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Building a popular newsletter is no easy task, but professional graphic design can certainly help it get results faster. Whatever graphics you need to help your newsletter stand out, our unlimited graphic design subscription service can help you access them for an affordable cost.

Our plans start at just £549 per month and give you access to working with a professional dedicated graphic designer from our in-house team. Since every plan comes with unlimited design requests and a wider scope, you’ll be able to work on much more than just your newsletter design and get support on other tasks like social media requests all the way to more complex requests on the PRO plan like website design. 

Skip straight past the lengthy and often frustrating process of hiring in-house or finding a traditional outsourcing method that will suit your business both now and into the future, and start using Design Cloud today. 

We've made working with an experienced graphic designer a simple, slick process.

If you need help with ongoing graphic design work, we can set you up with a designer from our in-house team in just 1 business day.

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What is the newsletter design service?

Do you want to get more from your newsletters? Upgrade your newsletter design with one of our unlimited graphic design subscription plans. Our plans can be taken out on a monthly basis or you can sign up for longer to access better discounts. We only ever charge the flat rate monthly fee indicated because we hate hidden costs and always want to be really transparent about how we can help you. Once you’ve signed up to a plan you’ll be able to request as many design requests as you need through our app or email and be assigned a UK-based expert graphic designer to work through your queue every working day. Lots of our customers use our graphic design services to access high quality graphic design support in a more affordable way than hiring in-house or using freelancers.

However regularly you intend to send out a newsletter, we can on hand to create each issue’s design for whenever you need it! You can rely on us whether your newsletter is published on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis..

Our newsletter design services can, of course, help you communicate news that’s relevant to your company. However, we can produce designs for many other types of newsletter, too – like welcome letters for greeting new subscribers, or authority-building letters showing industry-relevant expertise.

Other possibilities include trust-building newsletters, where you would let your brand’s authenticity shine through by including customer feedback and directly addressing issues often raised by customers. Then, there are sales newsletters – which, in announcing the likes of product launches and special discounts and offers, are specifically aimed at increasing sales of your products or services.

A newsletter, or a bulletin, is an effective form of direct marketing, whether that’s with an email newsletter design or a paper copy. With the increased use of email marketing software – such as Mailchimp – to create email marketing campaigns, digital newsletters are increasingly popular as a way to promote services and products or share information with subscribers, customers, your company employees, your students or your community.

Newsletters are versatile pieces of content that can be shared with a range of audience for numerous purposes, as a powerful marketing tool. For example, they provide the opportunity to promote deals, products or sales, share business plans, news, updates and success stories, whilst building a relationship with your subscribers. You may want to focus on a call to action (CTA) that drives traffic to your website or share your latest guides or business blog posts about relevant topics that exemplify your industry expertise, helping you to stand out against competitors. You can also encourage readers to take certain actions by including custom action buttons, such as social media buttons that encourage visitors to your profiles.

Why choose Design Cloud for your newsletter design?

Besides the dynamic content, or the copy, that goes into the newsletter, the visual elements matter. With quality branding and consistency in design, you can create a great first impression. Our designers use the best practices and the best design tools in the business – such as Adobe programmes like Adobe Spark – to create a newsletter of any style and for any goal, that will grab the attention of your recipients as soon as it lands in their inbox or on their doorstep. With tailored features for your design such as an impressive layout, backgrounds, fonts, headers and icons to bring your brand and ideas to life, your entire newsletter will look clean, sleek and stunning.

Say goodbye to paper bulletin templates and email newsletter templates that generate a simple, generic newsletter in minutes. Our designers will put time, effort and energy into creating a design where the entire newsletter truly represents your brand. Better still, our turnaround is still super quick, so you can have your newsletter quickly tailor-made.

Designing a newsletter with Design Cloud

These designs are available as part of our monthly packages that start from just £549 a month. Our unique approach to graphics makes our solution simple, scalable and extremely affordable if you do not have the budget for an in-house team. This makes us an ideal resource for small-medium companies and marketing teams alike. The monthly cost is a fixed fee that gives you access to unlimited graphics throughout the month – just get in touch with us when you have an idea that needs bringing to life! This is ideal for regular newsletter email campaigns every week or every month.

Throughout the month, whenever you need any type of design from our team, all you have to do is log in to your online portal to submit a request. Before you get started, you must already have a clear idea of what you want your brand to look like – you can take a look at our previous projects for various brands if you need design inspiration. Once your brief has been sent, you will be assigned a designer who will then be in touch with you to ask any more questions, if necessary. They will then get started with the fun part – creating the graphic! Once the work is complete, you’ll receive your design back and can request as many revisions as you like until it’s perfect – you have full control!

FAQs about our newsletter designs

Do you provide the graphics and images?

Yes! We’ll provide a balance of images and bespoke graphics that enhance your visual brand. Our graphic designers have licenses that give them access to stock imagery sources, but if you’d like any pictures included in the newsletter that are specific to your business, you can send these over for us to add.

Will the copy be included?

We specialise in creating effective graphics, which means that we’ll devote our time to design elements of your bulletin. You will need to provide the written content – such as your headlines and announcements – or add this to the design once it has been completed.

Can you print paper copies of my design?

We do not offer a printing service so you will need to print the design yourself once the graphic has been sent over. We can send it over in any format and size to ensure that you can print it off with no difficulties.

Does it matter which email platform I use to send my newsletters?

Not at all! We can send different versions in various formats if required, so it can be published on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

When will I get my newsletter design?

It usually takes 24 hours for our designers to get your design back to you, but sometimes it may take longer if your request is complex. If this is the case, your assigned designer will let you know as soon as possible. You can check in with them and the progress they are making at any time by logging into your online portal to chat with them.

How do I talk to my designer about the look I want them to achieve?

We know just how important communication is and we’re committed to making it super easy to communicate with your designer. You can submit a brief with all of the necessary information at the start of the process. If you’d like to chat with your designer beyond this point, you’ll have access to our online portal at all times, allowing you to contact them whenever you like!

All of our designers are based in the UK and are all hired directly by us – we never outsource our work to others. That way, we can guarantee that timezones and language barriers will never be an issue for our clients and we know that our designers bring the very best talent and skill to Design Cloud and the projects our clients need our support with.

How can newsletters help various businesses?

Whatever the sector your business operates in, newsletters can help you strengthen your brand by keeping it prominent as you share news, promotions and whatever else you would like to shout about! In a nutshell, newsletters can put your brand front and centre.

This is largely because, whether your newsletters are printed or emailed, you can easily place your branding logo and colours on them. When you provide us with these, we can firmly integrate them into your newsletter design – but of course, your brand’s real power is in its voice.

So, a tech company could, in a newsletter, include a “how-to” guide and direct the reader to a video on the brand’s YouTube page for further details. Meanwhile, a swimwear company could use a newsletter to advertise a new line of summery swimsuits, just as summer itself is arriving. When it comes to using newsletters, the possibilities are endless for businesses!

What other advantages do our newsletter design services bring?

Our newsletter design service takes care of many technical aspects that only experts could effectively deliver! From layout consideration to the design and formatting, these are just some of the facets of a newsletter design that we cover here at our Manchester graphic design agency. When you approach us for help with your newsletter, we will cut through all of the jargon to provide creative ideas and suggestions on how you can turn your design ideas into exciting, tangible realities!

Handing us the task of designing your newsletters would free up more time for your brand to spend on building the lasting relationships that are crucial to ultimately getting those newsletters distributed. All the while, you can be confident that your newsletters will look sleek and professional!

Can we design a digital newsletter template for you?

Typically, email is the platform where users send and receive newsletters. In fact, email newsletters have a higher engagement rate than any other kind of digital marketing and are 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than social media. At Design Cloud, the designers can create email newsletter templates to suit multiple platforms. We are more than happy to supply multiple templates and multiple formats, so you have the option of posting your newsletter to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as to your website and a variety of email platforms, like Gmail and Outlook.

A design from the team at Design Cloud will convey your brand and message perfectly to everyone on your email list. Email campaigns are still one of the most common marketing campaigns, despite the rise of social media. Our designers are experienced in designing newsletter templates that can be used on a variety of email marketing software, including Mailchimp, so you can be on top of your game and email your newsletter to your entire email contacts list. Make sure your emails stand out from the crowd with a design from Design Cloud. Your entire campaign can be changed with strong graphics that represent your brand identity. Everyone on your mailing list, including your major email clients, will engage with your newsletter, based on the graphics your designer creates.

What about a newsletter that can be printed?

While we don’t offer a printing service, we are still able to design newsletters that are suitable for you to print yourself. As you get unlimited designs from your designer when you choose Design Cloud, your designer is available to design multiple versions of your newsletter, some that are suitable for digital distribution and others that are perfect for print. Your designer will send your print graphic over in any format or size so that you can print it off with no difficulties.

Who is responsible for writing the content for your newsletter?

Our designers are experts at curating designs that are perfect for your brand, products and company. We will work alongside you and any content writers to perfectly blend the copy you have provided with our innovative and eye-catching flat-rate graphic design.

Sending out a newsletter means sending everyone on your mailing list a preview of your brand. We know that the design of your newsletter will be the best, so your content should match. At Design Cloud, we ask our clients to provide the right content to our designers prior to them designing the newsletter template so that turnaround times can be as fast as possible. When any newsletter design is completed, we return the working file too so that should you want to make any changes in-house in the future, you can.

With Design Cloud, you have the opportunity to communicate with your designer regularly. This means that you have lots of opportunities to amend your content as the design process advances. Of course, you also get unlimited revisions when you opt for a newsletter design with Design Cloud, so we can amend the content even after the initial design is complete. This gives you complete control over what you are putting out, whilst also giving you additional flexibility.

Do I have to provide all of the imagery myself?

Every good newsletter needs some imagery, especially when the purpose of sending out a newsletter is to promote a brand-new product or your service. The design team at Design Cloud know exactly how to find the perfect balance of images, showing off your product perfectly while still getting across your key selling points. As we’re sure you understand, all of the images in your newsletter should be high quality, which is why our designers have special licenses that give them access to the best stock imagery sources. We do, however, encourage you to send over any product-specific imagery and we will be sure to include it.

As you have full creative control over your newsletter template, you can decide how you would like our designers to use imagery. This could include using a large background image, which is offset by lots of content or choosing instead to display a few key products. You might even opt to use the same imagery you have on the landing page of your website, on the newsletter, in order to better orient the user after they action the CTA. Don’t be afraid to stick to your go-to images that set your brand apart from the competition.

Alternatively, you may choose to stray away from traditional images in favour of graphic designs that demonstrate your CTA extremely effectively. Once you have considered how you want your audience to interact with your content, call in your designated designer who will curate your content based on your branding, so everything in the newsletter remains consistent.  

How do the designers make ‘calls to action’ clear?

As a business, you send out newsletters with the hope that one of the recipients will become aware of your services and become a customer. Incorporating action buttons into your digital newsletter is an amazing way to reduce the amount of hyperlinks in your newsletter, making the template more visually appealing. Not only that, but including custom action buttons also stands to destroy decision fatigue and confusion, making the customer journey clear. Take full advantage of CTA buttons and take your potential customers directly to the place where they can make the appropriate next steps.

Incorporating specific calls to action (or CTAs) into your design is certainly a way that Design Cloud can help you achieve this. Always led by your business needs, our designers regularly include custom action buttons into newsletters. These could include an action button to follow your social media accounts or an action button to visit your website. If your newsletter is promoting a specific product or service, you could consider including an action that directs the reader straight to that page on your site. The possibilities are endless!  

Our designers will work to ensure that your CTA button is located in the optimum place on your newsletter. With your permission, the designer will choose a contrasting colour for your button that may not be part of your colour scheme, in order to make the button stand out more, gaining more clicks. The designers are experts in creating visual cues that encourage engagement, as well as looking at the finer details, to make sure the button is the perfect size for your design and doesn’t look too cluttered.

Will the designers work with me to create the layout of my newsletter?

Yes, they will! The layout of your newsletter is absolutely everything. Humans see before they start reading anything and form a first impression. It’s no use spending hours slaving away over the content only for the layout of your newsletter to let you down. If you don’t have the perfect template, members of your mailing list will surely move on to the next email in their inbox. An eye-catching and carefully drafted newspaper template can be extremely effective to retain and bring in new customers.  

To get the most out of your newsletter, the design needs to be neat and display all of your information clearly. Once you have given the team an understanding of what content will be included in your newsletter, the designers will create a clean layout that directly communicates all of your key messages. Our designers will work collaboratively with you when it comes to layout considerations. Although they will always encourage a tidy layout, if you feel this does not fit with your brand or vision, the team will create a design that matches your creative choices, while still conveying your message successfully.

Consistency is key when it comes to newsletter layout. After all, we communicate how to engage with our content to our customers, and constantly changing the layout of a newsletter will discourage your customers from engaging with your CTA as it’s less obvious how to do so. Take advantage of our unlimited revisions service, and make sure the design you opt for is consistent with your website and a design you’re happy to continue with for a long period of time. Once your brand identity layout has been established, this design can be adapted over time to be suitable for monthly events. Just ask your designer to make the necessary changes!

Will my current branding be incorporated into my newsletter?

A newsletter has lots of different components: the copy, logo, imagery, CTAs and more, so having consistent branding throughout ensures that these elements come together, creating a cohesive brand strategy. Designing a newsletter that is consistent with your website makes it much easier for the reader to navigate through and achieve your intended call to action. It is extremely easy to train your audience on what to expect from your newsletter by simply filtering the design through your brand guidelines. Familiarise your customers with your content, by having our designers create a newsletter that is consistent with your website and other platforms, strengthening your brand.

If you can provide your designer with your company’s branding guidelines, this will massively speed up the process of creating your newsletter, leaving more time for the designer to make amends. Remember, brand identity is about consistency. Our designers are experts at highlighting something in your branding that sets you apart and being consistent with it, giving you a template that has been designed quickly, with no sacrifice on quality.

Our team of graphic designers are committed to creating newsletters that incorporate all of your current branding elements. When a newsletter lands in a client’s inbox, it is important that they are able to immediately identify who the newsletter has come from, which is made evident by offering consistent branding throughout all of your marketing channels. Our designers will work with you to create consistent branding guidelines that are tailored to your taste. As always with Design Cloud, you take the lead on any and all design and branding projects. We are here to help you.

Try a Design Cloud graphic design subscription today

From promotional emails to informative bulletins, we can implement an aesthetic of your choice into our newsletter design ideas. For a custom newsletter with visuals that are sure to increase your engagement rate, the team here at Design Cloud are the solution. We can create paper newsletters and email newsletters for businesses and organisations in a variety of industries, tailoring each one specifically to your brand.

We understand that committing to our monthly subscription might feel like a dive in the deep end. That’s why we offer a free demo, so we can show you around and you can try out our service for yourself without just taking our word for it. Get in touch with us now to book a free demo and explore the Design Cloud platform.

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