Buddy Loans Chooses Affordable Graphic Design

Buddy Loans
Manchester, UK.

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Who are Buddy Loans?

Buddy Loans are a Financial Services business who have worked hard to build an approachable and professional brand that creates straightforward financial solutions for clients. Having an existing small internal marketing team and a well-established brand, what made them choose Design Cloud to outsource their graphic design?

The Bottleneck

To strengthen their brand even further, Buddy Loans had a goal to increase their creative content output as well as update their existing visual identity. Because so much additional graphic design work would be necessary to achieve their goal, it became impractical for their small internal marketing team to manage it all in-house along with additional critical marketing tasks. As with lots of internal marketing teams who also have the responsibility of graphic design, there simply wasn’t enough time in the day to focus on everything.

Updating their branding was important for Buddy Loans and they needed to hire a designer that they could rely on, as well as one who could continue to work on their content in order to ensure consistency throughout their brand identity going forward. In addition to needing continual support with their ongoing design work, their ideal solution would allow them to alter how much design work they could request easily in order to be future-proofed as the business grew even more.

Hiring in-house wouldn’t be cost effective for the brand and using freelancers or marketplaces would mean longer waiting times as well as less flexibility when it came to scaling their graphic design support up or down whenever they needed to.

With the traditional graphic design outsourcing methods not quite fitting the bill, Buddy Loans reached out to Design Cloud for a demo of an unlimited graphic design subscription plan.

The Solution

In April 2021, Buddy Loans decided to subscribe to our PRO plan which gave them all the flexibility, reliability and scalability that they were looking for in their outsourcing solution.

Working alongside a professional UK-based designer that got to know them and their brand, they were able to work on projects like a brand new logo design, web visuals and presentation assets!

Being on a PRO plan meant that Alison Jellicoe, Marketing Director at Buddy Loans, could communicate in real-time via Slack any feedback that was needed to perfect the brand’s design vision in as fast a time as possible. This successfully addressed the need they had for quick turnaround times on design tasks, and offered much of the same benefits as they would’ve had if they’d decided to hire in-house ( just for a lot less money! )

Buddy Loans could use their plan to update their current branding, but also continue to work with their dedicated Design Cloud designer to create even more stunning marketing materials. Even better, they knew that they could easily change up how much support they accessed month-on-month by adding designers or updating their plan as they saw fit.

By using the PRO plan, they could have fantastic communication with their designer and were even able to have an expanded design scope on their plan requests like full front end web design and advanced infographics.

The results

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