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Design Cloud helps Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research reach a bigger audience

Manchester, UK.

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Who are Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research?

Kidscans Children’s Cancer Research is a salford-based charity doing amazing work in funding and managing research into new treatments to help children with cancer. Because they don’t receive statutory funding, Kidscan relies on contributions from volunteers, businesses and the public in order to fund the fantastic work they do. It’s been very important for Kidscan to maintain a great level of digital communication with their audience so that they can raise awareness and in turn receive the funding they need to continue in their mission. Since 2002, Kidscan have funded over 35 research projects and made a lot of incredible progress into the treatment of children’s cancer. You can check them out here if you’d like to donate. So with all that being said, what brought Kidscan to Design Cloud?

The design dilemma

As mentioned above, Kidscan rely on communicating with their audience to both raise awareness of children’s cancer and to raise the necessary funds needed to conduct life-changing research. With this responsibility being carried by just one internal marketer, Kidscan found themselves held back in their ability to reach a larger audience simply because they didn’t have the internal capacity to produce all the high quality design work they needed to.

What they needed was an option in which they could work with a professional graphic designer who would help them to see better results from their marketing efforts whilst also saving as much of the budget as possible in the process. The solution needed to successfully take the pressure of their internal marketer to produce a high volume of time-consuming graphic design tasks like social media graphics. In addition to this, they needed a solution that would allow them to create more motivating marketing materials for their fundraising activities.

In this situation, what would you have done?

Without the budget to hire a graphic designer in-house, Kidscan might have felt cornered into leaving the responsibility to their internal marketer and accepting the fact they could only reach a smaller audience since they just didn’t have the time to create more professional resources. Hiring freelancers or a designer from a marketplace was out of the equation because hourly rates would be too high and the results could be inconsistent. This is when Kidscan turned to unlimited graphic design subscription plans, namely, us.

The ultimate budget-friendly design solution

On letting us know their situation in a demo, our service expert was able to recommended that Kidscan take out the Standard Plan and once they’d signed up, they were assigned with a dedicated and highly skilled graphic designer. The Kidscan internal marketer was able to pass over the small time-consuming tasks to their personal graphic designer James, including the task of updating older brand resources that just needed a refresh. In addition to this their plan allowed them access to a higher volume of social graphics and editorial designs amongst much more.

What were the effects?

Kidscan were able to take better care of their social channels through regular posting of premium quality designs, create the professional editorial pieces they needed to make a brilliant first impression and reach a larger audience with their crucial message. Their internal marketer was able to focus on the projects that would help bring fundraising to it’s highest point and their design workflow was completely resolved and actually improved… all for just £549 per month.

Do you need extra graphic design support?

If you’re in a similar situation to Kidscan and need the extra graphic design support, we’d really love to have a chat with you. We hate pushy sales people as much as the next person, so our demos are always meant to be a simple and quick chat about whether our graphic design services can genuinely help you. Chat to a service expert today or go ahead and try the service risk-free for 14 days! We can’t wait to help realise your dream designs soon.

The results

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