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Prestige Telecom Group choose Design Cloud as the Perfect Outsourcing Solution

Prestige Telecom Group
Hampshire, UK.

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Who are Prestige Telecom Group?

Prestige Telecom Group are a provider of telecoms with over 7 years of experience linking businesses with the bespoke business communication packages they need. Because of their dedication to a simplistic, excellent service free from jargon and with the emphasis on meeting customer’s needs along with a strong set of internal values, Prestige have seen phenomenal growth and success since they began in 2014. In 2o21 Prestige Telecom Group have a team of 40, countless awards and an ever-expanding client base. As such a highly established brand, what is it that made Prestige consider outsourcing graphic design?

The Design Workflow Challenge

Like lots of the businesses we work with, Prestige Telecom found themselves getting frustrated with their graphic design workflow. They needed to produce larger volumes of high quality graphic design for marketing campaigns but with just one internal marketer working on these tasks, they simply wouldn’t have the capacity to do this and continue on their higher value marketing projects. Initially, Prestige saw their options as straight-forward with either the choice to hire in-house,  or to use freelancers or marketplaces. Each of these methods of outsourcing posed an issue however…they simply wouldn’t have resolved their design workflow as effectively as they needed. Hiring in-house was not budget-friendly enough, and using freelancers or marketplaces didn’t promise high enough quality design in a way that they could continue to scale up as Prestige grew and needed even more design support. Not only would the volume of work they needed prove to be expensive through those avenues of outsourcing, but it would mean they would likely need to have a change of designer when they grew larger. Why would that pose another design workflow challenge for Prestige? It would take time to find the additional freelancers and would also risk a shift in branding as a new third-party designer started work on their marketing collateral.

Having evaluated the commonplace ways of outsourcing graphic design, Elliot Micallef (Head of Brand and Image at Prestige Telecom Group), came across our unlimited graphic design subscription plans and decided to book in a 15 minute demo to learn more. What happened next?

How did Design Cloud work with Prestige Telecom Group?

In March 2021, Prestige Telecom started The Standard Plan after seeing how it would address each of their concerns to do with outsourcing graphic design. After quickly being connected with their Design Cloud designer, they could start to submit tickets for all the graphic design tasks they had piling up and waiting to add to campaigns. Elliot Micallef got started within 24 hours adding graphic design tasks to his queue. These are some examples of tasks that Prestige Telecom Group utilised their plan for…

PDF Designs

Prestige Telecom use PDFs to explain their service in an easy-to-read way. By working with their designer, they were able to optimise their PDF design even further and contribute to a clean and modern overall brand image.

Email Signatures

Prestige Telecom Group helped to make their communications with prospective customers even more cohesive with their brand design throughout by redesigning and implementing beautiful new email signatures.


By creating brochure designs that used simple chunks of text, icons and graphics, Prestige can now provide even more creative content to work towards their goal of being a completely straight-forward and jargon free telecoms provider.

Social media graphics

Since Prestige Telecom Group have a strong social media presence, it was important to use their plan to provide interesting and attractive social media graphics for their audience!

Landing page designs

Prestige Telecom Group have worked with Design Cloud to create landing page designs that help convert more of their audience.

Vehicle Graphics

Did you know we can even create designs for your commercial vehicles? Prestige Telecom Group utilised their plan to do just that, so that even when staff were out and about they could be promoting their business professionally.

The results

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