5 Times Brands Made Us Laugh on Twitter

5 Times Brands Made Us Laugh on Twitter
Leah Camps
4th October 2021

There’s something about when brand’s use their platform to get involved in a funny trend or spread some joy that we absolutely love, and by the response these tweets got – we aren’t alone! In this article, we wanted to take some time out to review some of the tweets that have made us smile from the brands we love.

1. When brands remade the Drake album cover

On September 3rd 2021, internationally known music artist Drake released his ‘Certified Lover Boy’ album. The album cover art generated a lot of interest, and we saw a lot of brands get involved in making their own version of the popular cover graphics…


Adobe’s Certified Creative Boy


We know you’ve seen this tweet before! Adobe’s ‘Certified Creative Boy’ tweet joined the trend at just the right time and got a massive 52.5k likes, a mass of comments and shares across social channels.


Picturing all of our most loved and used softwares, this one was a hilarious way to advertise their creative suite in a super relevant way.

Doritos’ Certified Doritos Lover


Releasing their take on the album art on September 2nd, Doritos didn’t miss a beat in joining in on this multiple-platform trend and we loved their graphic which displayed their product range perfectly.

2. This genius marketing strategy by Innocent

Sometimes, it’s best to get straight to the point in marketing right? What if the key to marketing campaigns that convert like crazy is simply to ask the consumer to buy the product?  The team at Innocent certainly decided it was worth a shot…

We’re big fans of the Innocent marketing strategy, and this isn’t the first time they’ve used witty copywriting alongside brilliant graphics to create campaigns that get attention. Well done Innocent!

3. Burger King’s subtle review requests

Building a strong set of reviews is a must for any business, and so maybe just like Innocent, the direct approach is best. Burger King politely requesting what is rightfully theirs in this tweet from May 25th 2021 had to make our shortlist of funny tweets…

4. That time Oreo asked us to share our deepest secrets…

Oreo do a brilliant job of starting conversations on Twitter, and this tweet and it’s replies are a great example of that. Take a look at this tweet of Oreo asking us to share all the secrets, and the funny responses it got from some of the biggest brands…

Here’s Ikea’s sneaky Oreo product placement…

And Lowe’s take…

Even Xbox got involved!


5. This entirely logical diagram by Greggs

Our final tweet comes from Greggs, when they used this graphic and simple copywriting to perfectly sum up how we all feel about sharing food (especially a Greggs.)

What can we learn?

In this article, we’ve had a look at a lot of examples of brands using their platform to spread positivity by making people laugh. We think it’s an amazing example of the importance of actually being sociable on our brand platforms, asking your audience how they feel and getting involved with social conversations happening that aren’t directly to do with your product! We hope these tweets made you smile and have inspired you to try some new content formats that your audience will love. As always, if you need any help on the graphics, we’re here to help.