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New years resolutions for small businesses

Published on
January 16, 2021
A woman making new years resolutions
Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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Be More Flexible and Adaptable

Almost every small business in the world had to adapt the way they operated last year. Unless you sell hand sanitiser or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), your own business may have struggled to keep afloat or operate efficiently throughout the majority of 2020. During this time, small businesses gained one very valuable lesson, do not solidify the way you conduct business. Instead, small businesses should aim to be more nimble, flexible and adaptable. If you are equipped and prepared to change your business strategy overnight, should it be necessary to do so, there will be less disruption caused to your business activities and your employees. Lots of companies were forced into working remotely in 2020, so make sure the remote company culture works for you and you have a plan in place to execute such a strategy if required this year.

A picture of  hand holding building blocks that spell out the word normal

Update Your Technology

One way of ensuring you are equipped and ready to adapt to home working is to have the right technology in place to allow your employees to do their job. Video calling technology, such as Zoom, allows your team to stay in contact and conduct non-face-to-face meetings and conferences. In truth, technology like this has never been as important as it is now, so make sure your small business has the latest technology and software to use.

Man using laptop sat on a chair

Keep on Top of Your Cash Flow

You may already handle your cash flow quite capably, but that doesn't mean you can't tighten that grip even more. Your cash flow is your business's blood supply and without it, there is no hope of surviving. Did you know that around 60% of businesses fail within the first three years? There are a number of reasons for this, but poor cash flow management is a major one. Around 80% of folding small businesses fail because of a lack of effective cash flow management. If you aren't already being watchful of your business's cash flow management, the year 2021 is the time to start.

A picture of a man holding a calculator and a picture of a graph

Learn New Skills

Every day is a school day, or at least it should be. All of the best business owners make acquiring new skills a main priority, as it is really important that you keep your brain active and learning new things. Your industry may be changing and developing all the time, so it is vital that you keep abreast of these adjustments in your area of business.

Woman reading books

Improve Your Visual Identity

Do you have a digital marketing to-do list? The year 2021 is the time to start checking things off that list. With more and more of us relying on social media sites and the internet for sources of news and entertainment, it is super important that you have a decent visual representation of yourself in the online world. Make it a priority this year to make your website mobile-friendly, establish or preserve a strong social media presence, and create a powerful brand image. Your digital presence and the way you appear online is more important than ever before.

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