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Why Hire a Graphic Designer? 3 Things to Consider

Published on
October 20, 2022
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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Thinking of hiring a graphic designer but not 100% sold on how much benefit it will make to your business? Weighing up the pros and cons of investing into a new function in your business is a must - so we’ve come up with this complete list of the benefits of hiring a graphic designer, along with alternative options you should be aware of that can help make the process more budget-friendly. 

1. Improve your brand identity

Brand identity refers to all the visual components of your brand. That includes your logo all the way down to the social media graphics you post. Your brand identity plays a crucial role when your audience is deciding whether or not to trust your brand, so every piece of marketing associated with your brand should be well-thought out and seen as an opportunity to make a great first impression on a new viewer. 

What does your brand identity currently say about your business? Up till now, you might have worked hard at working on the design of content in-house perhaps via your marketing team or online template design tools. If it has been left to a non-designer however, the chances are that your brand identity could be improved a whole lot by having a professional work on it. A professional graphic designer knows the importance of the smallest details in a piece of graphic design, and how to put your brand’s message across in the most powerful and understandable way. 

Upgrading your current brand identity with the help of a professional graphic designer will improve the trustworthiness of your brand as well as the impact of your existing content marketing strategy.

2. Speeding up content production 

Another thing to consider when looking to hire a graphic designer is the benefit that comes with having a faster design workflow. If you’re currently leaving graphic design to a non-designer in your business, the chances are that the process of content creation takes a little bit longer as the team member becomes more experienced at graphic design and the relevant softwares. Hiring a professional graphic designer means that you can move from the planning stage through to the concept and creation of design much more quickly. Hiring a graphic designer with plenty of previous experience means they’ll have a feel for what will look best and how to go about executing that much faster. 

When you have that faster content production, you are able to offer your audience more content and become a more authoritative brand. Not only will you literally have more content for leads to find, but you’ll have better quality content too.

3. Give your team back the time they need

We’ve worked with hundreds of UK businesses who came to us when they needed additional graphic design support, and one really common scenario is that of the marketing team picking up graphic design tasks that they weren’t originally hired to do. 

The challenge that teams who fall into these workflows face is that most marketers aren’t trained in graphic design, so it takes longer for the team to produce the content and even then, it’s not as impactful as it could have been. The result is less time and increased frustration for the marketing team.

When you hire a dedicated graphic design function in your business, you’re giving your marketing team the helping hand they deserve to let their content go further. Not only that, you’ll reap the benefits of a marketing team that’s focused on the tasks they’re experts in. In turn, your marketing efforts will be improved in every way.

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Should you hire a graphic designer in-house? 

Once you’ve decided on whether a graphic designer will benefit your business, you’ll start the processing of hiring a graphic designer. Like any recruitment process, this can take a while and hiring in-house might not prove to be the most cost-effective way to get the design support you need.

For example, do you have enough work for your graphic designer to be busy during the working day? If you’re a smaller agency or business, you might only really need help with a lower volume demand of graphic design. In this instance, hiring in-house would quickly become a budget burner that doesn’t give you the return on investment you expected.

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Maybe you definitely do need a high volume of graphic design demand, but you can’t guarantee that that demand will last consistently throughout the year. In that case, hiring in-house would again prove to be costly and not all that efficient. 

If hiring in-house doesn’t seem like the best option - you’ll need to outsource the design. 

Why outsource graphic design with Design Cloud? 

We're an unlimited graphic design subscription service built to give flexible and reliable support for every level of design demand from a new startup through to large enterprise businesses. Our plans operate as standard on a rolling monthly contract, meaning that you can get the design support you need on the months you need it and continue to scale as you demand requires. As soon as you subscribe to a plan, you'll be teamed up with an experienced graphic designer who will get to work on your graphic design tasks. Your dedicated designer will work through the queue of design tickets your team has submitted through our app every business day.

You'll get the benefit of a dedicated graphic designer who knows your brand and it's style and who has the experience needed to execute your design briefs expertly, all for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house.

You can read here for more on how our graphic design subscription plans work.