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Everything You Can Create on the Pro Plan

Published on
February 2, 2022
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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Need help with graphic design work?

Learn how Design Cloud can help you save time and money on graphic design.
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The Design Cloud Pro Plan has been specially designed to increase productivity and provide a cost-saving alternative to hiring in-house or hiring freelancers for businesses with a large graphic design demand. If you're an agency or marketing team looking to get support with complex graphic design requirements, this is the plan you'll need. As an added bonus, you'll be able to work with your designer every day via Slack, making that  communication even closer to the experience of having an in-house team member but for a much lower cost.

Front end web and app UI design

Use your Pro Plan subscription to have full front end web and app UI design completed by expert graphic designers. If you're an agency offering web design services, or if you want to be able to in the near future, this is a great ticket request to bear in mind as each plan allows you to work on designs for an unlimited number of brands, so you can offer every one of your agency clients more web and app UI design straight away.

Packaging design

On the Pro plan, you can request traditional packaging design for products you may have but in an agency or marketing team setting there are even more applications to consider. Do you offer onboarding gifts to your team? We can help you with any design briefs needed to communicate with the manufacturer on how you would like those gifts to be branded. Instead of sticking to just your logo, why not consider getting more creative? Another application for this is for teams and agencies who send out gifts to clients, why not request graphic design to help your gifts stand out even more and perfectly reflect your brand's visual identity?

Complex infographics

Did you know 'Visuals with color increase people's willingness to read a piece of content by 80%?'  (Saurage Research, Lucid Press) Using infographics as part of your content strategy can help you see much better results. Our expert graphic designers can help you to layout information in a way that appeals to your audience, and we'll provide all the stock photos necessary to create your dream infographic without you having to do a thing. (For more details on the licensing rights of stock photos used in your design, check out our terms of service.)

Landing page design

The landing page experience your website visitors get makes a huge difference to their purchasing decision, so making sure to regularly update your landing page design based on the way users are navigating through your site has got to be an important part of your marketing strategy. Fresh, creative and modern landing page designs are what we do, so request as many as you like for you or your clients on your Pro plan.

Presentations & Slide Decks (PPT/PDF)

Presentations & slide decks can be daunting to give anyway, and bad graphic design doesn't make it any easier. To avoid the awkward yawns and uninterested audience, make sure your presentations are always as engaging as possible by letting our in-house team of designers do the graphic design work for you. Not only will you feel more confident in your pitch, but you'll give your audience visuals to remember you by too.

Original branding

Our platform is built to make submitting design briefs simple. As long as you can communicate the ideas you have for your brand's visual identity, our graphic designers can get to work creating it for you. Since every one of our plans comes with a dedicated graphic designer that will continue to work with you during your plan, the longer your subscription the better the designer will come to know you and your brand. That results in even more spectacular work and reliably on-brand graphic design for your businesses future.

Original logo design

The Pro Plan subscription also gives you access to original logo design, so you can create the best first impression of your business. For those working in marketing agencies, this is a great option as it means you can then look to serve more clients looking to build their brand from scratch without having to hire any in-house graphic designers, which widens your audience whilst keeping costs lower.

Social media content

We know just how much time creating beautiful social media content can take, and that it can end up being rushed when your team have other important projects to get on with. To give your social media campaigns the best shot at success, use your Design Cloud subscription plan t0 access stunning graphic design for both yours and your clients social channels. We can deal with everything from standard social graphics edited to the size which is optimal for each platform, all the way to carousel posts with visuals that flow and even paid ad banners and images.