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The most unique web design agency in Manchester

The most unique web design agency in Manchester

Hello, we’re Design Cloud. We’re the latest innovation when it comes to web design services based in Manchester. Our Web Design services aren’t like traditional agencies you’ll find here in Manchester, we’re an unlimited graphic design subscription service here to give you access to as many premium quality web designs as you need for just one flat rate subscription fee, with no extra hidden costs.

Our Pro plan starts from just £999 per month and gives you access to a dedicated expert graphic designer you can communicate with via a slack channel for real-time collaboration, unlimited design requests, same day revisions, help with large workloads and unlimited full front end web design.


How It Works
What's included with a plan?

What's included with a plan?

The design scope for each plan ranges but every single one of our plans offers you unlimited design requests, unlimited number of users, and an unlimited number of brands and revisions. That’s the basis of everything we do. From there, our plans are tailored based on workload and design scope. Our Pro plan offers the largest design scope and includes logo design, full front end web design,  original branding, landing page design and advanced infographics along with many more common design requests like social media content.

The Pro plan is perfect for larger businesses and agencies with a heavy workload who needs lots of graphic design support and want to work really closely with their Design Cloud designer since you’ll be able to communicate in real-time via a slack channel. Whilst are agency plan doesn’t include front end web design, you will be able to request an unlimited amount of landing page designs along with lots of other graphic design assets.

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What makes Design Cloud a unique option for web design in Manchester?

What makes Design Cloud a unique option for web design in Manchester?

Unlike other web design agencies in Manchester, at Design Cloud our graphic design subscription plans mean that you’ll have access to as many unique web designs as you want for just one flat rate per month. You don’t need to be signed into a contract to work with a Design Cloud designer, you can stay with us for 1 month or forever but are free to cancel your subscription at any time. We do offer a discount system which means if you like working with us and want to sign up for 12 months, you’ll save 15% on your plan.

Whilst on an unlimited graphic design plan you will also be able to request as many design tasks via your design queue on the app or via email. Our design scope includes things like web banners, PPC ad designs, point of sale graphics and so much more.

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Choose your graphic design subscription plan

To start submitting design requests for websites and landing pages, you’ll need to be signed up on either our agency or Pro plan. Learn more about our plans.

Work with a graphic designer to create stunning web designs

With Design Cloud, you can work through a slack channel or the app directly with a designated designer as though they are a member of your in-house team.

Create breathtaking website and landing page designs

Our plans include unlimited requests, brands and revisions. You can submit as many website and landing page designs as needed at no extra cost.

What is Web Design?

What is Web Design?

Web design is all about the appearance, layout, and visual experience of your website. It focuses on colour choice, imagery, user interaction, site structure, and (in some cases) content. A web design service encompasses many different skills and disciplines to help make a big impression as soon as your potential customers land on your site.

These include:

● Web graphic design
● User interface design
● User experience design
● Search engine optimisation

Here at Design Cloud, you will need a Pro Account to take full advantage of our web design service, based in Manchester.

The Design Cloud PRO account features everything in our standard and agency plans, but with broader design scope and some enhanced elements. For example, with this type of account you can collaborate with your designer on Slack; get same-day revisions; obtain advanced infographics; design for unlimited brands and users; and have the potential to take on large workloads.

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A well-designed website can work wonders beyond simply plugging a service, product, or person. If done well, it can tell a story about your business, spark interest and engagement in your brand and establish an online presence – all while working alongside any other marketing materials you may have. 

We know that great web design will speak volumes to your target demographic and nail the branding of your business itself, all while making sure it is easy to use, looks good, and gets your information across. The process of planning and creating web pages – which can include actual content, images, multimedia, tools, navigation menus, search forms, contact details, and other interactive features – can constantly evolve depending on your needs. Aspects such as clear navigation, web banners, and calls-to-action that stand out to the viewer are all hallmarks of a successful tie between content and design.

Our unlimited graphic design service will help create a bespoke graphic design plan that will make those all-important first impressions count. Whilst we can’t code your new landing page design, our team is used to working on eye-catching designs that are understandable and ready to be sent straight to your developer to get your website looking good. 

There are a few different ways to ensure that customers have the best experience while browsing your website, which starts with figuring out what you want your site to say. Graphic designers will kick things off by asking what sort of site you’re looking to create, such as e-commerce, agency, or informational, before looking into the target audience and what interactions they will have with the page.

What Our Customers Say

Customer experience is our number one priority. Here's what some of our clients have to say about us

Why do I need web design?

Why do I need web design?

A poorly designed website will fail to make a good impression on your prospective customers, It will also fail to persuade them to do/subscribe to/buy anything whilst they are there! With quality web design, you can nurture your leads and get more conversions, leading ultimately to more sales and increased profit for your business.

Just as importantly, effective web design also provides your users with a positive site experience. It helps to point them in the right direction, with easy navigation and simple visual call to actions. There is a science behind how a web page should look and feel to engage interaction or interest. You need a professional web design service to ensure your site looks and operates the best that it can.

That takes care of your visitors once they are there, but what about getting them there in the first place? A web design optimised for your search engine optimisation strategy can actually help push more traffic towards your website!


How long will my design take?

The length of time it takes to complete your design will depend on the number of designs/pages you have and the size of your project. The majority of simple one-page and landing page designs can be completed by our expert graphic design and interaction design team in less than 24 hours. This may take longer if you have numerous, complex designs/pages to work on.


Am I able to make changes to my design once it’s finished?

Yes, absolutely, as many as you like! Design Cloud offers unlimited revisions at no extra cost, so we can keep on amending your design until you are completely happy with it. Unlike many other agencies and freelancers, we will keep on working at your design until it’s right, no matter how long it takes!


Can I communicate with my designer?

Working with each other without talking to each other would be counterproductive and prevent you from obtaining your desired design. So, of course, you can communicate with your dedicated designer. We have the Design Cloud Portal, which will allow you to talk to your designer and have conversations around briefs, feedback and design progression.

Is the designer based in the UK?

Is the designer based in the UK?

All of our designers at Design Cloud are based in the UK, with our head office based in Manchester. So, you don’t have to worry about language barriers, different time zones, or anything else you dislike about working with a non-UK based designer.


Meet the team
Can you develop my website?

Can you develop my website?

As mere designers, unfortunately, we cannot help you develop or code your website. You will need a professional developer for this, who will be able to do a much more effective and proper job than us! However, we do create all of our designs with web development in mind, so your chosen web developer will be comfortable working with them. We can also make changes to the designs we create for you based on your development needs.

Book a demo with the team here at Design Cloud to see what we can do for you. We’d be more than happy to flex our creative design muscles your way! Our design service is more affordable than a full time, in-house designer – but more reliable than outsourcing your work to freelancers.

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What’s the difference between web design and web development?

What’s the difference between web design and web development?

Web design refers to the actual design elements that your website uses. This includes things like web banners, landing page design and the colour scheme that your website incorporates. Web development is different as it refers to the actual building of the site through coding. At Design Cloud we supply premium web design services but unfortunately, we can’t undertake the coding of your website. Any web developer will be able to use our website designs to code your site. If you don’t have an existing web developer in your company that you want to work with on your designs, we can put you in contact with the reliable professional agencies we work with everyday! 


Which web builder platform will our web designs work with?

Which web builder platform will our web designs work with?

At Design Cloud, we offer web design for a range of softwares including Magento web design and WordPress web design. Whilst we don’t code websites, any professional web developer will be able to bring our designs to life using these platforms. If you need any help sourcing a web developers, just let us know and we can connect you with one of the talented agencies we work with. 


Adaptive versus responsive

Two of the most common elements used in website creation are adaptive and responsive web design. In responsive design, content can move freely about the page regardless of screen size, while adaptive aspects are fixed in a layout that best suits the browser window it is viewed on. To make sure your company gains – and keeps – customers, website layouts should be consistent between mobiles, computers, and tablets, whatever you choose.

The pros of adaptive design mean easy compatibility across devices, allowing both a desktop and mobile user experience. Graphic designers also find that creating custom, bespoke designs is easier to integrate without code, boasting a ‘what you see is what you get’ effect. 

Responsive web design is typically seen as the sturdier option, thanks to its more rigid build. Your website will look cohesive no matter what it’s viewed on, with the help of a custom website design on top of flexible grid layouts.

Choosing the right interactive design for your website and its needs is one of the biggest things to consider when weighing up your options, especially since 93% of users leave a website because it doesn’t display properly on their device.


User interface design

One of the most common terms within website design is User Interface (or UI Design). This is what designers use to build interfaces in software or on computerised devices, focusing on the visual style of the page and how it plays on emotion. Designers aim to create interfaces or communication designs that customers find easy to use and enjoyable, because visiting your website should always be a positive experience. UI design also refers to other aspects of interfaces, such as voice-controlled technology. 

User Interface Design is all about making the overall customer journey frustration-free and satisfying while ensuring your brand values are being communicated in a clear way. This design understands that audiences quickly judge what they see and makes sure those precious seconds count, with beauty and function being the main user focus.


User experience design

User Experience Design (or UX Design) is defined as any interaction a customer makes with a product or service. The User Experience takes stock of each and every design element involved in how a browser might spend time on a website, considering how it makes the user feel and how easy it is to navigate.

UX design is quite methodical, integrating strategies, market research, strategy, product development and design to build user experiences for products, services, and processes. Its main goal is to put the customer into focus when doing anything regarding a product, understanding what aspects might help or hinder their experience. Good user experience uncovers problems that people may have when interacting with a website and understands how to fix it, streamlining the process and increasing customer retention, which is always good for business.

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the method where content or structure on a website is adjusted so it will be displayed at the forefront of a search engine. Its usage and popularity make sense, considering 93% of online experiences begin with the help of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. 

Rather than paying advertising to rank highly on these engines, SEO means looking at your website content and understanding how to ‘flip’ or create content that will get those results naturally. Search engines follow certain rules to discern what information they want to pass to users, so making sure your site is accessible, well-labelled, and has compliant HTML are good places to start. Content, links, and references should all be relevant with stand-out page titles, with excellent spelling and grammar to impress search rankings and improve the user experience.

Spending some time on keyword research will help you craft really good content that will help you rank higher on Google. Keywords will tell you what your audience wants to know based on what they’re searching for, so choosing the right ones is incredibly important. It’s also helpful to look at related search criteria and see how they rank, observing terms that come out at the top and bottom of the listings. It may be tempting to try and bandwagon a popular or obvious keyword, but sometimes cultivating content that is based on a long-tail or more niche term may be a smarter option as these types of term tend to have less competition. 

Indexing is the process by which search engines organise information before a search to enable super-fast responses to queries. Searching through individual pages for keywords and topics would be a very slow process for search engines to identify relevant information. Instead, search engines (including Google) use an inverted index, also known as a reverse index.

Do website designers write content?

Do website designers write content?

Here at Design Cloud, our expertise is based within the graphic design process, so we are unable to help you write all the content needed for your website. We can work wonders with copy brought to us, where we will shape and style it into a design that suits all your business needs! With our Unlimited Graphic Design Services, we can offer ongoing support should anything change or need updating, and accommodate a range of services and products to feature. 

If you’re stuck on content inspiration, it might be worth looking into enlisting a professional copywriter to help you do this – or look at similar websites across the industry and see what works best. 

What content should be on a website?

What content should be on a website?

Before you send a brief to a copywriter, deciding what your business’s tone of voice sounds like is a good place to start. Content and visuals go hand in hand, so making sure the feel of what your customers will be reading matches the graphics they will be interacting with cannot be overlooked. 

Then you should consider all the sections you’ll be needing for your website and what information the audience needs to know. Traditionally, a website will need a homepage, about page, a products page (which may feature e-commerce tools), and, most importantly, your contact details. Some businesses might like to include a blog or testimonials page, but that is entirely up to personal preference.

An important thing to remember is that landing pages, such as your homepage and about section, should be evergreen. Blogs, testimonials, and product pages are great places to continually refresh with new pieces of content, which will help your website look active, helping your chances to show up in search engines and criteria.  



This is probably the most important page on the entire website. As well as engaging design, this is where your audience will find out the purpose of your business and understand the brand identity. All content here should be concise and attention-grabbing, so it doesn’t slow down the website’s loading speed: a lag can be costly, with 47% of customers expecting a website to load in two seconds at the very most. 

Your copy should touch on who you are and what you do, give an overview of the products and services on offer and let your customers know why your business is exactly what they are looking for. 


About page

This page gives browsers a peek at the people behind the website, which gives you a great opportunity to reveal your values, history, and what sets you apart from everyone else. Usually, a summary of your company and who works there, what drives your businesses and any notable facts, such as achievements, will live here.


Product page

Here is where all of your services or products should be spotlighted. Informative copy, alongside high-quality photographs, allows customers to get a feel for what is on offer and what they can expect. Make sure to include short descriptions of each product or service, link to any relevant pages that contain more information, and make sure to let customers know why they should buy from you.

As for services, you might want to expand on the feel of and benefit of the services alongside any key information. It’s helpful to give further context and will encourage people to get in touch!



A blog is a great tool to show a business has its finger on the pulse and is knowledgeable about an industry. It also gives insight into your company and any exciting developments.

It can also double as a resource tool, especially regarding long-form, well-researched posts, which tend to rank highly in SEO and gain clicks from social media. Because of this, blogs are excellent ways of building brand awareness and can establish your business as an active voice in a sector. Some of your pages may be designed to bring in traffic from people who are searching online. If the purpose of your content is to bring in organic searchers, choose a good keyword to target in your writing, and dedicate some time to making your pieces useful to a wider audience – this is a great opportunity to build some backlinks.

The more your blog (or any page on a website) is linked to from another, the more Google and other big search engines will suggest it to searchers. These “inbound links”, “incoming links” or “one-way links” are a fantastic, organic way to make sure your website will feature highly in rankings.

It might take a bit of prep and strategy to decide who you are blogging for and what uses it will bring to your website but it offers many possibilities to spotlight media mentions, guest posts, industry news, and much more.

Contact Us page

Contact Us page

The final page of your website is usually reserved for your contact details. This includes your business name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, and other useful information. You should always strive to keep these details consistent across every page of your site,. This will make sure you look credible and avoids any errors being made should anyone want to get in touch! 

It is also important to have your phone number, email address, and socials accessible throughout the whole site, if possible, so customers don’t have to search for them. This might also be a good opportunity to spotlight testimonials from other service users, such as a brief paragraph of feedback that shows how good your business is and to further persuade customers to get in touch.

Depending on the size of your business or what type of website you have, you might also want to consider including an events page, advertising information, a job or careers section, or a standalone testimonial page.

How long does it take to get set up?

Once you’ve completed sign-up, you’ll receive your account log-in details and you’ll be able to start submitting design requests instantly through the app or via email. It typically it takes around 24hrs for us to get you set up with your designer and to get them working on your requests.

What does unlimited graphic design actually mean?

As a Design Cloud subscriber, there is no limitation to the number of design requests you can submit and there is no limitation on the number of revisions you can ask for either. You will not be charged a penny extra for submitting a large number of requests or making a large number of revisions.

One thing to keep in mind – Each round of revisions is treated as a new design request and this can affect the turnaround time of other design requests you have in your queue.

We’re Only Human….

Design Cloud designers are real humans. Your designer will work through the design requests in your queue, one task at a time. Once the request at the top of your queue is complete, they will move onto the next one.

Need more design work faster?

No problem at all. It’s easy to scale your output by adding another designer to your team which will allow you to double your daily graphic design output. This can be easily done from your account dashboard or by contacting our sales team.

I have more than one business, can I use one account?

Yes you can. All of our subscription plans come with unlimited brands. This means that you can use one subscription to submit design work for multiple businesses that you may own.

Just keep in mind that your designer will only work on one active request at a time from your queue.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes we do. We offer a 14 day risk-free trial on all of our services. If you don’t like the design work we create for you in the first 14 days, we’ll keep it and you can get a full refund, no questions asked. You can read more about how the trial works on our pricing page.

What are the turnaround times?

As a rough average, Design Cloud standard users will get most design requests delivered back to them the following business day.

Turnaround times on design requests will vary and generally depend on three factors:

1. How long you and your designer have been working together.

If you’ve been working with your designer for some time, you’ll have a great workflow in place, your designer will fully understand your brand, visual identity and your preferred style. This will speed up turnaround time significantly.

If you are new to Design Cloud and you’re submitting your first task with your new designer, you’ll more than likely receive your first design back in around 1-2 business days.

2. How complex the design request is.

For example, a simple social media graphic with simple text overlayed can be very quick to turnaround, whereas something like a multi-page powerpoint presentation or detailed corporate brochure will have a lot of layers that make up the design and will take significantly longer to produce.

Our customer experience team review all requests the moment they come through to assess complexity. If there’s a complex request we think will take longer than one business day to get back to you, we’ll reach out and let you know.

3. How many requests you have in your design queue.

Your designer will work on one request at a time. If you approve the request at the top of your queue when your designer sends it back to you, we’ll jump straight onto the next one. If you delay getting back to us about revisions and sign off, this will delay the rest of your design requests being worked on.

DesignCloud PRO

One of the perks of being a Design Cloud PRO user is that you’ll get real-time communication with your designer via Slack and faster turnaround times, including same-day design delivery.

Even though the PRO plan turnaround time is quicker (especially for revisions), the number of design requests you’ll get delivered each day will still differ depending on the complexity of each request sent, how long you’ve been working with your designer and what else you have at the top of your design queue.

Are you outsourcing work to freelance sites or overseas?

Absolutely not. We don’t outsource work overseas and we don’t use freelance sites or market places. All of our designers are in-house at our office in central Manchester. The digital capital of the north.

Who owns the creative work?

You own all of the design work that we create for you. Everything we do is made specifically for you and your brand. The moment we deliver the final design files to you, you have 100% ownership. We also provide you with the Adobe layered files we used to create your work in too ie: Photoshop PSD, Illustrator AI, InDesign INDD as well as in .jpg, .pdf, or .png.

Important information around stock images.

If we need to use stock images in your work, there are some important ownership/license restrictions that you need to be aware of. You can read about these here in our terms of service.

What can you design for me?

We can design almost anything for you so long as you can explain or show us what it is you want to create. Our design scope is broad, but firmly set in graphic design (at the moment)  if you’re looking for animated 3D video, CAD design, SEO, copywriting or a sandwich. We’re not going to be able to help you…

However, we work with multiple award-winning agencies across all areas of digital and we would be to introduce you.

We can also recommend some amazing sandwich shops in Manchester too. (We love sandwiches)

Here’s our official design scope. If there’s something we’ve not mentioned on the list, get in touch and we’ll let you know if it can be done.

Can you design my logo?

If you have a clear brief or idea for your logo design including specific fonts, colours or look, sure – We can bring your idea to life and design your logo as you described it.

We are not a branding agency.

If you don’t know what you want your logo to look like and you need help to develop a brand/logo/name from scratch, then we will happily put you in touch with one of award-winning branding agency partners.

Can you design my website?

Yes we can! You’ll need to be subscribed to a Design Cloud PRO or Enterprise plan to work on web design. We’ll need your website copy already written and ready to go and you’ll need to provide us with a clear page by page brief and send us any licensed photos you want to use too.

Each website page will be designed in three standard screen sizes. Desktop, Mobile, Tablet. Each page you want us to design for your site will need to be submitted as a new request.

Web Development

Web development is not included in any of our subscription plans. We can provide you with a separate price for the development, refer you to one of our web development agency partners or you can use the designs we produce for you and work with your existing developer to build it.

We're an Agency, can we use Design Cloud?

Absolutely. We love working with agencies and would love to talk to you about how we can help you.

We work particularly well with marketing agencies who are currently outsourcing their design work to freelancers, branding agencies who want to free up their lead designers from small design tasks that create a bottleneck and any agency using non-designers to create their graphics for their own social media channels. (There’s a lot of them about)

We’re not here to replace your existing designers, we’re here to offer an affordable, low risk solution to help you design at scale.

I'm a freelancer, can I use Design Cloud?

Yes! We love helping freelancers scale up their design output.

If you have a large project that requires a heavy amount of small graphic design tasks, you can focus on the larger areas of the project and we can help you work through the small stuff and reduce the time you spend designing until the twilight hours trying to meet deadlines.