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Graphic Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Published on
March 5, 2021
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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2021 is well underway, and with it comes some pretty exciting new design trends worth watching out for. Why is it important to regularly review design trends and stay up-to-date? It helps your business to stay ahead of the curve and produce visuals that will relate to your audience as much as possible. Creating something that a viewer connects with is the basis of effective graphic design. That being said, let's have a look at some graphic design trends to watch out for in 2021...

Minimalist design

In 2021, we are already starting to see more and more brands opt for less busy, more impactful statement design. With this move towards minimalistic design you'll see cleaner overall logo designs with less elements and a more abstract approach, whilst using flatter colours. You're also likely to see more white space on landing page designs and simpler illustrative graphics!How does this effect you? Mainly, if your design still incorporates drop shadows, shiny highlights and has lots of busy elements - it might be time for a refresh. Check out Mcdonald's brand refresh for some inspiration on updating your current branding in keeping with more minimalist design!

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More awareness in design

It's becoming more important for brands to show that they are aware of their environmental impact and to reflect that in their marketing resources. This mission to more environmentally friendly brands will likely mean more people using natural colour palettes and imagery and brands using their marketing resources as platforms to spread awareness. That means using space on product packaging and other marketing materials for copy and imagery about positive messages.

woman pointing to eco-friendly graphic design surrounded by plastic

Brands making connections with real imagery

It's nice to see behind-the-scenes in a business, right? Or are we just nosey? The general public are looking to make real connections with the brands they buy from in 2021, with more people giving thought to the effect that their purchase habits are having. One way that brands can make better connections is to move away from the overly polished pictures where possible, and instead choose more raw imagery that captures members of their organisation or their product/service in a more real way. An easy introduction to this it to share real-life customer reviews in video or picture format!

happy team of people on yellow background

In fact, it's thought that 84% of millennials do not trust traditional advertising. Because we've all become a bit too accustomed to the hard sell and shiny stock photography, expect more brands to expose a more unique perspective in their graphic design in 2021 in order to make more genuine connections with customers.The general world of graphic design is shifting in that people are looking for higher quality resources and more informative marketing. Lower quality graphic design just isn't having the effect it once used to due to the high volume of ads we are so used to seeing every day. Brands must now go above and beyond to stand out in the noise by creating impactful graphic design. If you need some help getting started with this, just book a demo and we can show you how our flat rate monthly graphic design subscriptions plans could work for you.For more design inspiration and news like this, make sure to subscribe to our bi-weekly email! We promise not to send loads of sales emails, we just send out some valuable tips and tricks ( some free resources too...) every second week. We hope you enjoy!