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What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

Published on
June 6, 2022
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Leah Camps
Marketing Executive
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What does a graphic designer do?

A graphic designer uses their incredible skill and talent to carry out the entire process of defining requirements, creating concepts, and designing cutting-edge and appealing graphics -  such as illustrations and logos - which they then use to create a range of content for online and offline marketing material. The graphics and visuals are designed expertly to captivate and inspire audiences. 

There is so much a graphic designer can do for you and your brand. Likewise, there is so much Design Cloud and our expert team of some of the UK’s most talented and dedicated graphic designers can do for your brand - regardless of how ambitious your goals are. Our unlimited graphic design UK company is the ultimate solution to all of your graphic design issues and needs.

Using Design Cloud as an alternative outsourcing method

Design Cloud is a tremendous solution for businesses and individuals looking for additional graphic design support, and an affordable solution to hiring in-house or working with a freelance designer. In fact, our graphic design subscription plans can genuinely save you north of £20,000 and is doing just that for many UK businesses already. If you require graphic designs and visuals, be it for your online or offline marketing materials, Design Cloud is the ultimate unlimited graphics solution, offering  access to a professional graphic designer every business day, and unlimited graphic design for a monthly fee.

Do I really have access to unlimited graphic designs?

There is no limit to the number of design requests you can make as a Design Cloud user, and there is no limit to the number of adjustments you can request with each of our unlimited graphic design services. Our highly-skilled graphic designers at Design Cloud will use their talent to design anything you request from them while also being on board to make any revisions. There will be absolutely no additional charge if you submit a high number of requests or request a large number of adjustments to be made - everything is included in the fee.

At Design Cloud, every round of revisions is treated by our incredible design team as a new design request which may impact the turnaround time of other design requests in your queue, but we do this to ensure everything you request from us is worked on with the utmost quality and precision.

Design Cloud is an efficient and effective solution for providing affordable flat rate graphic design services. If you require any additional design work at a faster rate, we can do just that. You can add another one of our designers to your team by contacting our sales team, which allows you to double your daily graphic design output, making your design process more efficient.

We already have over 35 clients working with our reputable graphic design agency across London and Manchester for a number of services, including simple infographics, business stationery, event flyers and presentation graphics.

How can we bring your branding identity to life?

Here at Design Cloud, we are experts in bringing brand assets, such as logos, colour palettes, and more to life across a range of outputs, which ultimately brings life to your branding identity. A graphic designer assesses your brand’s current identity and builds your company's image through designing branding, visuals and even logos. All you'll need to do is provide a design brief, and our designers can get to work bringing your brand identity vision to life.

Of course, branding isn’t just about the logo. We will work to your brand guidelines to really give your branding identity some oomph, making it truly consistent across formats. To bring your branding to life, we will create exceptional quality graphics and visuals that incorporate your brand's colour palette, fonts and typography, different formats and variations of your logo, your brand’s tone, and anything else you desire to be featured within your branding such as slogans or taglines.

Pricing and packages with Design Cloud

Each of our flat rate graphic design packages at Design Cloud includes an unlimited number of design requests and adjustments. Therefore, with any plan you choose, you can submit as many requests as you like, and you won't be charged anything more for demanding changes to your work. Our graphic design flat rate pricing is affordable, so every size business can get access to professional design that will help their business grow.

Our pricing structure is determined by the level of complexity of the design work you regularly require from our dedicated designers, and you'll never have to pay more than the one-time, flat-rate fee you pay when you first subscribe to our outstanding service. All of our plans are available on a rolling monthly agreement.

Our Standard plan will provide you with everything you need if you’re wanting general graphic design, social media content and business brochures across your marketing channels.

With all of our plans, you’ll have one dedicated UK-based designer, unlimited graphic design requests and revisions, unlimited brands and users, free stock photos and an average next business day turnaround depending on the complexity of your request. Our Design Cloud Standard plan is ideal for simple daily design work, while our Design Cloud Agency plan is great for advanced design work. Last but not least, our Design Cloud PRO plan is perfect if you need more complex design work.

You can benefit from our Standard plan for just £549 a month - though that will be as low as £466.86 per month if you opt for a 12-month rolling contract plan. Hiring freelancers, agencies or in-house designers can be costly ; that's why Design Cloud is not only an affordable solution, but a logical alternative to traditional outsourcing methods.

How fast can you turn a design around for me?

We are proud to have a team of designers who produce flat rate graphics that are consistently at a high standard with a fast turnaround. The majority of simple requests, such as display ads or social media material, require approximately one business day to complete, whereas more complex requests, such as leaflets or slide decks, may take several days to complete. In other words, our turnaround time is based on the complexity and specificity of the brief.

If you have any revisions after your requests have been designed, or if you feel you need to make any changes after you have sent your brief to your dedicated designer, simply let the designer know and they will work through them until they look exactly how you want them.

That said, our designers are human, and while you are entitled to unlimited graphic design work, your designer can only work on one request at a time. This could affect the turnaround time slightly - but the brilliance won't be affected one bit! For any larger projects or requests that you make, your designer will keep you informed about the development and, if necessary, send you any daily updates on the app (or by Slack on our PRO plan!)