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How Design Cloud helps one of the worlds leading dance music record labels scale their content output

Future Sound of Egypt
London, UK.

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Design Cloud with Future Sound of Egypt

Founded in 2008 by international electronic music artists Aly & Fila; Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE) is now one of the world’s leading record label and event brands, specialising in Trance & Progressive House music. The brand itself forms a community for those who love hearing new music, discovering new artists and people looking to get their music heard. FSOE are a record label actively looking to shine light on new talent. In addition to the successful radio show and podcast they host, Future Sound of Egypt also has a line of merchandise available.

Over the past decade, Aly & Fila have hosted 35 Future Sound of Egypt branded events in 17 countries and delivered more than 650 episodes of their weekly radio show to a global audience of around 10 million people per week.

The Bottleneck

With an enormous global following of over 3,000,000 fans across 12 channels, social media plays a crucial role in FSOE’s marketing strategy. The record label releases 5 singles per week via major streaming and download platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Beatport. Each single release requires its own design work, which is created to support the artists who release on the label with marketing their music. With so many opportunities to advertise their releases online via channels like Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram – FSOE need to produce up to 280 individual graphics per month. Just for the label alone.

In addition to their record label needing a consistent stream of content, FSOE sells its own range of merchandise through their online store.

In order to expand their brand and community even further, they needed high-quality graphics in volume and in lots of different formats. How could they increase the volume of graphic design being produced that drastically without completely overloading their existing internal team? They would need a whole new team of graphic designers that was proficient across lots of different formats and who they could trust would understand their brand, but it still needed to be affordable. Hiring just one highly experienced graphic designer in house would cost around £25,000 per year, or about £2083 per month… they needed a lower cost alternative. Cue Design Cloud.

The Solution

Within a business day, we had 3 dedicated graphic designers from our UK based team, ready to jump into their creative ecosystem. FSOE chose to sign up to our pro plan so that they were not restricted on the type of work they could request.

Did you know? When Design Cloud was first born, it took the music industry by storm and we found our unlimited graphic design service being used for big name events to create all the graphics that make a music brand look so relatable and appealing. When Future Sound Of Egypt approached us with their bottleneck, we instantly knew that we could make a huge difference to their business.

FSOE now works with a team of Design Cloud designers who work to create an abundance of graphics that are used to communicate news and latest music to their audience as well as merchandise and graphics to support new artist releases. By being on our DesignCloud PRO plan, FSOE communicates in real time with their assigned graphic designers to help speed up the turn around  times on their heavy work loads. Utilising great communication and our skilled designers in their unlimited graphic design plan, FSOE are now achieving their goal of a huge volume of completed graphics per month and have seen a massive increase in the amount of merchandise they are able to offer their audience as well as their success in digital marketing. Along with this, Future Sound of Egypt have continued to improve their brand cohesiveness throughout their social presence by having branded social media graphics and advertisements designed. Some of the designs we work on for FSOE include…

Record Label Content

Regularly releasing new music is a huge part of the FSOE brand. Future Sound of Egypt utilise their unlimited graphic design plan by working with their designer to create all the designs that go along with their latest releases. This includes album cover art and Spotify graphics. You can see some of the work below…

Social Media Content

Future Sound of Egypt have always prioritised their social channels and used them as an invaluable way to communicate with their audience. The FSOE team have worked with Design Cloud to create social media content that is both engaging and eye-catching for their audience and have used their plan to create everything from podcast thumbnails to social media graphics showcasing new album cover art! Since starting their plan with Design Cloud and accessing tailored social media content made by our designers, Future Sound of Egypt have seen an impressive x% increase in their overall engagement levels across their social media platforms.


It was important to Future Sound of Egypt that their merchandise reflected the personality of their brand and would be appealing to their audience. They needed merchandise that would fit with the rest of their branding, and so they used Design Cloud to create just that. Since working with Design Cloud for merchandise design, FSOE have seen a massive x% increase in overall sales across their full range! Have a look below at some of our favourite merchandise designs…

What do Future Sound of Egypt say about Design Cloud?

Paul Thomas, Label Manager

“Design Cloud has revolutionised the workflow of our business. Not only is the standard of work excellent, they are also extremely well organised and the platform is very simple to use. The whole system works perfectly and in turn, this helps our brand run efficiently.”

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