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What Is the Average Cost of Graphic Design in 2022?

Published on
September 9, 2022
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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If you’re looking for help with graphic design but you’re not sure where to get started, read on in this article for the low down on the actual costs of getting the support your team needs as well as more details on the options available. 

What is the average cost of an in-house graphic designer? 

According to data studied by Indeed, in 2022 the average wage of an in-house graphic designer is £27,064per year. This study is based on 3,000+ salaries submitted anonymously, and fluctuates depending on the area of the UK your business is looking for employees to hire in. In fact, if you’re looking for in-house support in London, salary expectations for graphic designers land around £32,797.

There are a few things to consider other than the wage of a new employee too. For example a new graphic designer will need equipment, desk space, and you’ll need to account for the additional costs of adding licences for stock images and tools. And, in addition to all that, when hiring in-house you’ll want to think about the cost associated with any down-time as you onboard a new employee.

Whilst hiring in-house offers lots of positives when it comes to communication, it isn’t an instant solution to a surge of graphic design demand and the whole process can be costly both in time and money.

How much is a freelance designer to work with?

Freelance designers usually operate on an hourly rate for design work, rather than giving a price based on a project or specific piece of work. 

Working with a freelance designer is a great option for those looking for immediate help with design work since you can simply get in touch with an available freelancer, send over the brief and then get started on a project. Because of that, this is an option that lot’s of businesses have traditionally opted for. However, it’s more challenging to forecast the exact cost of the design support you’ll need when outsourcing to a freelance network as times on a project can vary depending on the amount of revisions you might need.

Another aspect to consider is that scaling up the volume of work with a freelance designer can pose challenges, since you will need to work around an individual calendar or work with multiple freelancers which can make communication a bit more difficult.

Do you have enough work to hire in-house?

The next question to answer is really, do you have enough work to keep a graphic designer busy in your team? Determining how much support you really need is crucial when it comes to deciding on whether to hire in-house or outsource the work. 

Take a closer look at the amount of design work that’s been needed in previous projects and speak to your existing team members to get a better understanding of the level of support you’re looking for. 

Being an unlimited graphic design subscription service ourselves, we’ve worked with brands that have 2 employees all the way to massive enterprise names with thousands of employees in-house that find that outsourcing design work suits their process and team better than hiring in-house simply because of the speed with which an overflow of work can be picked up and handled.

How do unlimited graphic design subscription plans work? 

Design Cloud is an unlimited graphic design subscription service based in Manchester. We offer an alternative to hiring in-house that still gives you access to reliably working with a dedicated professional every business day. To make sure you get as close to an in-house team member experience as possible, you’ll be teamed up with a dedicated graphic designer to work with your brand every business day. You’ll submit tickets through an easy-to-use platform your entire team can have access to, and be able to ask for as many revisions as you want at no extra cost. 

We work with a lot of clients, all the way from small businesses to large enterprises with thousands of employees, to deliver high-quality graphic design exactly when a team needs it. This is a great benefit of the plans since it means you can get the support you need, without needing to commit to any longer-term plan. Instead, we offer plans with varying levels of support to suit your business as it continues to grow. 

Our plans start from £549 per month, which means that you can genuinely save north of £20,000 a year compared to hiring in-house. For more information on how the plans work, you can book in a free demo of the platform here.