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Product Design & Branding: The Importance of Aligning The Two

Published on
October 1, 2020
A picture of two product designers viewing design work on a computer
James Rigby
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When it comes to creating a cohesive and impactful visual brand, there are a lot of different areas you need to think about. From your logos and social media graphics to your packaging and of course, the actual product you're selling, you need to create a visual identity that is consistent, exciting and always stands out. Understanding your product and your audience is key to understanding your brand, and vice versa. These two disciplines should be very closely intertwined, and discrepancies between them can lead to some very odd brand campaigns and confusing customer targeting.

How does product design affect branding?

By aligning your products design and your branding, you can create a truly unique brand that is easily identifiable by your target market and instils brand loyalty among your customers.Product design is the process of designing and creating new products. Who'd have thought, eh? When it comes to the visual impact of your brand, product design is incredibly important as it dictates a lot of what your branding and marketing actually look like. Whether you're working on your app's user interface or picking the right shape for your new blender prototype, product designers need to keep the overarching visual brand in the back of their mind. Shapes, colours, logos, taglines and even textures can all be used to not just reflect a brand, but enhance it.Essentially, what a product looks and feels like should never just be a guess or an accident. When product design teams are coming up with the next big thing, they should be keeping half an eye on the marketing department and visual identity of the company. While products without this kind of consideration may be great products and the brands that make them successful brands, but if they're not making a conscious effort to push the two in harmony, they're missing a trick!

How does branding affect product design?

Now if we're honest, the relationship between product design and branding is a bit of a chicken or the egg affair. While product designers need to keep branding in mind when it comes to new or updated products, marketing teams also need to be conscious of product design when it comes to promoting the brand and getting themselves out there. After all, the product is what you're promoting in the first place!A marketing strategy that is incongruent with the products you sell and the markets you're geared towards just isn't going to be as effective as one that is created with these things in mind. This might seem incredibly obvious, but sometimes it's easy for marketers to lose sight of what a company actually does and the products they actually make in a cloud of exciting ideas about brand voice and outreach strategies.

Creating a cohesive visual strategy.

At the end of the day, your brand is a combination of the messages you send about yourself and the experience your customers have with your products. You can't separate one from the otherAt Design Cloud, we can't make you your next breakthrough product, but we can help you seamlessly merge your marketing efforts and product design to create a cohesive and standout visual strategy that makes sense for you, your products and your customers. We'll dive deep into your products and your brand to help you create and hone a truly impactful visual presence across your marketing channels.To find out more About Design Cloud and how we can help you take the next step into creating a visual brand that incorporates both your products and your identity, or to book your demonstration, just drop us a line!