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How to Make a Killer Pitch Deck Presentation for your Agency Clients

Published on
April 29, 2022
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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What is a pitch deck presentation?

A pitch deck presentation is just a presentation you use to show potential clients or investors the value your agency offers to them. That might include things like the background of your agency, projected results for future growth, or how your services might reap great results for a client. It might also include ideas for future campaigns for your clients including details like a timeline for a project, examples of the creative elements you'll use and how you plan to deliver the needed results.

A pitch deck presentation can be as short as long as you need it to be, but it's always best practice to make sure it includes exactly what the audience needs to know and keeps things understandable as well as being as brief as possible. You will hear of pitch decks also referred to as powerpoint presentations, PPT presentations and slide decks.

How to design a pitch deck presentation for your agency clients

When it comes to the design of your agencies pitch deck presentation, it needs to be as visually engaging as possible so that you can make the most of the opportunity you have. We've worked on a lot of presentation design in our time, so it's something we've got a lot of experience in. Here's some tips we've picked up over the years...

The basics

There are some design principles that are good to include in absolutely every pitch deck whether you're selling your SEO services or pitching your video marketing campaign idea to a huge enterprise client. These include:

  • Page numbers - Avoid the awkward 'how long have we got left?' question by clearly presenting the page number of each slide.
  • A consistent, well-designed footer - This makes every presentation look more professional, clean and well-branded.
  • Aligned text and titles - Whilst you might think your client may not notice a pixel here and there, not aligning texts and titles properly in your pitch deck leads to a sloppy and underwhelming overall look.
  • Consistency with titles, headlines and body text - Make it clear which is which by using clear visual hierarchy throughout your pitch deck presentation. Fonts, font weights and sizes should be consistent throughout.

Storytelling through imagery

The best presenters are great at storytelling in their pitch, and you can bring this through into your agencies presentation with the imagery you use. If your pitch deck presentation includes an introduction to your agency, you could try including a series of images that depict the growth of your team to the point it is today in order to really connect with your audience. You could also use imagery to depict how your service will positively impact your clients overall results or processes.

Add in checkpoints

To keep your audience as engaged as possible, regularly refresh your pitch by adding in checkpoints. If you're starting to move on from speaking about your campaign idea to the financial side of things for example, consider a title slide that lets your audience know the subject is changing. Doing this helps make sure that everyone in your audience is up to date and understands what is being discussed.At the beginning of a pitch deck presentation, you can also lay out a table of contents so that your potential client knows the agenda and when it's best to ask any relevant questions. These design tips help contribute towards clearer and more effective communication, which helps everyone get more from the pitch.

Make data more understandable through graphics

Sometimes your agencies pitch deck presentation will need to include some details like statistics, data or financial details. To make those details as impactful and memorable as possible, it's a good idea to accompany longer form copy with graphics that display the data clearly. When you present this more complex data in a simple way visually,  it becomes more easily understood by your audience at a glance and can keep people engaged with your accompanying pitch. Professional infographic design elements can help in this setting, like charts and and more space and attention being placed on key statistics or quotes.

What format should my presentation be?

Pitch deck presentations are traditionally exported in either a PPT format or a PDF. They can be designed using various design tools including Figma or Indesign. On the Agency and Pro plans at Design Cloud, you will be able to send over an existing PPT template and have it worked on by your dedicated graphic designer.

Want more help with presentation design?

If you're still in need of some professional help from a graphic designer on your presentation, subscribe to daily design support from UK-based designers with Design Cloud today. We offer presentation design as part of our Agency and Pro unlimited graphic design subscription plans. Pay one flat rate monthly fee and you'll be teamed up with a dedicated member of our in-house graphic design team, who will work through your graphic design requests every business day. We can help you with everything from brand new pitch deck templates to just bringing older templates in line with new branding, and each plan includes a much wider design scope including tasks like social media design, landing page design or even full front end web design. For more information, book a demo today or learn more about our subscription plans here.