idea of the logo you want designing. We aren’t a branding agency, so we can’t conceptualise a logo idea from scratch, but we are happy to take a brief and create your dream logo. Let your designer know your ideas for the logo, and we’ll do the rest! 

Since you can work on an unlimited number of brands on any plan, you can submit as many original logo designs as you need for any amount of different businesses. 

Plan: Agency, PRO

9. Menu Design

If you need a menu upgrading or are looking for an entirely new design, submit the brief to your queue! Your designer can work to create a stunning menu design that is attractive and informative for your visitors. 

Plan: Agency,PRO

10. Ebooks, whitepapers & guides

Lot’s of marketing strategies make use of free content to attract leads in the form of ebooks, whitepapers & guides. As this marketing strategy becomes more and more popular, you can give yours the best shot at success by having a creative and unique design that stands out more on the feed. 

Plan: Agency, PRO

11. Landing page design

Help your landing page convert more visitors with a professional design. Our dedicated designers can help you to create landing pages that match your brand style, include relevant graphics and elevate the feel of your site. 

Plan: Agency, PRO

12. Developer ready website design

Wanting to completely revamp your site? We can help! Let your designer know the brief and they’ll put together a beautiful website design that can be understood by your developer. We don’t offer website development, but we can take care of every piece of the website design and have your dream website designed and ready to be developed.  

Plan: Agency, PRO

We've covered just a handful of the design tasks you can submit to your queue in this article, but there really is a huge variety of graphic design requirements we can help with. In fact, we can help with most graphic design jobs including everything from product packaging, POS materials all the way to a new set of merchandise for your brand. If you're unsure if you're specific requirements are covered in a Design Cloud plan, book a demo and chat to a service expert for more information.