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Anthesis choose Design Cloud as their scalable graphic design solution

Crewe, UK.

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An introduction to Anthesis Ltd

Anthesis are Channel Partners for IFS & Infor M3 Cloud Suite solutions based in the UK and operating worldwide. To date, their network of  consultants have completed 275 projects across 25 countries, providing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)  solutions to help improve processes across hundreds of businesses. In addition to their work providing ERP solutions for businesses around the world, Anthesis also provide specialist ERP solutions for the Pet food and Animal Feed industries as well as support for Enterprise Applications with their own Managed Services.

Anthesis are a global brand with an existing internal marketing team and over 40 employees so the question is… what exactly brought them to Design Cloud?

Anthesis’ Design Bottleneck

At the time that Anthesis had their demo 0f the Design Cloud service they had just undergone an impressive rebrand which meant that all marketing materials going forward would need to follow the same quality as the initial rebranding assets. With just one in-house marketer who was already providing brochures for their sales team, producing all social graphics and managing the day-to-day marketing tasks, it soon became obvious that additional graphic design was needed.

As a growing business, Anthesis had come to an important decision.

How would they choose to expand their team?

Of course, a professional graphic designer was the logical choice to ensure that the quality of their rebrand was successfully carried through all other marketing materials, but they would also need to have the budget to invest in their marketing team to grow their business over the long term too.

The ultimate design workflow solution

With lots of questions at the ready, Anthesis’ internal marketer sat and discussed the various subscription plans with a service expert via a demo. When it comes to resolving design bottlenecks, it’s what we do best. Anthesis chose to take out The Standard Plan to get all the graphic design support they needed to give back that crucial time needed for their internal marketer to focus on important projects, whilst also completely solving the issue of needing a professional graphic designer to carry their rebrand out. It also meant that their design work no longer needed to be worked on by a non-designer, which would help both the overall quality of the work and to alleviate stress from the non-designer job roles.

Their personal designer, Jack Bailey, works on the Anthesis design queue every business day and has already produced a spectacular portfolio of marketing materials including ebooks, social banners, infographics, email signatures, brochures and much more.

Due to their impressive service and consistently high value offering, Anthesis have recently been recognised in the FT1000 list of Europes Fastest Growing companies. What an impressive achievement! Although experiencing unprecedented amounts of growth over the last year, Anthesis don’t need to worry about expanding their internal design team as our subscription plans are made to be able to handle as much volume as you need through the addition of extra designers. The perfect design workflow solution for their scaling business all at a budget-friendly cost, job done.

What do Anthesis say about Design Cloud?

“Design Cloud provides a fantastic service and amazing value for money. The quality of the work produced is consistently at a high standard with a fast turn around. Once the team had our logos and style guide they were creating high quality assets that are perfectly aligned with our branding. We mainly use the service to produce several different versions of multi-page sales brochures which would be expensive if we went elsewhere. With Design Cloud the brochures are turned around quickly, look slick and professional and have been well received by our sales team.”

Emma McClymont, Marketing Manager

“DesignCloud offers an innovative approach to satisfy all our creative design needs in a very responsive way to allow us to stay very agile. All our requests are handled quickly and professionally, to our brand guidelines by our own designated designer, so refreshing! Keep up the great work!”

Mike Pawezowski, Marketing Manager, Anthesis Ltd

Do you need help with your graphic design?

Some people think that Design Cloud subscription plans are simply too good to be true, but the fact is that we just really prioritise ensuring that our prices are as competitive as we can be whilst still maintaining a superb standard of work. If you’re a marketer, a marketing manager, or just a person who wants to solve the issue of not having all the professional graphic design you need to see your business grow – talk to us today. We’re always happy to look at your specific situation and to honestly evaluate how Design Cloud could work for you on a completely free of charge demo, just like the one Anthesis started with! If you want to see results like the ones we’ve discussed in this case study, well, they’re only a few clicks away.

The results

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