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What You Need to Know Before Outsourcing Graphic Design for Your Enterprise

Published on
June 16, 2022
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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There's no doubt about it, graphic design is a time-consuming task.That's especially true when you're main priority is producing lots of high-quality, innovative and creative content that's going to work to drive your brand forward. When you've got a really established brand already built, there really isn't room to be marketing content that's any less than the best quality. Category kings are known for unwavering quality and a brand image that is consistent down to the last detail.With that in mind, some Enterprise businesses might feel a bit worried about outsourcing graphic design. The truth is, we totally understand that! Your brand has  been developed and nurtured over years, and it only takes a few bad pieces of design to have a devastating effect on that.So, what's the best way to outsource graphic design for your enterprise business? Let's look at some important points to consider now.

Is your outsourcing method future-proof?

Consistency is important for any brand, but it's particularly important for larger enterprise businesses. Your brand is established and memorable, so keeping the smaller details consistent is important. When outsourcing, it's worth considering whether that consistency is protected as your graphic design demand grows. For example if you're working with freelancers, can you rely on the fact that no matter which new freelancer begins producing content, they'll maintain the same style and brand identity perfectly? To do this, you'll need access to a large freelancer network you know are reliable and a great onboarding method. In general, it can be more difficult to achieve this when working with individual freelancers as it will be more difficult to achieve a great level of communication between everyone working on your brand.Working with Design Cloud on a graphic design subscription plan offers a great alternative solution to working with freelancers. You can scale your outsourced design team up or down as you need, whilst knowing the same dedicated graphic designers are there to work with when you need them. That way you can skip on the lengthy onboarding and just get the support when you need it whilst being able to rely on the same quality of design every time. We never outsource overseas, all of our team are based here in the UK so you don't need to worry about timezone issues.

How will you communicate with your outsourced creative team?

The next important thing to consider is whether the design workflow the outsourcing method offers will genuinely work for you and your team in the long run. For example, does the graphic design agency or freelancer offer a method of communication, as well as the frequency of communication, that your team need? Or, on the other hand, will it require too much input from your already busy team?From start to finish, communication is a huge part of what makes a design project successful. At Design Cloud, we've spent a long time perfecting our workflow process so that it's efficient as possible. You'll simply need to login to our custom-built platform and submit your design brief (we've even built-in the option to submit video design briefs using Loom), and then the ticket at the top of your design queue will be worked on each day. If you need more than one ticket worked on at once, you can just keep on adding designers to meet your demand. After that, your designer will deliver a finished draft. (For more information on turnaround times and design scope read here.) On the PRO plan, you can be communicating with your designer in real-time via a Slack channel. You can also ask for as many revisions as you want at no extra cost. Working via Slack with your designer helps to make your dedicated Design Cloud designer feel just like any other remote-working employee.

Why choose Design Cloud?

If you're an enterprise team looking to outsource graphic design, Design Cloud graphic design subscription plans are likely to work really well for you. We already work with a number of big brands, some of which you can see here. Design Cloud enables you to build a full team of subscription-based graphic designers that can be relied on whenever you need more design for one fixed monthly cost. It really is a pay-as-you-grow model. Because we hire our team of designers in-house, you can be sure that you'll be teamed up with a high-quality of designer straight away, we've done all the lengthy recruitment process for you. You can also skip right past the more time-consuming tasks like locating equipment, paying for licensing fees and the cost of desks and space needed for a new team in-house. In fact, Design Cloud is saving UK businesses upwards of £20,000 right now when compared to the costs of hiring in-house.We are well equipped to handle large graphic design loads expertly, all at one fixed monthly fee. If you're interested in learning more about how Design Cloud plans work, you can watch a demo here or book to speak to a service expert today.