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What Agencies Can Learn From In-house Marketing Teams

Published on
September 28, 2020
A picture of a man working at a marketing agency
James Rigby
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With a slick marketing strategy, knowledge of social media, a graphic design team and probably a fancy logo to boot - it appears that modern market agencies in Manchester and the rest of the UK have everything in place to succeed.However, in today's blog, we're going to be looking at why that viewpoint may not be entirely accurate. We'll be examining 3 different things that marketing agencies can learn from their in house marketing counterparts.Whether you're a marketing agency or part of an in-house marketing team why not get in touch with us here at Design Cloud? We can fulfil all your graphic design needs in a way that is quick, efficient and far more cost-effective than hiring a full-time graphic design team

Focusing on their brand

Too often, agencies are so focused on providing an effective marketing strategy to their clients that they forget about their brand and marketing operations. In-house marketing teams can focus all their marketing efforts on high-level advertising campaigns which help boost their brand. Agencies could learn from this approach and look to actively portion some of their time to important aspects of their marketing efforts like graphic design and regular blog content. After all, effective marketing is an incredibly powerful tool to help an agency win big client contracts.

Greater collaboration

Through no fault of their own, agencies find themselves working in silos. The pressure to create quality work, the need to achieve certain business goals and the broader desire to attract talented people to a marketing agency can mean collaboration and team culture is put to one side. Agencies should learn from in-house marketing teams who have none of these pressures, and try to create a culture of creativity and collaboration. Yes, key performance indicators may not be met for a month or two and tough decisions may have to be made about some clients but to make meaningful progress as an agency, one that can showcase high levels of collaboration and an amazing culture, there has to be time put aside to ensure participation across the entire digital marketing agency.

The freedom to experiment

In-house marketing departments have more room to express themselves and experiment because they aren't bound by the need to deliver for another business. Again, this is a lesson that marketing agencies can and should learn from. Modern marketing is holistic and encompasses a range of techniques and platforms. It's no longer enough to have a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram account. Agencies should be more comfortable experimenting with platforms and techniques such as podcasts and influencer marketing. This freedom to experiment will, in theory, allow them to market these as new exciting services which will help serve their bottom line.

These 3 Lessons Could Transform Your Marketing Agency And So Could Design Cloud.

We're all for experimenting, collaborating and pushing the boundaries of modern marketing here at Design Cloud. We hope these tips help your marketing agency develop its brand among other things like collaboration and experimentation.If you ever need high-quality graphic design content from a group of experts at a price you can afford then get in touch with us here at Design Cloud. Our outsourced service can deliver unlimited graphic designs and marketing materials that promote your marketing agency for one simple monthly fee.