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How Infinitel solved their design dilemma with The Standard Plan

Infinitel Communications
Manchester, UK.

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Who are Infinitel?

Infinitel are the leading provider of business telecommunications services. Their services include providing innovative cloud based business phone systems, full fibre internet connectivity and mobile phones to companies globally from start-ups to some of the world’s biggest businesses. With an internal team of 6 people and a business expanding at rapid rates, what was it that brought Infinitel to us?

The design workflow dilemma

With a new and improved website, logo and budget being put into marketing activities like SEO and Google ads – things were on the up for Infinitel. Being in such a strong position and growing their customer base with lots of SME’s, Infinitel decided that it was time to start approaching the bigger companies. It became obvious that they not only needed great graphic design for continuity from their new website and logo design, but they also needed it across all other touch points of their business if they were to successfully add the biggest names to their customer base.

The design dilemma?

Infinitel needed higher volumes of graphic design at higher quality, but they didn’t have an existing design team.

Option A would be to hop onto a marketplace and take a risk hiring a freelancer who could provide the volume they needed, at the right hourly rate and who would be available on a daily basis.

Option B would be to set about putting job adverts out there. They would need to employ a graphic designer who was highly skilled, professional and experienced and could start work almost immediately. This new employee would also need new equipment, a place to work and the relevant paperwork to be completed. Plus, the designer would need to be unusually affordable to fit with the budget and allow them to scale their creative content up again in future.

Option C would be an unlimited graphic design subscription plan. They needed a service where the designers were always based in the UK, so that they could communicate on a daily basis and get the same benefits of an in-house team member. They also needed the service to specialise 100% in graphic design and to be available from the same day whilst offering a low, flat-rate monthly cost they could depend on.

Which option would you choose?

The perfect design solution

After booking in a quick demo with a service expert in December 2019, Infinitel found that they could have their entire design workflow dilemma resolved in just 24 hours by subscribing to our Standard Plan. Each and every one of their concerns were both addressed and resolved from as little as £549 plus VAT a month. Within one business day, Infinitel were assigned a personal graphic designer (Connor Ansell) and began submitting their tickets through their design queue. Infinitel utilised the plan for graphic design tasks including for website page mockups, social media assets, PDF documents, email signatures… Connor Ansell even designed a custom helmet and racing suit to provide additional brand exposure as their MD competes in Karting championships across the UK and internationally!

So what happened with their mission to approach higher value, larger businesses? We touched on it right at the start of this case study… Infinitel now provides business telecommunications to some of the world’s biggest companies. We’d say that was a job well done. Infinitel continues to use their graphic designer to create polished sales presentations and proposals that entice the larger companies looking for no-nonsense, well designed resources that explain a service both succinctly and attractively. Their graphic design now reflects their unfailing professionalism and their new website and logo design look right at home amongst the rest of their brand assets. Infinitel continues to grow at an incredible pace and have used Design Cloud to see more results from their marketing efforts.

Could we team up?

If you’re in a similar situation to Infinitel, let’s talk. We help customers around the world have the right resources to reach out to bigger clients, a wider audience and therefore to increase their revenue. Graphic design is at the centre of so many products and services. If you can’t package your offering attractively then you simply aren’t giving your business the best chance at success. If it makes sense to you to increase your graphic design quality and volume but you’re struggling to see a sustainable solution for your budget long-term, why not try out one of our graphic design subscription plans risk-free for 14 days?

The results

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