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What Is on Demand Graphic Design?

Published on
November 3, 2023
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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On demand graphic design simply refers to graphic design support you can access whenever you need it, and without needing to wait. As busier months approach, an on demand graphic design solution will allow you to have access to the support you need to meet demand and then scale back down if ever the demand falls.

Design Cloud unlimited graphic design subscription plans is an example of on demand graphic design solution. It takes on average less than one business day to get access to a talented designer, or a team of designers, based on your needs. The plans work on a rolling monthly contract as standard, so you can have the support for exactly as long as you need it.

So, what are the benefits of on demand graphic design and what should you know before implementing it for your brand?

What are the benefits of on demand graphic design?

The benefits of on demand graphic design include saving time, resources and money whilst in some cases, increasing the quality of the graphic design work being produced for a brand. Let’s dive into this a little more.

Saving time 

The time to hire new employees in a business can vary from anything from a few days to a few months. It can be a challenge to find an employee who you know can reliably get to work and make a difference for your brand straight away. With on demand graphic design solutions like Design Cloud, that process has already been completed and you’re left with talent that you can rely on. In just a few minutes, you’ll be teamed up with a graphic designer that has years of commercial experience and can begin work on your graphic design task list almost straight away. 

Whilst you’re saving time on the hiring process, you’ll also be helping your team save time. We often speak with agencies and businesses that currently have non-designers working on their graphic design, which has led to design bottlenecks and creatives that don’t perform how they need them to. The fact is that design should be left to the designers, and leaving a non-designer to those tasks can take them away from the more important work.

Saving resources 

There’s a lot to think about when hiring graphic designers in-house. To begin with, each designer will need the right equipment. Appropriate screens and computers can cost thousands, without the added costs of necessary softwares like Figma, Photoshop and Illustrator. On top of this, you’ll also need to invest in some good quality stock photography through sites like Adobe Stock. These extra costs can result in a large bill when hiring a graphic designer in-house.

Alternatively, with on demand graphic design like Design Cloud, you can skip all the hassle of organising & purchasing equipment and sign up on the site in a matter of minutes whilst knowing that the designer you’re working with has access to all the professional tools they need to create stunning work for your brand.

Saving money

Working with on-demand graphic design solutions like Design Cloud can save you money compared to hiring in-house or using traditional methods. In fact, compared to hiring in-house, Design Cloud graphic design subscriptions plans will save your business north of 20k per year. Take a look at this page for further cost comparison details. 

Increase the quality of graphic design

When professional graphic designers are working on graphic design tasks rather than other non-designers in the business, the quality of the work will almost always be better. The impact of sloppy design work is powerful on a brand, whether that’s a start up or an established enterprise. A polished visual identity helps to build trust in your brand, and can help to draw a larger audience. 

What should you know before implementing on demand graphic design?

Design Cloud takes just minutes to get signed up for, but there are a few ways to help get the most out of your subscription that start even before you do sign up. Here’s what you should know…

Booking a demo

We always recommend booking a demo with one of our service experts so that they can better understand what your particular design needs look like and recommend the best plan for you. The demos are free to book and take around 20 minutes. You’ll get a walkthrough of the platform on this demo, and also have time to ask any questions you might have before getting started.

Allowing full team access

Every plan comes with unlimited users as standard. You can give your whole team access to one central design queue for smoother workflow management and an easy-to-view overview of where your brand’s design tasks are up to at that moment.

Scaling up

We understand that some months are busier than others when it comes to graphic design tasks, so you can simply add more designers to your plan for a month when you need them. You’ll have the option to increase output through the custom-built app. 

Submit design briefs with Loom

We’re here to help save you time, and one way to do that might be to record a spoken design brief for your designer instead of a written one. Every plan has access to this option through the dashboard. You can share examples and more details through this at the push of a button. Learn more about submitting design briefs with Loom here. 

To summarise, on demand graphic design offers a modern solution to the modern challenges that marketing teams face, regardless of business size. It’s super fast to implement, meaning you don’t need to turn down large client opportunities or put your team under more pressure during the busier months. It’s also an affordable alternative to accessing design through traditional methods or hiring in-house, and could help save your brand thousands that could go toward making your marketing budget that bit bigger.

Click here for more information on Design Cloud plans and pricing.