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Is a Graphic Design Subscription Plan the Solution You Need?

Published on
January 28, 2021
A woman asking a question - is a graphic design subscription plan what I need?
Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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Need help with graphic design work?

Learn how Design Cloud can help you save time and money on graphic design.
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Imagine if you could have access to all the skills of a professional graphic designer (with at least 3 years commercial experience) who were UK-based and could turnaround quality design tasks rapidly‚ from only £549 every month. That means unlimited capability to support extra design tasks both in-house or externally and a whole new lease of life for your brand. You could effectively hire an expert without any of the lengthy and frustrating hiring process and risks, and save a lot of money in the process. The demand for additional graphic design support from businesses of all sizes is why Design Cloud was born! We're a design agency based in Manchester with a team full of talented designers ready to help you.

How do our graphic design subscriptions work?

We are a subscription based service that allows you to work directly with a dedicated graphic designer to submit as many design tasks as you like. We really mean that too. Your designer will then set to work creating your graphics. Throughout this design process, you can communicate as much as you'd like with your designated graphic designer. Our PRO plan even comes with a slack channel, so you can communicate with your designer as though they are literally a part of your in-house team. All of our plans include unlimited revisions, unlimited users and unlimited brands so that you are guaranteed to get the best return on your investment. Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes access graphic design that will actually make a difference to their marketing efforts. We prioritise making sure communication is great with your designer as we always want to ensure we are reflecting your brand perfectly. Each and every one of our designs is created using Adobe software and will only ever be sent over when it is to a standard we would be happy to use ourselves.

Who can a flat rate graphic design subscription service help?

Since absolutely every business should be utilising graphic design in order to market to their audience, our list of clients come from a really wide variety of industries. Some of these businesses include accountants, recruitment agencies, digital marketing agencies and record labels. We complete all sorts of design tasks including:

  • Corporate brochures
  • Ebooks & Presentations
  • Social media content
  • UI/UX design
  • Brand design

Part of what makes our designers day so exciting is the variety of tasks that get sent over. Some common design requests include existing logo updates, point of sale graphics and album cover art! View our portfolio here.

The benefits

Of course, we think there are endless benefits to a Design Cloud subscription plan. But instead of telling you what we think, here are a few quotes taken from some of our happy customers:

We have made significant savings compared to paying on a 'per job' basis with the company we previously used. And the quality of the design work is much better‚ Read the full review here

"Design cloud has made my life as a Project Manager so much easier. Now our designer can focus on big projects and then design cloud do ... all the other smaller tasks which take up so much time" Read the full review here

“Design cloud offers a fantastic value for money and has allowed us to offer our clients high quality graphic design for really competitive rates... The offer initially seemed too good to be true but it has delivered on all fronts! Read the full review here

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Could we join your team?

If affordable graphic design is a solution you need, we are here to help. We really do believe it is the most logical solution for the vast majority of businesses. It's all the benefits of an in-house graphic designer, just without any of the hassle! You'll get all the cohesiveness in design and the dedication you would expect of an in-house team member. We'll even let you try the service risk-free for 14 days and if you're not happy with the designs produced, you simply cancel the plan. Each of our unlimited graphic design subscription plans can also be set up on a rolling monthly subscription and we always guarantee there will be no hidden costs!

woman jumping holding laptop

If you'd like to chat with one of our service experts, book a demo today and we can talk in more depth about how our graphic design subscription plans could help you.